The 10 Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet Reviews In 2024

A motorcycle helmet with good airflow is incredibly vital. You will feel cool and dry under the scorching sun wearing these headgears. At the same time, your visor will remain fog-free in the winter. More importantly, you will be able to ride long distances without taking frequent breaks.

So, what feature makes a motorcycle helmet well-ventilated?

Enough ports and vents in the top, side and chin area ensure good airflow throughout the whole helmet. Dry-cool technology is also an essential feature to let the rider feel cool.

With extensive research, we have prepared a list of the best ventilated motorcycle helmet. Continue reading on to make a precise buying decision.

Do Motorcycle Helmets Have Ventilation?

Yes, motorcycle helmets come with a good ventilation mechanism. Modern motorbike headgears are designed in such a way so that air can get inside the helmet without obstruction. Thus, the rider feels superior comfort while riding.

Due to technological advancement, motorbike helmets are now manufactured with enough numbers of ventilation systems. You will find one or more vents on the top and front of almost every model. These holes allow air to pass through the helmet shell into your skull.

Do Motorcycle Helmets Have Ventilation

In addition, 1 or 2 exhaust ports are available in most helmets that allow stale warm-up air to escape from the helmet. As a result, heat can’t build up inside the headgear.

A few models consist of vents or ports on the chin bar. The responsibility of these holes is to prevent misting up of fog in the visor and confirm clear visibility. Sometimes, extra ventilation is found around the jaw area too.

Of course, sliders are available over the ports in most headgears. This way, you can open or close the vents during the winter or rainy season at will.

However, so much of the face is opened to air in the half helmet. For this reason, they don’t necessarily require vents or ports for good airflow.

Why Do You Need Good Helmet Ventilation?

An airflow motorcycle helmet is necessary during both long and short rides. First and foremost, you are keeping yourself safe from unwanted accidents. Second, you feel more comfortable on the rides.

Nobody wants to be sweating like a pig wearing a helmet. Motorcycle helmets with a good ventilation system keep the interior of a headgear cool and dry. At the same time, motorcycle riding will be really good and bearable.

The coolest ventilated motorcycle helmet is a blessing as it lets the air flow pass through it and flushes out the hot heat every time.

10 Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet Reviews 2023

The enlisted helmets come with a distinctive ventilation system. But all of them are efficient in their functionality of keeping you cool.

Best Ventilated Motorcycle Helmet

1. Best Overall: Shoei GT-Air II Helmet

If you are looking for a helmet for commuting and touring, the Shoei GT-Air II would be the best option. It is a high-rated sports-touring helmet designed to be more slippery, improve airflow and reduce noise. Moreover, it has several air vents in different positions to keep you cool and dry on long rides.

matt black
+ More colors + More colors
Available Size: S, M, L, XXLAvailable Size: XS, S, M, L, XL

Shoei GT-Air II Helmet: Technical Details

Outer MaterialMulti-density polystyrene
Weight5.8 lbs.
Recommended Uses for ProductMotorcycles
Vehicle Service TypeAdventure Tourer, Cruiser/Touring, Street Bike
 Safety Rating ‎DOT certified
Internal Fabric TypeMoisture-wicking

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-channel Ventilation System: The airflow mechanism is pretty straightforward in this helmet. It features a single chin vent operated by a large glove-friendly slider. Moreover, a large crown vent is also available. Your head will remain cool as it guarantees heaps of airflow through the helmet. Furthermore, the chin bar has enough controllable venting to keep your face dry and the visor mist-free.
  • Well-designed Visor: The visor is beautifully and widely designed to support peripheral vision. Also, the CNS-1 spring-loaded base plate pulls the visor tightly to trap wind and air when you close it. Furthermore, the cracked-open design lets you open and close the visor for venting or demisting without compromising safety.
  • Inner Sun Shield: This helmet model has an improved inner sun shield, roughly 5mm deeper. As a result, it offers wide vision and minimizes sunlight’s line size at the bottom for undistracted riding. Interestingly, you can lock the sun shield in place as inside the helmet, a pair of switches is available. This is a friendly and thoughtful feature that aids while cleaning the shield.
  • Max-Dry Internal Material: Moisture-wicking material is used inside the headgear. The fabric pulls sweat away efficiently to provide you with ultimate comfort.
  • Noise Cancelling Ear Pads: It is aerodynamically designed with built-in noise-canceling ear pads, making the helmet quiet to very quiet. So, you can concentrate on the road to avoid accidents.
  • Safe to Wear: The helmet construction combines composite fiber and multi-density polystyrene. It effectively absorbs different rates of shocks and impacts, protecting you from the bounce.

Final Verdict

Relaxation is incredibly important for long rides, and this helmet is promised to deliver the best comfort. It is DOT approved, has an internal sun visor, and fits well. The shell is lightweight, and vents are functional. 

2. Best for Comfortability: LS2 Valiant II Modular Helmet

The LS2 Valiant II is a ventilated modular motorcycle helmet that resists heat buildup inside the headgear by providing enough air. It is a good helmet in both cool and warmer climates, making it the most versatile helmet on the market today.

matt black
+ More colors + More colors
Available Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXLAvailable Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

LS2 Valiant II Modular Helmet: Technical Details

Outer MaterialKinetic Polymer Alloy
Weight6.5 lbs.
Recommended Uses for ProductMotorcycles
Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycling
 Safety Rating ‎DOT and FMVSS 218 certified
Internal Fabric Type50% Nylon, 50% Spandex

Features & Benefits

  • Effective Ventilation System: At the top of the helmet, a direct vent can be opened and closed easily. It promotes enough airflow, creating a cooling factor in the helmet. A few vents are also available in the rear area that features little lids. The lids keep them drier during rain.    
  • Solid Outer Shell: Kinetic polymer alloy shell gives it a rugged look, keeping a rider’s head and chin safe from heavy collisions. Its bright look integrated lightweight combination never makes the wearer feel discomfort. Moreover, it always cuts a sleek impression from a rider.
  • Soft and Plush Lining: The LS2 Valiant offers all-day comfort as it is equipped with lovely lining. You will never feel pressured in your forehead or back head for its thick padding. Another noticeable thing is some ventilated spots in the comfort liner, keeping you dry all the time. Also, it includes 3D foam at the top of the head and around the crown, protecting against any casualties.
  • Drop Down Sun Visor: It comes with a Twin Shield System drop-down sun visor ideal for commuters. When riding on an open road, drop the visor. Then as soon as you navigate in a shaded valley, instantly drop the visor down. The visor features cable actuation instead of gear actuation for dependable and smooth sun protection.
  • 180° Flappable Chin Bar: The flappable chin bar is the most impressive feature of this full-face modular helmet. A rider can conveniently switch between a full or open helmet due to its 180° flappable feature. Also, the chin bar is incorporated into the helmet’s structure to make it more robust than that of a modular helmet.

Final Verdict

You will surely love the flexibility of this headgear. The unique visor system and outstanding chin bar mechanism made it an exceptional helmet for the money. It is lightweight, comfortable, and fits snugly on the head.

3. Best Multi Configuration Design: Scorpion EXO Covert X Helmet

Comfort, style, and protection – these words perfectly match with the Scorpion EXO Covert X Helmet. It is extremely ventilated and primarily good quality. The helmet looks almost metallic yet lightweight.

matt black
+ More colors + More colors
Available Size: S, M, L, XL, XXLAvailable Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Scorpion EXO Covert X Helmet: Technical Details

Outer MaterialExpanded Polystyrene
Weight4.64 lbs.
Recommended Uses for ProductMotorcycles
Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycling
 Safety Rating ‎DOT approved
Internal Fabric TypeMulti-layer EPS

Features & Benefits

  • Multi Configuration Design: It is crafted in 3 distinct riding configurations: half mode, ¾ mode, and full mode. So, you can enjoy the convenience of every helmet style. The full face configuration adds protection to your chin and face. Moreover, ¾ mode helps you see better and with a wider range of view. Furthermore, a half-face structure delivers the best ventilation than any other helmet type.
  • Integrated Forehead Vent: You will rarely experience any discomfort and sweat buildup. The vents in the forehead allow wind through the head and hair, giving superior relaxation when riding at a higher speed. Enough air passes through the forehead vents and evaporates sweat.
  • Mouth Vents: When the chin bar is attached, the mouth vents are welcome to stay cool. These airflow ports are subtly engineered for easy ventilation. Riding under the scorching sun will never be tiring when you wear it. 
  • Internal Tinted Visor: The internal visor has excellent clarity, is not too dark, and blocks the wind from your eyes well. They include a clear visor for those who want to wear their sunglasses. The tinted visor protects eyes from sun rays, even good at night. More importantly, the visor is scratch-resistant.
  • Advanced Multi-layer EPS: Expanded polystyrene is a crushable foam suitable for fabric liners. It performs efficiently in resisting hard impacts. Also, this foam type is durable in use, reliable, and easy to ventilate. Additionally, the EPS liner ensures the perfect balance between comfort and helmet stabilization.

Final Verdict

In terms of construction, it is above average in quality. All parts are fitted together perfectly and feel solid. With several air vents, this helmet gives you the freedom to enjoy your rides regardless of the weather condition.

4. Best for Adventure Riding: Bell Broozer Helmet

The creatively designed Bell Broozer Helmet features extra vents, face shield, breathable liners, and an innovative safety system. Its street fighter style allows bikers to ride through tough terrains and murky mountains without worrying about protection.

matt black
+ More colors + More colors
Available Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXLAvailable Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Bell Broozer Helmet: Technical Details

Outer MaterialThermoplastic and Polycarbonate Blend
Weight4.69 lbs.
Recommended Uses for ProductMotorcycles
Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycling
 Safety Rating ‎DOT, FMVSS No. 218, and ECE approved
Internal Fabric TypeDual-Density EPS Liner

Features & Benefits

  • Efficient Ventilation: The helmet is carefully engineered with a central chin vent and a top shell vent. Interestingly, you can regulate them easily, even wearing gloves. An open chin bar vent is also available in the helmet to maintain proper airflow. Moreover, dual-density EPS lining absorbs sweat and moisture, keeping the interior odor-free. Besides, the interior is removable and washable.
  • Removable Chin Guard Design: Fully removable chin guard makes the modular helmet unique at its price point. You can feel the air on hot summer days by configuring it into an open-face helmet. While the full face design gives you 100% protection on adventure riding and speed racing. The chin guard is made of thermoplastic, confirming durability and security.
  • Highly Adjustable: Thanks to the construction, this helmet is perfect for different head sizes. All you need to do is, choose the right size according to your head measurement. You can remove the inner padding for extra breathing while the chin guard and strap adjust with a few clicks. In addition, the cheek pads press the rider’s cheek gently and provide additional protection from tumbles.
  • Extremely Comfortable: Velcro is used to secure the ear and cheek pads, allowing the rider to adjust the fitment as per the requirement. You can add Bluetooth mechanics if required. The EPS liner improves air ventilation around the head.   
  • Lightweight Construction: When the chin guard is on, it weighs only 4.69 lbs. Wearing it, you will not experience pressure in any part of your skull. The outer shell construction is a blend of thermoplastic and polycarbonate, making it solid and robust. It resists impacts 10X better than its counterparts.

Final Verdict

This helmet is a combination of style, functionality, and comfort. Due to the removable chin guard design, it can be transformed in both full face and half face mode. If you need a convertible helmet within an affordable price range, we highly recommend it.

5. Best User-friendly Helmet: ILM Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Modular Helmet

The ILM Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Modular Helmet is an ideal option for those who love long rides with friends. Using its group intercom feature, you don’t need to take your hands off the handlebar to communicate with your friends.

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Full Face Modular Helmet: Technical Details

Outer MaterialABS
Weight4.06 lbs.
Recommended Uses for ProductMotorcycles
Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycling
 Safety Rating ‎DOT certified
Internal Fabric TypeEPS

Features & Benefits

  • ABS Material Construction: Characteristically, ABS is a shiny and scratch-resistant material. This helmet is chemical- and heat-resistant, constructed with ABS, and offers good protection against dents.
  • Smartly Positioned Air Vents: It has smartly positioned several air vents. The ventilation mechanism contributes to greater helmet comfort. Fresh air enters from the top air vents of the helmet, and exhaust vents release hot air proficiently. In this way, the rider benefits from a constant air recycle inside the helmet for comfortable riding
  • Scratch-proof Visor: The headgear is equipped with 2 visors, and both of them are covered with protectors to keep them scratch-free. Fog and moisture can’t build up in the visor for efficient air vents. The flip-down sun shades are not very dark and enhance clear visibility.
  • User-friendliness: It is designed with user-friendliness in mind. With gloves on, you can conveniently find the sunshade and Bluetooth switch and move smoothly. Moreover, the quick release feature performs as expectedly and is easy to unfasten the helmet. 
  • Bluetooth Compatible Helmet: As we stated earlier, it is one of the best helmets for group rides. The group intercom feature lets you talk with your friends using the built-in speaker. It works significantly within a maximum distance of 3280ft. This feature is highly beneficial during an emergency. The sound is also crystal clear as it comes with noise cancellation technology.
  • One-touch Control: This impressive feature will satisfy you the most. You can call, answer, and reject incoming calls using the one-touch control. Even redialing is also possible. Besides, you can pair it with your phone to enjoy music. However, incoming calls cancel FM radio, intercom, GPS navigation audio, etc.

Final Verdict

The helmet is a perfect fit for both men and women. It is suitable for Powersports activities, street bikes, and motorbikes. Moreover, wear it as a full face or simply flip up the chin guard to use it as a modular helmet as per your needs.

6. Best Bluetooth Helmet: FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

The FreeConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet will let you feel comfortable, safe, and robust in every ride. It is full of different features like vents for good airflow, wind noise reduction technology, Bluetooth mechanism, and many more.

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet: Technical Details

Outer MaterialABS
Weight5.8 lbs.
Recommended Uses for ProductMotorcycles
Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycling
 Safety Rating ‎DOT and ECE approved
Internal Fabric TypeMoisture-wicking Fabric
Water Resistance LevelWaterproof

Features & Benefits

  • Enough Air Regulation: Sweaty and hot motorcycle experience will become zero when you wear the FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet. The embedded cheek pads soak sweats for regulation of airflow. Also, the removable and washable feature guarantees the best hygiene for your skull. It has several air vents on the helmet’s top, front and back. These vents permit enough air inside the helmet and keeps you cool during a day-long bike riding.
  • 3.0 Bluetooth Technology: The FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet has an impressive 1640 ft. range for rider-to-rider intercom communication. You can easily make stable phone calls, communicate with riding partners with the help of its Bluetooth 3.0 version. 3 bikers can pair while 2 riders can talk only simultaneously.
  • DSP Echo Cancellation System: You will get crystal clear sound always as the helmet features noise suppression and a DSP echo cancellation mechanism. Even at high speed, you will hear your partner clearly.
  • Single Button Control: Controlling the Bluetooth feature is a breeze using a single button. You can make and receive calls, redial the last number. Like all other standard Bluetooth helmets, the incoming call prioritizes other functionalities like MP3 music, intercom, FM radio, etc.
  • 5 Sizes Changeable Liner: The microfiber liner comes with a washable and breathable feature for comfortable wearing. Wash the liner with warm and clean water when it gets sweaty.

Final Verdict

This high-quality helmet comes with extra features like a flip-up front, and the sun visor is a real bonus and works well. If you want to enjoy a worry-free long ride, buy this DOT and ECE-approved helmet without thinking twice.

7. Best for Off-road Riding: FLY Racing Kinetic Straight Edge Helmet

Are you looking for an ultra-durable off-road helmet at an affordable price range? The FLY Racing Kinetic Straight Edge Helmet would be the best option for you. With an aerodynamic design and multiple user-friendly features, this helmet wins the heart of many off-roading bikers.

matt black
+ More colors + More colors
Available Size: YS,YM,XS, S, M, L, XL, XXLAvailable Size: YS,YM,XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

FLY Racing Kinetic Straight Edge Helmet: Technical Details

Outer MaterialKinetic Polymer Alloy
Weight2.95 lbs.
Recommended Uses for ProductMotorcycles
Vehicle Service TypeATV, Quad, Commuter/Cruiser, Motorcycling
 Safety Rating ‎DOT approved
Internal Fabric TypeDual-density EPSP

Features & Benefits

  • True Functional Ventilation: The exceptional feature of this helmet is the powerful ventilation system. Several vents are carefully designed at the top, mouthpiece, brow, and rear area. Fresh air passes via the channeled polyester lining, dries the biker, and exits through the rear vents—a pretty simple ventilation system to keep you cool throughout a long ride.
  • Incorporated Rubber Nose Guard: A rubber nose guard helps prevent fog buildup inside the visor. Also, it helps protect your face from accidents. Besides, when riding at a cold temperature, your nose may get exposed to frostbite. The nose guard provides protection when you ride under cold weather at higher speeds.
  • Replaceable High Airflow Mouthpiece: Its included mouthpiece protects teeth from injuries. Also, vents in the mouthpiece offer high airflow. In addition, this helmet is very well designed for safety, performance, and comfort.
  • Lightweight Design: This helmet is not as heavy as some other brands. It doesn’t put pressure on your skull. Every area is well-padded for your convenience.
  • Dual-density EPS Liner: The interior has a dual-density EPS liner, supporting the helmet to absorb low to medium impact. Also, this liner type is designed to allow cool air to travel through the whole helmet. These liners are removable and washable. So, to prevent mold or odor buildup, you can wash it thoroughly with warm water.

Final Verdict

This helmet enables the rider to get the best-ever cool ride with multiple air vents in different areas. Also, it is rigorously tested by 3rd-party and approved by DOT for safety. This way, you will have peace of mind since your head will be protected when off-roading.

8. Best Unisex Ventilated Helmet: YEMA YM-295 Full Face Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Another interesting headgear for bikers is the YEMA YM-295 Full Face Modular Motorcycle Helmet. It is a professional-grade helmet with an aggressive design and advanced features that meet or exceed DOT certification. This is suitable for Motorcars, racing, street bike, ATVs, quad, and many more.

matt black
+ More colors + More colors
Available Size: S, M, L, XL, XXLAvailable Size: S, M

YEMA YM-295 Full Face Modular Motorcycle Helmet: Technical Details

Outer MaterialDurable ABS
Weight3.7 lbs.
Recommended Uses for ProductMotorcycles
Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycling
 Safety Rating ‎DOT approved
Internal Fabric TypeEPS

Features & Benefits

  • Fully Adjustable Ventilation System: Everyone wants to have comfortable and enjoyable riding regardless of the weather condition. This helmet promises to give you a memorable riding experience with its fully adjustable air vent technology. The intake and exhaust air vents are easy to move and open for comfort. Moreover, vents do an excellent job of keeping the visor free from fogging.
  • Reinforced Chin Strap: The responsibility of a chin strap is to keep the helmet on the biker’s head, especially in the event of accidents. its advanced reinforced chinstrap ensures the helmet won’t fall off if riders trip or fall.
  • Quick Release Buckle: The quick-release buckle is designed to keep your helmet stably and avoid it from shaking when riding a motorcycle or bike. You can adjust it exactly how you want it for every single ride with precision.
  • Premium-quality Materials: Every part of the helmet is made of high-grade material for optimal safety and protection. ABS in the outer shell, multi-density EPS constructed interior, ensuring the product’s durability. Overall, the helmet feels very solid.
  • Clear Sun Visor: The built-in sun visor is nice and dark on sunny days. If required, you can easily remove and install the visor without the assistance of a tool. This means the sun visor is easy to use. Also, it protects the rider’s vision by blocking sun glare and UV rays.

Final Verdict

It is a stylish helmet, and all the vents work well to minimize fogging and keep you cool. Moreover, with lightweight construction, it feels comfortable on the head. It is great for commuting from dusk till dawn. 

9. Best Budget-friendly Helmet: HJC CS-R3 Unisex Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

A few helmets are out there that are designed for people who need decent quality helmets at a budget-friendly price. With all the high-tech features and functions, the HJC CS-R3 Unisex Full Face Motorcycle Helmet will cost not more than $150. This helmet will let you believe that a “Good product doesn’t come with an expensive price tag.”

HJC CS-R3 Unisex Full Face Motorcycle Helmet: Technical Details

Outer MaterialPolycarbonate Composite Shell
Weight4.8 lbs.
Recommended Uses for ProductMotorcycles
Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycling
 Safety Rating ‎DOT approved
Internal Fabric TypeMoisture-wicking Fabric

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced Channeling Ventilation System: You will love to know that the AC-S ventilation system reduces humidity inside the helmet. Vents in the chin, forehead and rear area create a full airflow to minimize heat buildup. It is ideal for all-season riding, and you will feel cool on every ride.
  • Excellent Shell Design and Protection Level: Polycarbonate is used to build this helmet’s outer shell, absorbing heavy collisions during a serious crash. Also, the aerodynamic shell design provides extra comfort after wearing it. It is lightweight with only 3.5 lbs. of weight and feels solid on the head.
  • RapidFire Shield Replacement System: This feature is rarely available in the helmets of this price range. You can effortlessly remove and install the face shield taking assistance from this ultra-quick tool-less removal feature. Moreover, the face shield blocks 95% UV rays and comes with a scratch-proof coating.
  • Nylax Interior: The interior is padded with nylax that has moisture-wicking components. Moreover, its cheek pads are removable, washable, and interchangeable. So, remove it anytime for washing if you feel the need.
  • Extremely Comfortable & Quiet: This helmet feels amazing on the head. With only 4.8 lbs. it feels incredibly lightweight. Also, it blocks outside noise efficiently, allowing you to concentrate on the road during long rides.

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, this is a bang for the buck. You will remain cool and dry with its advanced comfort feature. Your trip will be memorable and enjoyable if you wear this helmet since it takes the responsibility to give you peace of mind while riding.

10. Best High-quality Construction: GLX GX11 Full Face Helmet

Wanna buy a street bike helmet for your day-to-day communication? Don’t look further and rely on the GLX GX11 Full Face Helmet. It is built with quality material for the highest durability. Also, this stylish helmet is designed to meet your versatile requirements.

GLX GX11 Full Face Helmet: Technical Details

Outer MaterialABS
Weight4.64 lbs.
Recommended Uses for ProductMotorcycles
Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycling
 Safety Rating ‎DOT approved
Internal Fabric TypeDual-density EPS

Features & Benefits

  • Adequate Ventilation Panels: Riding at a higher temperature will never become tiring if you wear it. It ensures cool airflow, keeping the rider dry in rides. Moreover, sizable low vent shutters allow you to use them easily when riding with gloves.
  • High-quality Microfiber Material Interior: You will experience a comfortable ride in summer as the interior is made from premium-quality microfiber. It absorbs sweat without compromising safety and protection.
  • Removable Breath Guard: The detachable breath that redirects the biker’s breath. Thus, you can get rid of moisture and fog formation on the face shield.
  • Aerodynamic DOT Shell Design: The attractive look will surely grab your attention. Regardless of the ride type, it effectively protects the head and face from impacts. In fact, this helmet is highly efficient in ensuring a safe ride.
  • Anti-scratch Clear Shield: Every rider wants protection from dirt, insects, and wind when riding. Keeping this point in mind, the manufacturer uses an anti-scratch clear shield that is efficient in protecting you from wind or dirt. Also, the shield is tinted, blocking 99% harmful UV rays. Additionally, you will be able to see well in low lighting.
  • Quick-Release Chinstrap: The chin strap holds up the helmet under stress effectively. Also, during an emergency, you can remove it effortlessly for its quick-release feature.

Final Verdict

This is a protective and super comfortable helmet. If your priority is safety, comfort, and style, the GLX GX11 Full Face Helmet would be the best option for you. Protect your skull from hard blows wearing this headgear.

Benefits of Wearing a Best Vented Motorcycle Helmet

Ventilated helmets offer several benefits regardless of the weather condition, making them worth the price.

Benefits of Wearing a Best Vented Motorcycle Helmet

Easy Commuting

Sitting in traffic under the hot sun or on a humid day is annoying. However, this is worse for a bike that doesn’t have good ventilation. A well-ventilated helmet ensures calm and relaxed commuting through the city.

Easy Commuting

Comfortable Long Rides

Long rides are unsafe without a helmet. Moreover, you can’t take off your helmet on hot days. An airflow helmet keeps you cool and resists the temptation of removing it.

Safe Riding

Riding under the scorching sun can be dangerous as dehydration or heat stroke may happen. Wearing a ventilated helmet will help you prevent these problems. You will also not take regular stops and stay well-hydrated.

Keeps Visor Fog-free

A fog-free visor is another significant benefit of a ventilated motorcycle helmet. During winter or a rainy day, fog or moisture may build up inside your helmet, restricting clear visibility. A motorbike headgear with a good airflow system resists fog misting effectively.


However, it would be best to stick with a pin lock visor for enjoying moisture-free riding.

How Do You Find a Helmet with Great Ventilation?

Having air vents in the helmet doesn’t mean optimum comfort is confirmed. A few factors play an important role in providing good ventilation. Don’t forget to consider the below points when buying the best ventilated motorcycle helmet.

Vents and Exhausts

Check how many vents and exhausts are available in your selected helmet. More ports and vents mean good enough airflow.


Most helmets come with 1 or 2 ports at the top and rear area of the helmet. Others might consist of airports in the side and chin. Exhaust ports are found in the back of a headgear.

Front vents allow fresh air to enter the helmet and exhaust vents help hot air go out. This mechanism keeps a rider dry and cool in the long rides.


As stated earlier, you may feel discomfort even after having several vents in your helmet because of poor padding.

Check the inner pad; if it doesn’t come with air channels, airflow can’t go inside your helmet correctly. Moreover, air will be unable to play around the headgear if the padding is thick.

So, check whether your selected helmet has air channels. Also, look for an accurately padded model to give you comfort.

Size & Fitting

We recommend you measure your head before buying a helmet. It would be best not to buy an exact fit. Wearing the helmet would be the best option to understand its fitment.

Motorcycle helmets generally come in small, medium, large, or extra-large sizes based on the biker’s age and head. Additionally, chin straps and buckles are also beneficial for snug-fitting.

Chinstrap & Quick Release Button

Padded chin strap that supports the chin in a comfy way would be the best choice. The responsibility of chin strap is to connect the headgear to the helmet efficiently and keeping the chin area well-secured.

Make sure that your selected ventilated headgear features a quick-release strap so you can fix it conveniently.

Visor Quality

You will never have the safest bike ride with a leaky and hazy visor. Choose a helmet that comes with scratch-proof and anti-fog visor. This will prevent unwanted situations by providing a clear view of the road. At the same time, good quality visors block harmful UV rays.

Comfortable Lining

Comfortable inner lining absorbs impacts and sudden bumps proficiently. Also, shrill noises are annoying to many riders as it interrupts concentration in the long rides. A soft squishy liner will surely provide you with a comfortable, memorable, safe and enjoyable ride.

Final Words

Keep yourself cool, dry, and well-hydrated in the long and short rides wearing the best ventilated motorcycle helmet. It is unsafe to ride without one, but the best helmet will make your ride memorable and enjoyable for sure.

According to your editor’s the Shoei GT-Air II Helmet is the best in the market for several reasons. It is an excellent choice if you are looking for a highly well-ventilated helmet. The aerodynamic shell design maximizes airflow throughout the headgear. Also, it is DOT certified, making it safe for track days and high-way speeds.  

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