How Should A Motorcycle Helmet Fit On Your Head?

Wearing a motorcycle helmet that doesn’t fit can lead to head injuries. This is becasue the head is a delicate part of the body that needs protection on any ride. But when you wear the wrong helmet, your head will be vulnerable to a sudden impact.

So you might want to ask, how should a motorcycle fit on your head? your helmet should fit snugly on your head and mustn’t bounce around.  If a helmets is too big, they can slide away during a crash. On the other hand, if the helmet is too small for your head, you are likely to suffer from headaches and double vision.

It is quite unfortunate that almost 25% of motorcycle riders may not wear the correct size of helmets. This article will help you to choose the right helmet that fits your head.

How do you know If a Helmet Fits Right?

The helmet should be able to be secure and low on your forehead with only 1 or 2 finger-widths on top of your eyebrow. Wearing the helmet, you should be able to look upward and see your motorcycle helmet’s front rim on top of your head.

How do you know If a Helmet Fits Right

You should give your helmet a twirl after moving it around. This is because the skin surrounding your temple should shrink a bit. Also, the helmet should only move around a little.

After checking the helmet and you notice it is a bit on the loose side. You can use its adjuster knob if there is one to tighten the helmet. In case the helmet comes with additional pads, you can use the thickest ones. If the helmet is over tight, you can turn the adjuster knob to loosen it. You can also make use of the thinner pads as well.

Use the heel of your palms to push the front edge of your helmet forward. If the action reveals your forehead, you can reduce its front straps. In addition, grasp the back and attempt to shove the helmet forwards out of your head.

If the helmet is covering your eyes, reduce its back straps. If you can open up your jaw midway and feel that the helmet is pressing down on your head, then its chin strap is adequately tight.

Make sure that each of the 4 straps goes through the helmet rubber band. Also, it should be near to its buckle to avoid the chances of slipping off the buckle. 

What Is The Proper Way to Wear a Helmet On your Head?

After you get the size, shape, and style of a motorcycle helmet you need, the next thing is to wear it properly. Before you wear your helmet, first loosen any ratchets or straps to enable the helmet to sit easily on your head. When the helmet is onto your head, set it level on your head. 

What Is The Proper Way to Wear a Helmet On your Head

Also, adjust and secure the features of the helmet to suit the helmet front by 1 to 2 finger-width over your brows. After doing all these, you can then begin on the following;

1. Adjust the Helmet Fit

You should tighten the helmet’s ratchet system to enable a snug fit of the helmet around your head circumference. That is if you want it to give you a secure and perfect fit. The helmet should be able to move a bit as you shake your head.

 It shouldn’t be too tight to cause you pain or discomfort. Don’t forget, though, that this adjustment should be easy for you to perform on the move.

2. Set up your Helmet Straps

Immediately you are satisfied with the feel and fit of the helmet on top of your head. Next, adjust its straps around the edges of your head and chin. Also, tighten your chin straps to enable them to tuck securely beneath your chin instead of loosened.

Set up your Helmet Straps

 Try to fit 1 or 2 fingers inside after securing the straps to show that it is adequately tight. But it still allows enough room to prevent movement restriction or irritation. You can also use the ears to adjust the helmet strap fitting to allow it to fit underneath your earlobes.

Most helmets come with elastic fitting to enable you to secure any strap webbing loose end beneath the chin. Once you are satisfied with your helmet strap fit, you may not have to adjust them constantly unless you are donning different hairstyles or headgear, which can significantly disturb the fit.  

How Should A Motorcycle Helmet Fit On Your Head?

Your helmet should fit snugly on your head to ensure protection during a sudden impact.  If the helmets are too big, they can slide away during a crash. On the other hand, if the helmet is too small for your head, you are likely to suffer from headaches and double vision. That’s why there are motorcycle helmets for round heads, intermediate oval, and long oval heads. So, how should a motorcycle fit on your head?  Let’s check that below. 

How Should A Motorcycle Helmet Fit On Your Head

1. It Shouldn’t be too tight

To be comfortable when wearing a helmet, make sure that the helmet snugly fits on your head. It shouldn’t be too tight to cause discomfort or pain. If it is too tight, you’ll feel headaches and even blurred vision while wearing it. 

2. The helmet must not be loose

Your helmet shouldnt be too loose to wobble on your head while driving. It is not supposed to change its position on your head anytime you turn your neck or move your head. If it continue such movements, you might sustain neck pain after a ride. Moreover, you might not be fast to notice a collusion.  

3. The pressure must be even

If you’re wearing a fitting helmet, the pressure will be the same all over your head. You must’t feel that the helmet is tight on one side of your head while loose on another side. Excessive pressure on any part of your head will cause compression headaches. but to achieve an even pressure, the helmet must fit the general shape of your head. 

4. It’s communication system mustn’t hurt

If you are using the “helmet communication system,” ensure that the Bluetooth helmet speakers within the device aren’t squeezed to become unbearable on your face. 

5. Peripheral vision

Another way that your helmet should fit on your head is to enable a clear peripheral vision. At least, your side vision should be at least 105 degrees on every side of it. But sincemany people’s side vision is 90 degrees, your helmet should at least ensure that. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Helmets Cause Hair Loss?

 If you wear a wrong fitted helmet, your hair roots will be tugged at repeatedly. The repeated tension on your hair and scalp can cause slow hair loss. This condition is called traction alopecia. You can avoid this condition, though, through maintaining healthy hair care practices and simple home remedies.

Do Motorcycle Helmets Expire?

Motorcycle helmets do not really have a best before or use-by date. But then, they come with a manufactured date stamp as stated by the standard of DOT FMVSS-218. You can find the manufacturing date sticker below the product’s comfort liner. 

This serves as the benchmark by the manufacturers of motorcycle helmets for the due time you should change your helmet. According to the recommendation of manufacturers, change your helmet after 3–5 years of production.

Can I Wear my Helmet Without Cheek Pads?

If you remove the cheek pads on your helmet, you are sacrificing safety for comfort. If your helmet is too tight, purchase a new one that fits you properly. Removing the cheek pads is not a smart thing to do. 

Without the cheek pads, your helmet has lost its protective feature and just become only a shell that contains the left and right bouncing off your noggin. What if you suffer from an accident and crash? How can you protect your head then?

What Size Helmet Do I Need for A 23Inch Head?

If you want to get the accurate size of your helmet, measure your head. That is above your eyebrows. The reason is that majority of the helmet manufacturers use different sizing tables for a particular head circumference. 

Some of them are creative with medium/large or small/medium labels. As a result, the sizes of helmets differ from one manufacturer to another. However, according to the US helmet chart, which is measured with head circumference, the helmet size for a 23-inch enormous head should be as follows;

Sizing Chart

Hat Size Circumference (Inches) Circumference (cm) Approximate Size
7 3/8 23 1/8  58.7 Large 
7 ½  23 ½  59.7
7 5/8  23 7/8 60.6

After taking the measurement of your head, you can then compare it to the sizes on this table. You will surely find where your 23-inch head belongs to.


After reading this guide on how should a motorcycle helmet fit on your head, we believe you have the proper guidance for purchasing a new motorcycle helmet. Also, you’ve known how a helmet should fit on your head. So, don’t buy any helmet because of its attractiveness or the price.

As a motorcycle rider, buy the helmet that is best fitted to your head. Also, it should be the helmet with high ratings but also conduct thorough research. Your research will enable you to understand the various helmet shapes and styles.  And also, how you can locate the one that is perfect for your round head.

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