10 Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet Under $200 Reviews In 2024

Modular helmets have been a preferred choice among riders, passengers and riding instructors for many years. Also, these helmets are suitable for those who value versatility and practicality along with protection and comfort.

Stylish, comfortable, versatile and budget-friendly – that is what defines the best modular motorcycle helmet under $200. The chinguard of these helmets are flippable. So, you will get full-face protection during an accident when the chin bar is down. At the same time, you can enjoy the wind or raindrops by flipping the chin guard up.

Our expert team sorted 10 best budget motorcycle helmets for you. Grab your required modular helmet at an affordable price by reading this generous guide and have an enjoyable motorcycle riding.

Best Overall
SENA Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet
SENA Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet
  • Brand: Sena
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Recommended Uses for Product: Motorcycling
  • Inner Material: Expanded Polystyrene
  • Weight: 3.8 Pounds
Best for Ventilation
HJC C91 Modular Motorcycle Helmet
HJC C91 Modular Motorcycle Helmet
  • Brand: HJC Helmets
  • Color: Semi-flat Black
  • Recommended Uses For Product: Motorcycling
  • Shell Material: Polycarbonate Composite
  • Weight: ‎5.39 pounds
Best Lightweight
Typhoon TH158 Modular Motorcycle Helmet
Typhoon TH158 Modular Motorcycle Helmet
  • Brand: Typhoon Helmets
  • Color: Matte Black
  • Recommended Uses for Product: Snowmobile
  • Outer Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • Weight: 4 pounds.

Is a Modular Helmet Safe?

The straightforward answer is, yes, modular helmets are safe. Generally, people think that modular helmets are unsafe to wear. This conception appears based on opinion rather than actual information.

In the USA, when it comes to motorcycle safety standards, 2 certifications are necessary: DOT and SNELL.

Is a Modular Helmet Safe

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSA) has a set of standards that every helmet manufacturer needs to follow strictly before introducing motorbike headgear in the market. DOT testing consists of 3 standards: an impact test, penetration test, and chin-strap test.

If a helmet meets these stages, the manufacturer puts a DOT-approved sticker on the back of the helmet.

Several motorcycle helmets are available in the market with DOT-approved stickers. This ensures that modular helmets are safe for the situations they are designed to wear.

Is a Modular Helmet Worth It?

Modular helmets are quite popular among city bikers as they offer the right balance of safety, convenience, and comfort. Here are a few reasons that show modular helmets are worth the price.


The prime responsibility of motorbike helmets is to provide head protection and prevent injuries. Modular helmets are also designed to protect the wearer’s face, ears, and neck. For this reason, they have widely considered the safest bike headgear on the market.


Every motorcyclist looks for a comfortable helmet. An uncomfortable helmet distracts a rider’s attention while motorcycling and increases the chance of an accident. Full-face helmets are too restrictive, while open-face helmets are too exposed to the wind. You can adjust a modular helmet’s visor and chin guard according to your comfort level, providing utmost comfort.


Although a full-face helmet provides 100% protection against debris, bugs, dirt when you need to drink, eat or talk with someone, there is no other choice except to take off the helmet. While a modular helmet comes in handy in this case. It offers 100% protection and allows you to flip up the front part into an open position for your convenience.

Practical for Daily Use

As stated earlier, you can conveniently flip up the modular helmet front part when required, making them friendlier for day-to-day use. When entering a shop or petrol station or doing other things, you don’t need to take the helmet off your head. As a result, modular helmets have become particularly useful for daily commuting.

Easy to Wear

Since you can raise the chin bar of a modular helmet, putting on or taking off these headgears is not troublesome. Moreover, some modular motorcycle helmet models are available with the micrometric closure system, allowing riders to wear them effortlessly.So, with several benefits, you will never regret buying a modular helmet.

10 Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet Under $200 Reviews 2023

Modular motorcycle helmets under $200 dollars open up several possibilities. For example, you can drink or make conversations with others without removing the helmet. Here is a list of the best budget modular helmet.

Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet Under $200

1. Best Overall: SENA Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Sena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet with Intercom System

SENA continues dominating the motorcycle industry by introducing the SENA Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet. This modular helmet is designed with functionality and style, making it exceptional than other helmets. It will give you ultimate convenience in the daily commutes and weekend rides. The shields are exclusively comprehensive and clear. Also, sunscreen shields offer the required safety from UV rays. After wearing it, you will feel warm on warm days but really nice on cool mornings.

SENA Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet: Technical Details

Shell MaterialABS Polycarbonate
Inner MaterialExpanded Polystyrene
Weight3.8 lbs.
Safety RatingDOT certified
Recommended Uses for ProductMotorcycling

Features & Benefits

  • Styling and Fit: This helmet’s shape is sleek and smooth. Every part is well-fitted, nicely styled. Its sides, front, and back have an aerodynamic contoured look. Lightweight polycarbonate ABS material construction provides the required protection in the rides. Also, a smooth, blemish-free finish offers a good first impression.
  • Flexible Chin Guard: The chin bar works smoothly and can easily be opened during low-speed rides. Chin guard is smartly designed to give you ultimate comfort. Even you will not face trouble positioning the chin bar in a dismounted position. A heavier-duty cushion/seal lining is available for flexible opening and closing between the main shell and chin bar. While the chin guard is closed, this helmet is solid.
  • Retractable Sun Visor: The dark-tinted sun visor effectively blocks glare without reducing the visibility. You can easily lock the sun visor up and down by providing an extra push to the slider. Moreover, installing or uninstalling the sun visor is pretty easy. So, when you don’t require it, uninstall it. And when required, put it on again.
  • Aerodynamics and Ventilation: At first glance, the Outrush helmet looks like it could work extremely well in airflow and noise management. In fact, it does an excellent job. The helmet offers smooth airflow for its overall shape and contouring. Also, the shape minimizes noise levels, whether from side or front forces.
  • Bluetooth Intercom: Pair your helmet with another nearby Outrush user for communication, making it an ideal choice for group riding. Additionally, you will get clear audio every time with the help of its HD intercom mode. You can easily operate the helmet with its aerodynamic jog-dial mechanism.
  • DOT Certified: It is a DOT-certified modular motorcycle helmet that ensures the safety of your head during any unwanted accident by keeping the helmet stable on your head. In most cases, this headgear reduces getting a severe head injury.

Final Verdict

The shell of this helmet is well-shaped, letting you wear it comfortably for an extended period. It doesn’t offer hot spots or pinpoints after wearing. Also, the integrated Bluetooth makes this modular helmet an exception from its counterparts.

2. Best for Avid Riders: TORC Unisex T15B Adult Full Face Helmet

An avid rider knows wearing an unstable helmet is dangerous, particularly when riding at high speed. If you are looking for a stable, modular motorcycle helmet, grab the TORC Unisex T15B Adult Full Face Helmet without thinking twice. Listen to your music, phone, communicate with other riders; what else would you want or need at an affordable price range.

TORC Unisex T15B Adult Full Face Helmet: Technical Details

Inner MaterialCoolMax Inner Padding
Weight6 lbs.
Recommended Uses for ProductsMotorcyclin
Vehicle Service TypeStreet-sport-motorcycles
Safety RatingDOT & ECE 22.05

Features & Benefits

  • Race-Inspired Design: It is the widest and most demanded market among motorcycle users, due mainly to its tremendous fit and great versatility. It has a durable outer shell fused with an impact-absorbing foam liner with a fully adjustable fit.
  • Built-in Tinted Visor: UV rays can harm your eyes. Also, sun glare may distract your riding on the roads. Keeping this point in mind, the manufacturer built it with a tinted visor. The visor protects your eyes from sun glare. At the same time, it blocks the beaming of white snow. This means you can wear this helmet regardless of the season.
  • Adjustable Top and Chin Vents: The helmet has a few vents in the top and chin area. Air passes conveniently through the chin vent into the inner area, preventing misting in the visor. While the top vents allow enough air through several air grooves, keeping your head cool all the time.
  • Incorporated Spoiler: Built-in spoiler in the helmet improves aerodynamics. Also, it saves the back of a rider’s head from when collisions happen from the back. The helmet spoiler hits the ground first when a rider falls backward. Simultaneously, it eliminates wind buffeting, and stability improves speed.  
  • Scratch-resistant Outer Shell: Dust, dirt, bugs, etc., can hit your face if you are riding a motorcycle without a helmet. Since most modular motorcycle helmets can save you in this situation, dust or bugs can scratch the outer shell. You will love to know that the outer shell of this helmet is scratch-proof. Also, fog or moisture can’t build up while riding. More importantly, it is replaceable if required.
  • Removable and Washable Inner Padding: Odor can build up inside the helmet if you sweat a lot. In order to help you get rid of odor, this helmet comes with removable and washable soft inner padding.
  • Bluetooth Enabled with Blinc Technology: This feature allows the rider to create an intercom connection between riders up to 1,300+ ft. Also, the headset features an integrated noise cancellation mechanism for crisp and clear communication.

Final Verdict

While reviewing, we are extremely pleased with the performance of this helmet. It provides comfortable riding, offers enough protection, and has no pressure points. This helmet performs as advertised. Overall, it is worth checking out.

3. Best High-quality Construction: ILM 902BT Flip Up Modular Motorcycle Helmet

ILM 902BT Flip Up

The ILM 902BT Flip Up Modular Motorcycle Helmet comes with advanced modular construction. If you need maximum protection and the best comfort, this helmet would be an ideal solution. It is a feature-packed modular helmet from an internal sun visor to Bluetooth 3.0 technology. More importantly, you need to cost less than $200 to buy this impressive piece.

ILM 902BT Flip Up Modular Motorcycle Helmet: Technical Details

Shell MaterialABS Material
Weight5.65 lbs.
Recommended Uses for ProductMotorcycling
Vehicle Service TypeATV, Adventure, UTV, Cruiser/ Touring, All of the above, Street Bike, Dirt Bike, Snowmobile, Water Scooter
Safety RatingDOT certified

Features & Benefits

  • Quality ABS Shell Construction: Its multi-composite ABS shell is lightweight yet durable enough to withstand impacts. The finish is also nice to grab attention at first glance. Fit and finish are on a par with helmets twice the price. Additionally, the helmet is a little tight at first but loosens up to a comfortable fit within the 1st ride.
  • Full-face Modular Configurations: Modular functions of this helmet are pretty simple to use. All you need to do is, press the single button and put the chin guard on top of the helmet, allowing you to enjoy an open-face design. While riding your bike at high speed, pull down the chin bar and get 100% protection.
  • Dual Visor Helmet: It has a clear face shield and tinted sun visor. The clear face shield provides a wide vision. On the other hand, when you press an easy-to-reach switch located under the face shield screws, the tinted inner visor flips up and down without creating trouble. This visor blocks sun glare and harmful UV rays efficiently. In addition, if you require removing the face shield, simply do it by pressing the 2 screws on the sides.
  • Incredibly Comfortable: This ILM modular helmet features an inner comfort liner, topliners, and interchangeable ear liners. The padding can be adjusted conveniently according to your preference, making it beneficial for people with less hair and requiring a more comfortable fit. More importantly, the liners are washable.
  • LED Light: You will find 2 built-in LED lights at the side. This is an excellent feature to make the biker visible in the night rides. The LED lights require a couple of AAA batteries to operate.
  • Bluetooth 3.0 Technology: The helmet’s Bluetooth capability will allow you to have one-touch control of calling or receiving or rejecting calls, enjoying music, making voice commands, etc.

Final Verdict

With multiple features, this modular helmet is suitable for daily commuting. The Bluetooth 3.0 technology enables it for group tours. Simultaneously, it meets and exceeds DOT certificates, assuring 100% protection against impacts.

4. Best for Functionality: LS2 Helmets Horizon Modular Helmet

LS2 Helmets Horizon Modular Helmet W/SunShield

Functionality, versatility, and good looks – the LS2 Helmets Horizon Modular Helmet combines these 3 features. If you are looking for a modular helmet for both the summer and winter seasons, this would be an ideal choice for you. While riding in commuting and urban areas, you can wear it for long rides.

LS2 Helmets Horizon Modular Helmet: Technical Details

Shell MaterialPolycarbonate
Weight5.39 lbs.
Recommended Uses for ProductsMotorcycling
Safety RatingDOT and FMVSS 218 Standard

Features & Benefits

  • Class A Polycarbonate Construction: Polycarbonate is one of the widely used materials. Characteristically, this material is lightweight and tough, making it ideal for crash helmets. It offers great impact resistance. Additionally, it is relatively cheap compared to other materials. The shell is aerodynamic, stable, and slim.
  • Easy to Flip-up and Down Chin Bar: It has a hinge system that enables the chin bar to flip up easily with the touch of a button. Making it look similar to an open face. This feature enables the rider to talk, eating in a distinctive style.
  • Dynamic Flow-through Ventilation: This helmet is so versatile. Convenient in every way a helmet could be. Warm when it’s cold out and Cool with the nice vents that open so no sweating and stinking! More importantly, the vents are adjustable as per your requirement.
  • Incorporated Drop-down Sun Shield: The internal drop-down sun shield is one of the best features of this helmet. You can comfortably raise and lower the visor, even when riding. This feature makes the helmet the best option for daily commuters. While riding on the open road, simply drop the visor and open it up when you navigate to a shaded valley.
  • Removable and Washable Interior: You can easily remove and wash the inner padding when needed. Highly breathable, soft, and comfortable padding is used inside the helmet, preventing the buildup of harmful microorganisms. 

Final Verdict

This helmet is manufactured to provide ultimate comfort and protection to its wearer. In addition, its design offers maximum airflow through the helmet to keep you cool. An easy-to-use flippable chin guard provides superior comfort and allows you to enjoy rain simultaneously.  Additionally, rugged construction ensures the durability of the helmet. This way, you will always have a great experience wearing this helmet.

5. Best Lightweight Helmet: Typhoon TH158 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Typhoon offers a great solution for those who are craving a lightweight helmet. The Typhoon TH158 Modular Motorcycle Helmet is one of the best lightweight helmets on the market. These modular helmets offer superior protection against crush or impacts for its ABS shell construction. 

Typhoon TH158 Modular Motorcycle Helmet: Technical Details

Shell MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Weight4 lbs.
Vehicle Service TypeSnowmobile
Safety RatingDOT certified

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible Chin Guard: The flexible chin bar is an amazing feature that could be opened and closed with the press of an easy to actuate button. However, the chin guard locks tightly and provides solid protection with more versatility and breathability. So, the chance of disengaging the chin bar during crashes is minimal. 
  • Tinted Inner Sun Visor: Clear visibility is important while riding a motorcycle. Keeping this point in mind, the manufacturers engineered it with a tinted visor, reducing eye fatigue during long rides. At the same time, it helps you maintain concentration. Moreover, dark tint keeps sun heat out from the helmet. As a result, you will feel relaxed inside the headgear on summer days.
  • Anti-fog Outer Clear Shield: A motorcycle helmet with an anti-fog outer clear shield is incredibly attractive for motorbike owners. Fog is annoying and disturbing as it blocks a rider’s vision and increases the chance of an accident. This helmet’s outer shield has an anti-fog coating, providing you with a clear vision and allowing you to focus on the road to prevent accidents.
  • Quick Release Closure: This helmet features advanced quick release closure for the chin strap. The chin strap keeps the helmet securely on your head. Moreover, it works as a built-in mounting position when you want to hang the helmet.
  • Advanced Ventilation System: The vents are ergonomically positioned to keep you fresh during an intense heatwave. Moreover, the ventilation system blocks outside noise from entering into the helmet, so you can enjoy the racing adventure.

Final Verdict

After researching thoroughly, undoubtedly, we can say that, at this price point, you will rarely find such an awesome modular motorcycle helmet. You will love to know that a cord is available with this package to heat the visor, eliminating fog buildup and letting you feel cozy during rides. Grab this helmet without hesitation and enjoy your ride.

6. Best for Ventilation: HJC C91 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

HJC C91 Men's Street Motorcycle Helmet

The HJC C91 Modular Motorcycle Helmet is a good all-rounder headgear coupled with a decent price range. It is ECE certified and SHARP 4-star Safety Rated. It means you can trust this helmet in every spell. This helmet is not too showy and comes with a simple design, yet it is efficient enough in performing its prime responsibility of keeping the rider’s head safe from accident.

HJC C91 Modular Motorcycle Helmet: Technical Details

Shell MaterialPolycarbonate Composite
Weight5.39 lbs.
Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycle
Safety RatingDOT certified

Features & Benefits

  • Decent Chin Guard: The chin bar performs well and offers decent protection during accidents. Under the chin bar, you will find a single button, helping you open the guard. The chin guard raises to roughly 45° angle. It is easy to use, slides up nicely, and provides a good enough field of vision. 
  • Medium Tinted Manually Operated Sun Visor: Sun visor of this helmet comes with auto-return springs while other modular helmets don’t. But it is manually operated and has a slider on the top of the helmet. You might be thinking the spring is better than manual operation. The truth is, springs get tired over time and stop working. A manual system allows you to control the visor conveniently without malfunctioning. The visor is medium tinted and anti-fog coated for a crisp and clear view.
  • Pinlock-ready Clear Shield: The clear shield of this helmet comes with a pinlock-ready feature. Although the package doesn’t contain a pinlock, you have to buy it separately. The outer shield performs nicely using a ratchet, and the opening tab is located on the left. More interestingly, the shield blocks 99% UVA and UVB.  
  • Advanced Channeling Ventilation System: Air gets into the helmet with the help of top vents and circulates into the whole headgear the venting channels. Also, the chin bar pushes enough air to keep your face sweat-free. Once the pinlock is installed, the chin vent will keep the shield free from moisture and fog for clear visibility.
  • Comfort and Sizing: It is suitable for the medium-oval-shaped head, mostly fitting in the majority of heads in the USA. However, you should check the size list carefully before buying. The interior is made of antibacterial, moisture-wicking, and soft super-cool lining. So, you will feel ultimate comfort, even in the long rides.

Final Verdict

Pinlock-ready shield, decent vents, comfortable inner, lightweight shell, and many other features make this helmet worth the price. This helmet has a very acceptable level of wind noise, and the intercom sound is excellent. If you’re seeking to buy a Bluetooth headset, you should be good with the C91, as it is developed with HJC’s own SENA Bluetooth kit.

7. Best Versatile Helmet: ILM Full Face Modular Motorcycle Helmet

ILM Motorcycle Full Face Modular ATV Helmet

Are you seeking a versatile modular motorcycle helmet? Buy the ILM Full Face Modular Motorcycle Helmet. It is engineered for riders who enjoy going for an adventure or touring. Simultaneously, it is the best choice for street bikes, ATC, sport touring, V-twin racing, motocross, city bike, and many other outdoor activities.

ILM Full Face Modular Motorcycle Helmet: Technical Details

Shell MaterialABS
Inner MaterialMoisture Wicking Fabric, Comtex Pads
Weight4.2 lbs.
Recommended Uses for ProductCycling, Motorcycling
Vehicle Service TypeATV, UT
Safety Rating: DOT certified

Features & Benefits

  • 3-in-1 Design: The design has met or exceeded several certification requirements. As a result, it satisfies the requirement of all rider types. You can wear it as a full-face helmet, a rallying helmet, an off-road helmet, or a flip-up modular helmet. Lifting the visor in 3 positions is quite possible, so it can be opened just an inch to give you great airflow but still protect you from bugs.
  • Locking Mechanism: It consists of a large lock release button that converts the helmet into a full-face headgear without hassle. You can switch the design when you ride with gloves. The locking mechanism prevents sudden flip down of the fully opened helmet. 
  • Comtex Technology Interior Liner: Moisture-wicking fabric is used in the interior of this helmet. This fabric keeps you dry when you sweat. Moreover, ILM manufactured it with Comtex liner pads which enhances the breathability of the item. Also, the pads improve ventilation throughout the helmet a lot. These inner pads are super-soft and ensure a better fit for riders consequently. 
  • Pinlock EVO Fog-resistant Insert: This feature is efficient enough in preventing fog buildup. Pinlock EVO insert absorbs moisture quickly to provide you with crystal clear vision during the rainy or winter season. Moreover, Pinlock inserts come with the helmet; buying a separate one is unnecessary, allowing you to save money. 
  • Smart Chin and Rear Vent: The chin vent is smartly positioned to keep the visor free of fog and moisture. Air passes through the vent into the helmet and eliminates moisture buildup in the visor. In comparison, the rear exhaust vent allows hot air to pass through it. Thus, you will remain cool on the rides.

Final Verdict

This great helmet provides extra protection to your head, face, and chin. Also, it is comfortable and nice to wear while riding on different trails. The air vents deliver the required airflow through the helmet to keep you cool and fresh.

8. Best Ease of Use: BELL Predator Adult SRT Modular Street Helmet

Bell SRT Modular Full-Face Helmet Gloss Black Small

If you need a well-designed, sleek motorcycle headgear without putting much strain on your wallet, the BELL Predator Adult SRT Modular Street Helmet will meet all your needs. With versatility at the forefront, it will efficiently tackle your quick jaunt in the long journeys. 

BELL Predator Adult SRT Modular Street Helmet: Technical Details

Shell MaterialFiberglass
Weight3.3 lbs.
Recommended Uses for ProductMotorcycling
Safety RatingDOT certified
Vehicle Service TypeStreet-sport-motorcycles, Scooter, UTV, Street Bike, Snowmobile

Features & Benefits

  • Flip-up Chin Bar: The chin bar can easily be released by pressing a simple-to-use button in the chin guard. Its functionality is smooth from a fully closed to a fully-locked open position at the top. In the fully open position, you can lock the chin bar. The lock is so strong that it won’t flop down suddenly. With the chin bar fully opened, the face shield flexibly gets closed without creating trouble.
  • Practical Modular Design: The modular design will surely satisfy you the most. You don’t need to remove the whole helmet while communicating with anyone or drinking, making it ideal for city bikers. Fiberglass composite construction fills a plethora of roles out in the street. Also, on the skirt of the padding, it has light-reflective patches. These silver patches allow other riders to see you during night rides. Overall, it is designed specifically for added comfort.
  • Panovision Face Shield with Class 1 Optics: One of the worth-mentioning features of this helmet is tremendously tactful peripheral vision. The Panovision face shield provides an impressively wide view equipped with Class 1 optics, providing clear visibility.
  • Adequate Venting: Sufficient venting keeps you fresh in the balmy 70+ degree weather by providing a good airflow in prolonged rides. A single adjustable vent in the chin bar ensures positive airflow and eliminates sweat. In addition, ventilation is facilitated by a single upper intake vent supported by a rear exhaust vent which removes hot air from the helmet.
  • Comfortable Interior Padding: To ensure optimum comfort, the interior padding is made of soft antibacterial padding. The interior padding guarantees a snug and relaxed fit, making it perfect for touring. Moreover, the padding can easily be removed and washed if necessary with the easy snap system.

Final Verdict

Certainly, you will get an impressive helmet at an affordable price. The interior is high quality and very comfortable. Visibility is incredibly crisp. Overall, the helmet is very aerodynamic, vents work well, and the flip-down sun shield covers your eyes fully.

9. Best for the Comfortability: 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

Not all high-end modular helmets are expensive. The 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet is a helmet that comes with an affordable price tag. Your commuting and long rides will be assured with its striking features. It provides all-around protection to the rider’s head, face, and chin.

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet: Technical Details

Inner MaterialMoisture-wicking fabric
Weight5 lbs.
Recommended Uses for ProductMotorcycling
Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycle
Safety Rating: DOT certified

Features & Benefits

  • Sturdy Material Construction: This is a full-face modular helmet that meets not a single inch of your head will remain uncovered. It is made of sturdy materials, making it one of the toughest on the market, providing many years of service without compromising the quality. Also, it absorbs impacts effectively. It fits perfectly and makes you feel secure. 
  • Dual-lens design: It is designed carefully to maximize the safety and comfort level of the wearer. The helmet consists of dual-lens with 2 unique uses. Flipping down the clear visor will give you protection from the wind and transparent visibility during night rides. While on the day rides, flip down the tinted visor to protect your eyes from sun rays.
  • Smartly Positioned Ventilation System: You will find 3 vents at the top and 5 vents around the sides to keep you freshen throughout your rides. Also, outside noise gets reduced due to the vents, offering you enjoyable riding. 
  • Comfy Inner Liner: Durable and thick fabric in the interior absorbs sweat and moisture, leaving your head cool. The inner liner can get dirty any time and release odor. Thus, your riding experience can be bad. Thanks to the removable and washable feature of the liner. Both features help you get an odor-free interior.
  • Recessed Space: It has a brilliant way to listen to your favorite playlists and communicate with your family and friends. The headgear comes with recessed space, allowing you to accommodate a headphone or other wireless communication systems with ease.

Final Verdict

This helmet has a futuristic look, the face lifts up for easy breathing, it has dual visors, and the front visor can be replaced with either a clear or a smoke look. Moreover, you will be impressed with the way this helmet fits.

10. Best Budget-friendly Helmet: YEMA YM-926 Modular Full-face Helmet

YEMA YM-926 Modular Full-face Helmet

If you are dissatisfied with your helmet’s low-quality shell, extra weight, hard opening, etc., this YEMA YM-926 Modular Full-face Helmet is the solution for you. This full-face modular helmet lasts for years due to its high-quality construction and costs little, making it viable for all types of consumers.

YEMA YM-926 Modular Full-face Helmet: Technical Details

Shell MaterialABS
Inner MaterialDual-density EPS Liner, Soft Cheek Pads
Weight3.74 lbs.
Recommended Uses for ProductCycling, Motorcycling
Safety RatingDOT certified

Features & Benefits

  • Design and Outer Shell: ABS material construction makes it long-lasting and lightweight. The aerodynamic design helps improve the rider’s confidence. Due to the helmet’s matte finish surface, it remains clean for prolonged days. Moreover, you will not feel the extra burden on your head and neck for its lightweight feature.
  • Multi-density EPS Liner: This modular helmet is incredibly comfortable. The interior is made using a multi-density EPS liner and soft pads to provide utmost relaxation. Concurrently, the EPS liner minimizes impacts by absorbing the energy, offering significant protection.
  • Ultra Transference and Anti-Scratch Visors: You will be able to drive safely as the outer shell provides 180° wide clear vision. Concentrating on the road becomes much easier after wearing this helmet. The inner visor blocks sunlight efficiently and can be used using one hand if you require it to flip up and down.
  • Quick Release Mechanism: One of the important features of this helmet is the chin strap. It keeps the helmet stable on the head during an accident. Also, it features a quick-release mechanism, assisting you in removing the helmet during an emergency.  
  • Satisfying Locked Chin Bar: The mechanism that raises the face mask up and down is very sturdy. Additionally, this modular has a nice satisfying click to it to let you know it’s locked in. When the ports are shut, it’s a surprisingly quiet ride.

Final Verdict

This is a great helmet at an excellent price. You will love almost everything about this helmet. DOT certified, comfortable, lightweight, snug fit, and attractive. It keeps your head pleasant and warm when riding at 50-degree. Considering all these features, it is a good choice for daily users.

How Do You Wear a Modular Helmet?

Modular motorcycle helmets only offer maximum protection if you wear them correctly. Therefore, we recommend you not guess your size because every head shape is different. Take your time to get the right fit.Also, different brands vary in sizing. So get your head measured before buying a modular helmet, then follow the below steps to wear it.

  • Step 01: Place the modular helmet firmly on your head.
  • Step 02: Secure the chin strap in such a way so 2 fingers can fit between the strap and your chin.
  • Step 03: Check the fit around the sides and rear of your head. If there are gaps at the top, it is too small. You should feel the helmet all around your head. At the same time, there should not be any pressure points.
  • Step 04: Once the helmet is firmly worn, keep it on for a few minutes to check it is comfortable.
  • Step 05: Keep the chin guard flipped down and try to rotate the headgear from side to side. In this case, your cheeks should also move. Your cheeks should contact the cheek pads conveniently. The fitting is probably wrong if it moves or slips on your head.
  • Step 06: Then, tilt the headgear forwards and backward. Again if it slips or moves on your head, the fitting is probably wrong.
  • Step 07: Be sure the helmet stays on your head stably; with the chin strap secure, tilt your head forward. Then carefully apply upward pressure at the helmet base to make sure the helmet can’t roll forward.
  • Step 08: Every modular helmet comes with a button in its front part that conveniently allows the rider to flip up the chin bar.

How Do I Choose the Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet Under $200 – Buying Guide

Before buying the best budget modular helmet, you need to consider multiple aspects. This buying guide will surely help you do that.

How Do I Choose the Best Modular Motorcycle Helmet Under $200


A modular helmet’s safety rating relies on several factors. The most important elements are:

  • Chin Guard/Chin Bar: The removable chin bar plays a crucial role in terms of the safety of the modular helmet. Ideally, the chin guard of a helmet should be locked in its position during an impact to prevent injuries. At the same time, the bar should come with an easy to flip up feature, even when gloves are worn.
  • Integrated Visor: All modular helmet models are equipped with 2 visor types: smoke-tinted inner sun visor and clear outer visor. Choose a clear visor without any distortion. The inner visor should block harmful UV rays and effectively resist fog buildup.
  • Ventilation: Weather will not always be good; sometimes, you need to ride a bike under the scorching sun or in the rain. So, it would be best to choose a modular helmet with a good ventilation system that flashes out hot air and keeps you cool in the hot summer.


Undoubtedly, modular helmets are one of the best comfortable options on the market, but you need to make sure to choose a model that meets your needs. So, what features can make a modular helmet comfortable to wear?

A sunshade will help you ride a motorcycle under the sun with ease. Also, a good ventilation system will let you feel cool. Moreover, the interior should be comfy and soft.

Another important feature is the weight. Lightweight modular helmets will help you remain fatigue-free during long rides.


Modular helmets are available in 3 different size options.

  • Intermediate Oval: Generally, this design is widely found in most North American motorcycle helmets. It has a wide and most common head shape.
  • Long Oval: This size will suit you the most if you have a longer head. However, this head shape is pretty uncommon. People with longer head shapes can’t wear regular helmets. They feel pressure on their forehead after wearing regular helmets.
  • Round: It is the rarest head size. This helmet is for the riders with a more spherical than normal head shape. When people with such head shape wear normal helmets, they feel heightened pressure on their temples.

Style & Design

Along with utmost safety and comfort, some riders seek a stylish helmet to look at. You will love to know that modular helmets are also available with impressive design and style. Simultaneously, those helmets provide the required protection as well.


Whatever product you buy; price always plays a vital role. You should determine your budget before deciding on a helmet model.

However, the price of a helmet depends on several factors such as construction, inner padding, etc. Although a helmet under $200 will not have features similar to high-end helmets. But a $200 helmet is worth the price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are modular helmets DOT approved?

Yes, modular helmets are DOT-approved in the United States. Modular helmets meet or exceed different safety standards of DOT, making them safe to wear.

What is the purpose of a modular helmet?

Modular helmets are beneficial for riders who frequently need to communicate face-to-face with others while stopped. You don’t need to remove these helmet types when drinking, taking petrol from a petrol station as the chin bar can be lifted easily by pressing a button positioned in the chin guard.

Are modular helmets louder?

When the comparison comes with full-face helmets, modular helmets are louder. But compared to the full-face helmet’s noise reduction efficiency, the modular helmet’s noise reduction efficiency is better. These helmet types block the air entering into the helmet, resulting in less noise.

Are modular helmets quieter?

The noise-canceling mechanism of modular helmets works more efficiently than full-face helmets. Generally, modular helmets are the quietest for this feature.

Last Words

The best modular motorcycle helmet under $200 offers the same protection as the full-face helmet in terms of safety. These helmets feature a detachable chin guard, allowing you to make them half-face when required.

My vote goes to the SENA Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet as the best of all enlisted helmets. Its design is very aerodynamic and comparatively quiet than other helmets. The sun visor performs its responsibility as required. In addition, Bluetooth connects easily and works well. Overall, the intercom is clear and a super-smart helmet.

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