How Much Should You Spend On a Motorcycle Helmet?

Your considerations for safety and protection while riding on a motorbike will never be complete without a helmet. Though getting this head protection could be expensive, the cost may not be as exaggerated as many people think. Besides, you can never trade the worth of being safe for the cost of achieving safety.

So, how much should you spend on a motorcycle helmet? The average cost you should spend on acquiring a motorcycle helmet is about $150 to $450. Also, most high-quality and DOT-certified helmets could cost up to $500 to $750. Irrespective of the cost, some factors determine the average cost of a helmet.

In this article, we’ll discuss the amount you could spend on a motorcycle, the average prices of motorcycle helmets by category, and if spending on a motorcycle is worth it. Keep reading for more.

How Much Should You Spend on a Motorcycle Helmet?

On average, you should spend $150 to $450 on a motorcycle helmet. Some high-quality helmets could cost up to $500 and above.

How Much Should You Spend on a Motorcycle Helmet

There have always been some controversies on how much you should spend on a motorcycle helmet. The cost of helmets will get higher as the safety, protective, and other necessary features keep advancing. For instance, a Snell/EC-rated helmet will be more expensive than the one that is not. Also, helmets that feature great noise reduction are better and more expensive than those without the feature.

Spending more to get a Snell/EC and/or DOT-certified helmet is a great investment in your safety. These certifications provide you with the acceptable protection levels that you need when on the road with your motorbike. There is a sticker(s) for confirming the safety standards of your helmet at its backside. You must ensure that the helmet has on the minimum a DOT sticker. So, how much should you spend on a motorcycle helmet?

The average cost for a helmet with a safety certification is $250. But the price is higher with more features that offer comfort and protection. With additions such as noise reduction, visor, and others, you will be spending about $450 or more. With the general rule, spending up to $250 on helmets is for safety, but a price of $450 and above includes features and comfort from the helmet.

What Affects How Much You Spend On A Motorcycle Helmet

Several factors affect how much you spend on a motorcycle helmet. Some of these include:

What Affects How Much You Spend On A Motorcycle Helmet

  • Safety certification
  • Visors
  • Construction materials
  • Ventilation and noise reduction
  • Comfort liners
  • Inner shell

Safety Certification

The primary aim of using a helmet while riding a motorcycle is for safety and protection. You must go for the one with safety certifications. This gives you the confidence and assurance of getting the protection you desire.

The safety certifications include DOT-certified, Snell/EC certified, and others. In some cases, some manufacturers add their safety standards and certifications that could invariably shoot up the helmet’s price. However, you should ensure that you pick out a helmet with at least a DOT certification that is always indicated on its sticker.


Visors are the part of helmets that provide adequate clarity and the minimum viewing angle. There are helmets with powerful visors with designs of ECE 22.05 standard. Some of the design supports extra visibility on the sides and on the top and bottom sides of the helmets. These types of helmets are usually more expensive than the regular ones.


Moreover, some helmets feature anti-fog visors that eliminate steaming up during long rides. Generally, you will spend more on helmets with photochromatic and mirrored visors than those with normal visors.

Construction Material for Shell

The construction materials for helmets contribute to what a user could spend during purchase. Hi-tech materials such as carbon fiber and Kevlar are specifically used for strong and high-quality helmets. Their efficiency in absorbing impacts is greater than those of normal helmets.

In some situations, impacts that high quality can withstand will shatter most low-quality normal helmets. So with helmets made from Kevlar and carbon fiber, you are sure of the standard of safety and protection you’ve. That’s also the reason you will spend more buying those helmets. Moreover, the materials are lightweight, which lowers the overall weight of the helmet.

Ventilation and Noise Reduction

The modern design of helmets considers good ventilation for the users. They have proper airflows that will prevent users from sweating unnecessarily. This ensures that the rider is completely focused on the road without battling on how to dry his face from sweat.

Ventilation and Noise Reduction

These helmets have vents and ports that facilitate easy circulation of air through the gear. Full-face and ¾ helmets are usually designed with vents and ports for ventilation. But the half-face and low standard helmets have no ventilation feature in their design. The half-face helmets already have much openness that keeps the face of riders constantly in touch with flowing air.

Also, some helmets include the feature that reduces noise. This makes it more comfortable for riders and enhances their levels of concentration. But the price of the helmets is quite higher than those with the noise reduction feature.

Inner Shell

The inner shells of helmets are usually soft for increased comfort. Since the shell is designed to portray rugged strength, the inner will serve as a preserving feature that reduces forceful impacts on the head.

Manufacturers of high-quality helmets fortify the inner shell with multiple layers of thin lining to maintain their structural integrity. The implication reflects on the price of the helmets, making them more expensive than the normal ones.

Average Motorcycle helmet Prices by Helmet Category

The average motorcycle helmets price, irrespective of their category, is $200 to $2500. But the prices of helmets can differ based on the helmet category.

Average Motorcycle helmet Prices by Helmet Category

While focusing on the price of a helmet, you could link the average cost to the helmet category. Though your budget may affect your choice for a helmet, it’s very important that you also consider quality and safety. It’s wrong to compromise safety with cost. As a new rider, beginning with a cheaper helmet may seem ideal as you may stick with low speeds. Such a helmet would take your spending to $150 and below.

Consideration of Price by Helmet Category

To a larger extent, the helmet category determines the price of the helmet. Here are the six categories of helmets and their average price

Full Face

This is the safest helmet type that comes with a chin bar for protecting your chin, jaw, and even your neck. They offer the highest and maximum protection and are the most expensive in some cases. You may spend up to $400 to $2,500 or more depending on the brand and other features of the full-face helmet.

¾ Helmet

This is a standard open-face helmet that covers the head but exposes both the face and chin. The average price of a ¾ helmet is $150 to $1.000.


This comes in between a full-face and ¾ helmet as a hybrid. Their design allows the flipping up of the visor and chin bar such that the rider could get an open front. The price range of high-quality modular helmets runs from $250 to $1,000. However, you can still get a modular motorcycle helmet under 200.

Half Helmet

Just as the name goes, a half helmet doesn’t provide complete protection for your head and face. It’s the cheapest category of helmets with an average price that is below $100. But high-quality open-face helmets cost up to $400.

Off-Road Helmet

This helmet is specifically designed for dirt or motocross bikes. Though similar to ¾ helmets, off-road helmets have visors that are larger and bulky chain bars that ensure more airflow. On average, you can spend about $150 to $450 on an off-road helmet.

Dual-Sport Helmet

This is a hybrid of full-face and off-road helmets. It has more padding in its inner lining. Riders can conveniently use the dual-sports helmets for both on-road and off-road purposes. The price range of this category of helmets is $300 to $500.

Is Spending More on a Motorcycle Helmet Worth it?

Spending more on a helmet provides you with safety and other features that ensure you get the best while riding, even as you’re protected. Helmets with higher prices offer more than just safety to riders. You will enjoy the comfort that comes with the added features. But with a cheaper helmet, its performance could be efficient in one area while lacking in another. So, you may consider it worth the cost of spending more on a high-quality helmet.


Going through this article gives a clearer insight into how much you should spend on a motorcycle helmet. Generally, in the helmet category, some features like ventilation, visors, construction material, safety certifications, and others play a part in the price.

But when you ask how much should you spend on a motorcycle helmet, the average you should spend is about $150 to $450 on a helmet. The high-quality ones could range from around $400 to $2,500. Remember that spending on a cheaper helmet will deprive you of some essential quality and could even compromise your safety. More expensive helmets could be worth it with the maximum efficiency and uncompromised structural design.

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