Can I Really Get a Perfect Helmet if My Head Is Big?

In the event of a crash, a motorcycle helmet can be of big help to a rider. That is why; you must wear a motorcycle helmet any time you take rides, whether on the mountain or anywhere. Accidents are inevitable at any time or anywhere. So for the sake of your safety, don’t leave any chance for hazards.

There are many different helmet sizes and shapes available in the market. With thorough research, you can find the right one for your big head. Getting the best model that can fit your head is vital to make sure of maximum safety. So, if you often ask, can I really get a perfect helmet if my head is big? Then keep reading to learn more.

Can I Really Get A Perfect Helmet If My Head is Big?

Ignoring your favorite helmet because it cannot fit your big head is often heartbreaking. Besides, everyone knows that embarking on a ride without a helmet as protective gear is not advisable. Doing such is as good as signing your death warrant. That’s why many people ask, can I really get a perfect helmet if my head is big?

Can I Really Get a Perfect Helmet if My Head Is Big

One thing to note is that motorcycle helmets are not the same size and shape, just as all heads are not the same size and shape. For instance, there are Motorcycle Helmets for Big Heads and helmets for small or medium heads. That your head is big doesn’t mean that you will pay bigger money to get maximum protection.

The perfect motorcycle helmet for your head is the one that can offer maximum protection to your head during impact. If the helmet fits your head perfectly, that can determine the level of safety it can offer.

However, a helmet can make you uncomfortable if it is too tight or perched on top of your head. It can even distract you while riding or lead to severe pain in your head until you remove it. Getting the perfect fit can alleviate both challenges and enable the helmet to perform effectively.

So let’s check out this sizing chart for big heads!

Large Motorcycle Helmet Sizing Chart

Sizing Inches Metric
3X-Large 25 5/8”- 26” 65 – 66 cm
4X-Large 26 3/8” – 26 ¾” 67 – 68 cm
5X – Large 27 ¼” – 27 5/8” 69 – 70 cm

As far as your head size surpasses the 59-63cm, which is for an average large head circumference, then it must belong to one of the sizes in this table.

How do I Choose The Right Helmet Size?

The right helmet size for your head should offer you full visibility with no obstruction. Its weight shouldn’t be heavier than a water can and doesn’t leave painful markings on your neck. Moreover, you can easily put it on and remove it as you wish according to DOT standards.

How do I Choose The Right Helmet Size

However, if you want to choose the right helmet size for you, you must do the following;

Find Out your Head Shape

You should first, of all, determine the shape of your head. Most people generally fit different categories of head shape, such as; round oval, intermediate, or long oval heads.

Find Out your Head Shape

If you want to determine the head category you belong to, try taking a picture of your head from the top. Ensure that you flatten the hairs on your head down as you can to prevent them from darkening the shape of your head. When you view the photo, you can determine if your head is oval like an egg, round as a bowl, or intermediate.

Determine Your Helmet Size

The next step is to determine the size of your helmet. It may sound a bit strange since people don’t often look for the size of their head like they do shoe, shirt, or waist size. However, determining your helmet is quite simple. You can ask a friend to provide you with an accurate measurement. All you need to do is;

Determine Your Helmet Size

  1. Measure your head circumference with a tape or string
  2. Ensure that the tape or string crosses above your eyebrows and surrounds the back of your head
  3. If you measure with a string, place the string on a ruler after measuring your head with it to calculate its length
  4. Use the helmet sizing chart to compare your results; you will know the correct size to order

Check the Fitting

When the helmet you ordered arrives, the next thing to do is to check whether it fits you perfectly. So, hold the helmet straps and glide them on your head. Note that its design may not allow your head to be comfortable as you push your head through the helmet paddings. The main objective here is to get your perfect fit as you position the helmet.

You can feel the helmet padding on your head if the helmet is your right fit. If such is the case, hold the straps for adjustment. As you do so, ensure that the skin on your forehead moves but not your helmet. If the helmet is too tight, remember that some helmets are likely to soften by 15 to 20% after the initial 15 to 20 hours of usage.

Wear Your Helmet

The next step is to wear your helmet for about 15 – 30 minutes. You can leave it on while you sit down to watch a TV show. What you are monitoring here is the pressure points. Ensure that these 15 or 30 minutes shouldn’t be spent on top of your bike.

Which Helmet Will Fit My Big Head?

Finding which helmet can fit your big head can be extremely frustrating and challenging if you have a big head. Probably due to the product’s deceptive advertising. Fortunately for those with big heads, there are top manufacturers out there that specialize in producing helmets for big heads. Every manufacturer has its own terminology to name its helmet sizes.

That is why; you can base the sizes on inches and centimeters. Thus, if you are searching for a bike helmet for XL, XXL, XXXL, or similar sizes, check out these sizes.

There are motorcycle helmets that are:

  • Helmets Bigger than 67 cm (26.4 inches)
  • Helmets around 66 cm (26 inches)
  • Helmets that reaches 65 cm (25.6 inches)
  • Motorcycle helmets that are about 64 cm (25.2 inches)

After checking out these helmet sizes, you must get the appropriate size for your big head. However, if you cannot find your proper fit in these sizes, you can contact one or two top motorcycle helmet manufacturers and disturb them to make something that can size you.

How Can I Improve My Helmet Fit If My Head Is Big?

The important thing about buying a motorbike helmet is to get the one that can fit you perfectly. Having a helmet that is too loose or too tight wouldn’t serve at all. So for a helmet to perfectly fit your big head, you need to know how you can improve it to become more comfortable. So you should try the following;

Can I Improve My Helmet Fit If My Head Is Big

  • You can tighten the chin strap if the fit is too loose
  • Or loosen the chin strap if the fit is too tight
  • Also, you can swap out the helmet inner linings or cheek pads if there is an additional mm thickness.

Using these methods can improve the fitting of your helmet as long as the helmet fits snugly over your forehead without slipping around. However, if it still didn’t fit on your big head after the adjustments, then go for a brand new one that can offer a perfect fit. But when you go for a new one, make sure you check;

  • The cheek pads– make sure they are at the same level as your cheekbones
  • Helmet Position– any helmet you choose must sit very low upon your forehead
  • Adjustments of the Chin Strap– make sure that the chin straps of the helmet, whether it is D-rings or ratchet straps, is adjustable
  • Remove/add Padding – some manufacturers offer custom fitting, which you can swap out the helmet’s headlining and cheek
  • Stretching the helmet– the best stretching a helmet should undergo if from your head. Other kinds of stretching can spoil the quality of the helmet’s outer and inner shell, which is dangerous.


Many people with big heads usually find it hard to get a fitting helmet. This is why many of them ask; can I get a perfect helmet if my head is big. The truth is that the perfectness of a helmet lies in how snug it is on your head.

Overall, always remember that there are so many helmets out there that the manufacturers produce to fit every size or shape of the head. The shape of your head is special to you. Therefore, you need to take your time to understand everything we discussed above before going shopping for a motorcycle helmet.

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