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What is Moto Adviser?

Welcome to Moto Adviser. It’s a warehouse for motorcyclists, where you’ll find authentic motorcycle product reviews such as helmets, safety gears, motor reviews, and other accessories. We have a team of expert motorcyclists who conduct each product review in a systematic process. The only goal of each team member of Moto Adviser is to provide you with the right product in your hand within the budget.

We feel pride ourselves and never compromise in the product quality on performing in-depth reviews of motorcycle gear, safety equipment, add-ons, etc. You’ll be glad to hear that the team Moto Adviser is a group of passionate riders, motorcycle enthusiasts, and safety instructors. Here in Moto Adviser, we value four things, they are:

  • Product Quality,
  • Product Safety,
  • Honesty, and
  • Fun.

Who We Are?

Moto Adviser is a group of passionate riders, motorcycle enthusiasts, and safety instructors.


James Robert

James Robert is the founder and the chief editor of Motor Adviser. He got his first motorcycle in 2001, “Kawasaki Ninja 500R,” which was in Metallic Diablo Black Tricoat. That’s the beginning of his motorcycling journey.

And, with that baby Kawasaki, he learned how incredible an open road could be and how fascinating it’s to lean into corners. When it comes to riding, he recommends riding ATGATT, and like all others, he also believes that the safety of the riders entirely depends on the rider themselves.

Along with riding a motorcycle, James, another hobby is research and blogging. That’s one of the main reasons he created this site Motor Adviser. He wants to share his knowledge and experience with the riders who want to learn different bike accessories and gears, riding styles, and overall experience.

Staff Writer

William L. Jones

William is a research writer of our site Motor Adviser. He’s a crazy bike lover. William started riding a motorcycle in 1990 when he was just 13 years years old.  His first bike was Honda XR80 1984 model. The exciting thing was when he started riding a motorcycle, he’s not had enough height to touch the ground, but he managed that somehow.

Still, he’s not too tall, but he rides whatever bike he got in his hand from then to now. Over the last 30 years, William has ridden and owned different bikes. Kawasaki H2SX SE is his favorite one. William is an adventurer rider who loves to ride different brands of sports bikes.

From  Harley DavidsonEuropean and Japanese dirt bikes, Indian cruisers, and many more bikes are in his collection. We hired him on our team because of his vast experience in riding a motorcycle and its accessories. Plus, he enjoys it very much while writing about motorcycles, his testing experience with different gears, new bikes, and many more about motorcycles.

Anton L. Parker

Anton had a severe motorcycle accident as a passenger in 2007. When he got released from the hospital, he decided to own a motorcycle. He’s a very Stubborn type of person and decides to learn to ride a motorcycle properly and set a model for others to follow.

He published his riding experience on the first anniversary of that motorcycle crash in 2007. After publishing his story, he got an overwhelming response from around the world. Anton dedicates his whole life to the promotion of safe motorcycle riding.

Because of his knowledge and dedication to motorcycling, we bring him to our team to share his knowledge with our audience. Now here in Motor Adviser, he works as a research writer. He gives tips on safety apparel to educate the riders about safety importance.

Mission Statement

The only mission of our whole “Motor Adviser” team is to provide valid information that’ll help our audience to make the right purchasing decisions. As we are committed to guide to the best product, we never compromise with the quality of the product.

All the information you get from here is valid and unbiased. We follow a well-organized systematic process to conduct our product review. Our ultimate goal is to earn your trust, and we ensure that through impartial information.

Our Review Process

As we said earlier, we go through a systematic process to conduct our product review. We divided our team members into several groups, and each group was appointed with a specific task. First, our investigation team completed the market research.

Then expert team primarily selects the product from the investigation data. After that, we study the actual buyer’s review of each product to get their real-life experience. Once we completed all the analysis and cross-checking, we finally handed the data to our writing team to write an in-detail product review.

While doing all the above processes, we believe in one thing that a good review must earn and evaluate each product through its merit. None of our team members shows any favoritism/bias while conducting the product review process. Moreover, we provide high-resolution pictures of the product so that you can get a pre-idea about the product.


We don’t rely on the information that we get over the internet. For the validity of the information, we go through a fact-checking process. Here in Motor Adviser, our expert team examines every piece of content to ensure there is no misleading or inconsistency of the information.

We don’t want to break your trust. In the Motor Adviser, we test all the latest helmets, jackets, pants, intercom systems, boots, bike add-ons, and all types of motorcycle gear and accessories that you may look for.

Editorial Guidelines

Building your trust and loyalty is the only thing that we’re working for. And to ensure that we are ready to do everything. In addition, to make things easier for you, our team ensures that every single content is focused on its core topic.

The editorial team ensures that all of our content is free from error and easy to understand. Here in Motor Adviser, you’ll find all the information that you’re looking for.

Don’t worry about their reliability; we ensure that through the fact-checking process. Every piece of information you get from here is written, edited, and verified by the experts.

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