The 10 Best Motorcycle Helmet for Claustrophobia Reviews (2024)

Though it may seem funny to some people, claustrophobia can lead people to have serious anxiety or panic attacks even when wearing a motorcycle helmet. But avoiding helmets while riding isn’t a safe solution either.

What would you do in this case? Avoid the helmet completely and risk your life? Or find a helmet specially made for claustrophobic people? Doing the latter can fight your fear and save your life at the same time.

Let’s check some popular helmet models to find the best motorcycle helmet for claustrophobia. And learn crucial factors to consider while buying helmets to get the right one.

What Is Claustrophobia?

Claustrophobia is a kind of anxiety disorder where people fear cramped or enclosed spaces like an elevator, tube train, crowded rooms, tunnels, etc. Depending on the severity of the phobia, people might experience mild or severe anxiety or even a panic attack.

What Is Claustrophobia?

In the case of any phobia, one of our brain regions called the amygdala gets overreactive. As a result, affected people can feel immense fear. Claustrophobia can give the feeling of dying or ending the world to some people.

Claustrophobia can be triggered due to many reasons. And claustrophobic people often try to avoid the situations they fear. This only reinforces the fear and intensifies the problem.

It has been found in research that defective GPM6A gene can cause claustrophobia. If you have claustrophobic parents, you can bear this phobia. The most common symptoms of claustrophobia are shortness of breath, sweating, trembling, dizziness, etc.

Can Claustrophobic People Wear Helmets?

Yes, claustrophobic people can wear helmets, but you should consider certain things before riding. If you are claustrophobic, don’t just put on any helmet and go riding. It might cause several difficulties.

Can Claustrophobic People Wear Helmets

Get Used To Wearing Helmets

You should first be accustomed to wearing helmets or keeping your head in a confined space. Though it may seem that half-face helmets are better for claustrophobic people, these helmets don’t provide enough protection for your face.

Choose The Right Helmet Type

Full-face helmets are the best in terms of safety. But the chin guard can make claustrophobic people feel suffocated and confined. To fight this issue, you need to choose the right full-face helmet with good visibility.

Pick The Right Shape and Size

If your helmet doesn’t fit properly, you can face drastic consequences. Choose a helmet of the right shape to get a snug fit. Getting the right size is also crucial. If you are afraid of tight fits, choose something that has a bit of room inside for adjustment.

We have added full-face helmets to our list of reviews that have great visibility with a large visor. These helmets will let you see a greater area while riding and reduce blind spots to decrease your fear of hitting something or getting hit.

10 Best Motorcycle Helmet For Claustrophobia Reviews 2023

Here are our top picks for today. Give them a thorough scrutiny to find out the right helmet for claustrophobia.

1. Editor’s Choice: Bell Bullitt Helmet

The Bullitt is a vintage-style bike helmet that looks like something right out of the ’40s. It features front chin vents with metal mesh on both intake and exhaust ventilation slats, so you can breathe better while riding your favorite two-wheeled road trip! Plus, if you have claustrophobia, then this bike helmet will be perfect for your needs!

Bell Bullitt Helmet : Technical Details

ColorBolt Gloss Black/White
Recommended Uses For ProductMotorcycling
Inner MaterialLeather, Expanded Polystyrene, Mesh
Weight‎4.24 pounds

Features and Benefits

  • Ventilation:Maintaining airflow was a priority when designing this helmet; not only does it prevent unwanted buildup but also helps dissipate heat, so wearers aren’t too uncomfortable. And this is very comfortable, especially if you have claustrophobia.
  • Visor:Bullitt has a wide, transparent visor with an excellent viewing range and minimal head-turning effect. It almost feels like you are wearing an open-face helmet because it is so much wider than other types of helmets!
  • Closure:The Bell Bullitt’s bike helmet is unlike any other with its Magnefusion Shield Closure System. It uses magnets, and it might take some people a while to get used to them, but once they do love being able to use this cool technology for their safety on the road or trail!
  • Noise:One issue with the Bell bike helmet is that it makes noise when your shield is fully open. But if you let go of the visor and close both sides, there will be no more noise coming from this product. If one suffers from claustrophobia- they might want some extra world sound like what comes through this helmet rather than locking themselves away in an enclosure.
  • Safe:The Bell Bullitt safety ratings have been certified by the UK’s Sharp Safety Unit. It is also compliant with both DOT and ECE standards that apply in America and 47 other countries around Europe (ECE).
  • The Bell Bullitt is a novelty helmet with three shell sizes and six fittings, from XS to 2XL. When you’re searching for the perfect helmet, it’s important to think about what type of head shape and size will work best. The bell-shaped design ensures that no matter your noggin’ nightmare before Christmas style (round or oval), this lid is sure to be comfy!

Final Thoughts

The Bell Bullitt is a retro-style helmet that features modern improvements such as better ventilation and padding on the chin strap. The best size for your head shape will depend upon its roundness, so make sure you get the right size!

2. Best for anti-fog: Shoei Neotec II Helmet

The Shoei Neotec 2 is a flip-front modular helmet that offers outstanding comfort and builds quality for everyone from commuters to continent blasters. This helmet is built for those who want an excellent, no matter what they suffer from– Claustrophobia or not.

Shoei Neotec II Helmet : Technical Details

ColorAnthracite Metallic
Recommended Uses For ProductMotorcycling
Inner MaterialExpanded Polystyrene
Weight5.9 pounds

Features and Benefits

  • Ventilation: The Neotec II bike helmet has one chin bar and crown vent, all covered by large sliders which pull air into the back of your noggin. Owners agree that tons of ventilation is achieved because these vents are easy to find and operate in gloves without any problems whatsoever!
  • Visor: The Shoei bike helmet visor is very clear and adds to the comfort of this product. The Pinlock Evo anti-fog insert prevents fogging, making it great for riding in wet weather without having trouble seeing clearly. The top part closes securely, so there’s no need to worry about trapping any dirt from above getting inside wherever riding might occur.
  • Liner:The lining of the lid, or “shell” as it’s also known, can be removed easily with no tools needed because all you’ll need are some butterfingers! This makes cleaning easier than ever before – just machine wash on delicate cycle until dry, then remove the liner from washing bag before storing away again until next time.
  • Fastening:Shoei bike helmet has a ratchet mechanism that fastens the chin strap, attached with an elastic cord. This helps to make sure your head stays in place while you ride and removes any risk for movement because it’s easy to use even when wearing gloves on!
  • Fit:a right helmet is crucial for a safe and comfortable ride. It should fit snugly but not press against your head or make pressure points where there aren’t supposed to be one! Especially if claustrophobia runs in your family, then we’ve got just the thing to provide ultimate comfort.
  • Noise: These motorcycle helmets for riders with claustrophobia have paid attention to detail when designing the Neotec 2. They also added an innovative “integrated vortex generator” on its bottom lip. This was specifically done for better aero performance in lower speeds or higher altitudes. It will help keep any noise down because you’re not making contact with anything other than air!

Final Thoughts

If you want the best of everything, look no further than Shoei Neotec II. The helmet has an adjustable ventilation system and high-quality comfort levels that make it hard to beat for daily use or long journeys across continents.

3. Best for Dual Visor: FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

Freedconn’s Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet is the perfect helmet for any avid biker. It offers all of your basic riding statistics with ease and durability, making this product worth every penny! Its simple operation makes it easy for anyone, even those who don’t have much experience with technology.

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet : Technical Details

Weight4.05 Pounds
Recommended Uses For ProductCycling, Motorcycling
 Dimensions‎14.6 x 11.2 x 10.6 inches

Features and Benefits

  • Ventilation:This full-face protection offers ample ventilation to keep your head feeling fresh all day long! Two air intake vents are located on top of the helmet while one is placed near its chin bar, making sure there’s plenty of airflow throughout hot summer months.
  • Visor:FreedConn has created an ultimate motorcycle helmet with dual visors that shields from UV rays to improve visibility during daytime hours. Moreover, the second visor can give optimal sight in a low-light situation.
  • Modular style:FreedConn’s Bike Helmet is constructed with a modular design that provides complete protection. This full-face front cover keeps your face and head safe in an unfortunate accident.
  • Material:ABS thermoplastic polymer, one of the most durable materials for helmet production, is used to make this helmet. This makes it a long-lasting and safe helmet, as well. It does a great job of protecting the wearer’s head in the event of an accident, thanks to its sturdy construction and stylish appearance.
  • Lightweight:This material’s main feature is that it is both light and sturdy at the same time. Consequently, it will not feel particularly heavy on your head while you’re wearing it. Moreover, this full-face helmet for a slightly claustrophobic rider weighs about 4 pounds, making it very lightweight and practical. It’s well-known that wearing this helmet will protect you from becoming dizzy.
  • Communication:Freedconn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet is the perfect option for riders who enjoy group trips and want to stay connected with their companions. This helmet has an integrated communication system that lets up to 3 people pair, ensuring efficient discussion during long rides.

Final Thoughts

The Freedconn Bluetooth motorcycle helmet has been a major player in the industry as it is known for providing high-quality products. This particular model offers all of those basic and advanced features that riders are looking forward to from their next lid!

4. Most Lightweight: 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet

The 1Storm modular motorcycle helmet is a popular, high-rated option for riders who want the latest style and features dominating today’s market. Not only does this model have an attractive aesthetic with its sleek design, but also one of the most comfortable fits around!

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet : Technical Details

ColorGlossy Black
Recommended Uses For ProductMotorcycling
Vehicle Service TypeMotorcycle
Weight5 Pounds

Features and Benefits

  • Ventilation:The air system featured in this 1storm helmet is useful when considering how cheap the product costs. You can find six vent switches, which are divided into three groups: two adjustable top vents and two frontward facing ones, as well as back vented air ducts for heat dissipation at your discretion!
  • Liner:1Storm bike helmet liner is made from high-quality material that wicks away moisture, making it comfortable and easy to wear. This means you can take the protective layer off during your ride without worrying about getting sweaty or uncomfortable in any way!
  • Weight:new 1storm bike helmet is not your average lightweight modular model. Instead, this sleek design features an aerodynamic and comfortable construction that will allow you to ride for hours on end without neck fatigue.
  • Chin Bar:The 1storm bike helmet’s chin bar is made of lightweight and flexible material, allowing you to swing away from the entire back portion for better ventilation. With one button, press either side of your handlebars while riding. Also, this model will fold out its removable visor, which makes it easier than ever before to breathe freely!
  • Safe:This bike Helmet is a dual homologated motorcycle helmet, which means that it passed safety testing on both the US and European markets. Along with these certifications, this product also comes standard with adjustable straps making sure it stays on your head while riding.
  • Comfort:The flip-up visor on this helmet is great and comfortable for those who are claustrophobic. With the press of one button, you can open up your face shield and enjoy that fresh air while biking!
  • Communication:1Storm Bluetooth Motorcycle Headset is a high-quality product that can support up to three riders. It has an impressive range of 800 meters, 10 hours of talk time on the phone, or in-person conversation with a 300-hour standby function, making it great for long journeys!

Final Thoughts

The 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Full Face Helmet is a great buy for any motorcyclist. With its low price and flip-up chin bar, you’ll have plenty of options when choosing from size or color varieties that are sure to satisfy your needs as well!

5. Most Durable: Scorpion EXO Covert X Helmet

The Scorpion EXO Covert X Helmet is a tough, durable choice that will provide you with years of service. The improved impact management thanks to its multi-layered ultra TCT shell and dual-density EPS makes this helmet stand out as one worth investing in for all riders.

Gloss BlackCement Grey
+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: S, M, L , XL, XXLAvailable Size: S M, L , XL, XXL

Scorpion EXO Covert X Helmet : Technical Details

ColorGloss Black
Recommended Uses For ProductCycling
Vehicle Service TypeCruiser
Weight‎4.64 pounds

Features and Benefits

  • Ventilation: The helmet has ventilation channels that will allow air to flow so you can breathe without any problem. You won’t feel suffocated, and if tight spaces trigger your claustrophobia, this wouldn’t be an issue for you either!
  • Visors: No need to worry about the sun in your eyes when you’re out on an adventure with this Scorpion EXO Covert X Helmet. This protective headgear has a dark smoke SpeedView internal sun visor that will protect not just what’s visible but also shades off both sides!
  • No Fog:The EverClear no-fog coating will provide you with clear vision even when conditions are less than optimal, like foggy areas or at night time on your bike.
  • EPS:Scorpion EXO Covert X is a high-quality helmet that has excellent protection for your head. It features dual-density EPS, which provides cushioning and shock absorption qualities with every impact you take while riding or racing down the street!
  • Safe:This helmet has been certified by the Department of Transportation. It ensures that you are safe while riding your bike, and this product will keep riders protected in all situations!
  • Shell:The lightweight and rigid shell of this helmet offers superior protection for your head when you’re riding at high speeds. The multi-layered UltraTCT® technology provides the ultimate safety, improving impact management by absorbing energy during a collision.
  • Versatile:As a result of the unique design of the Covert X Helmet, it offers three different riding modes. When riding on the bike trails, you have the option of wearing a full-face helmet, a half helmet, or a three-quarter helmet.

Final Thoughts

The Scorpion EXO Covert X Helmet is an excellent choice for enduro racing. The helmet features a multi-layered ultra TCT shell with dual density EPS, making impact management much better than before. It also has a double D-ring chin strap system that ensures comfort.

6. Best for Comfort: Daytona Helmets Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The Daytona helmet is sleek and slim, perfect for those who want to eliminate that “Helmet Head” look. The interior of this particular model provides extreme comfort while also having an exterior made with sturdy materials which will hold up well in any crash situation!

Hi-Gloss Black, Chrome AccentsDull Black, Orange Accents
+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: XS , S, M, L , XL, XXLAvailable Size: XS, S M, L , XL, XXL

Daytona Helmets Full Face Motorcycle Helmet : Technical Details

BrandDaytona Helmets “Leading The Way In Quality Headgear”
ColorDull Black, Dull Black Accents
Recommended Uses For ProductMotorcycling
Vehicle Service TypeSport Bike, Cruiser, Adventure Tourer, Street Bike, Chopper

Features and Benefits

  • Ventilation:The most comfortable and stylish bike helmet with an easy opening system. The Daytona has a one-finger chin guard that allows you to enjoy the fresh breeze without having to remove any parts of your headgear, so no more anxiety for those who have claustrophobia!
  • Weight:When it comes to professional drivers who require lightweight, comfortable, and durable equipment, the best option is this DOT-certified half-shell helmet. As a result, you won’t have to worry about it slipping off your head during the ride!
  • Fit:The Daytona claustrophobic riders motorcycle helmet is a one-size-fits-all helmet that will protect you no matter what type of head shape it has. Whether your skull is pointed, round, or oval, this product offers complete safety for any adventure that awaits!
  • Comfortable:This helmet from Daytona is a great investment for any biker. Not only does it look awesome, but the Nylon Y-strap and contoured shell ensure you’re getting top-notch protection!
  • Durable Shell:A helmet that is not just durable but also comfortable? Sounds too good to be true! That’s where the Daytona Helmets come in. After years of research and development, this team created a high-quality polycarbonate plastic with an impact-absorbing liner for your head safety when riding or crashing anywhere on two wheels.
  • Safe:When it comes to protecting your head, don’t risk anything less than the best! This DOT-certified product offers peace of mind knowing that you’ll be safe and sound during any adventure.
  • Interior:This helmet’s interior is made from a material that can absorb energy in case you’ve had an unfortunate day. The EPS foam provides superior protection against impacts, and it’ll feel great on your head too!

Final Thoughts

Do you want a helmet that is both affordable and capable of protecting your head in case of emergency? The Daytona Helmets are just what the doctor ordered! This product comes with all necessary safety features like DOT approval, making them perfect for any occasion.

7. Best for Pinlock Visor: LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Helmet

The new LS2 Helms Rapid Street Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is full of features that offer the best safety and comfort. From its easy-fit authentic styling, this helmet does it all! It has the same great looks and fits as its predecessor while adding functionality to give you more options on how much protection from wind or bugs you need!

LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Helmet : Technical Details

BrandLS2 Helmets
Fabric TypeMoisture-Wicking
ColorMatte Black
Recommended Uses For ProductMotorcycling

Features and Benefits

  • Ventilation:The LS2 Rapid Street full-face motorcycle helmet is a product of innovation and technology. You can constantly adjust its vents to keep your head cool during warmer months or hot in the summertime while using only one button for all adjustments on either side! Plus, this amazing little device comes with big covers that make them easy to use even if you’re scared by closed spaces.
  • Pin lock:LS2’s rapid street visor is the perfect addition to any helmet. It has quick-release features, so you can remove it or replace it with ease without tools! With class, An optical correct vision and pin-lock ready design, this product will keep your visibility high while racing on roadways of all kinds.
  • Comfort:It’s easy to forget that a helmet is not just an item of protection. It should also be comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, which can make a difference. It has a comfortable exterior with all safety features like EPS foam protection or even an incorporated Visor Mirror if necessary!
  • Interior:Rapid Street is the perfect helmet for anyone who wants to feel comfortable and safe during their commute. The interior of Rapid Street includes easily removable, washable comfort padding that’s made from hypoallergenic fabrics.
  • Safe:The LS2 Rapid Street Motorcycle Helmet is a high-end, CE-certified full-face helmet that provides the same safety as other top names in motorcycle head protection.

Final Thoughts

The LS2 Bike Helmet is a great choice for biking! It has an easy-to-use chin bar system with visor adjustments, making it perfect even if you have a round head. With durable materials and fantastic features like this one at such low prices, there’s no reason why anyone would want to ride without wearing out this safety equipment.

8. Most Breathable: LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet

The new Rapid helmet is perfect for daily use. This rapid helmet combines the lightweight qualities of an ABS shell with those found on more robust helmets. This product maintains its safety while still being easy to wear and enjoy during your commutes around town!

CryptDeadbolt Blue
+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: XS, S, M, L , XL, XXL , XXXLAvailable Size: XS, S , M, ,XL, XXL , XXXL

LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet : Technical Details

Fabric Type50% Nylon, 50% Spandex
Recommended Uses For ProductMotorcycling

Features and Benefits

  • Ventilation:The LS2 Rapid Street Full Face Helmet is the perfect solution for people who are always on the move. It has fully adjustable vents, which allow airflow to freely circulate through them while you’re riding so that your head stays cool in heat or sunlight! Especially if you are claustrophobic, then this helmet can keep your anxiety level low.
  • Fit:For those looking for the lightest, smallest possible full-face helmet in their size LS2 has just what you need. The Rapid Street best motorcycle helmet for claustrophobia comes with two shells that will be sure to hug your head perfectly! It’s comfortable enough so that wearing it all day won’t become an issue.
  • Visor:With the new Face Shield, you can protect your eyes and face from dirt particles that may settle on them while playing in any weather. The scratch-resistant surface makes this accessory a must-have for off-roaders! Visor also includes UV protection, so no need to worry about squinting when exposed outdoors.
  • Breathable:The breathable, comfortable design of the LS2 Full Face Rapid Street Helmet makes it a great option for those who worry about small places. Breathable technology and cooling vents keep you cool during summertime hours on your bike ride or commute, while adjustable cheek pads allow room to wear glasses without feeling tight at all times!
  • Safe:When you’re looking for a helmet that will keep your head safe, this A DOT approved quick release chinstrap provides the best fit. It’s also LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet Meets or exceeds all of the standards required by law-making bodies, including the Department of Transportation (DOT).
  • Liner:This bike helmet’s liner is removable and washable, so you can take care of your head the way it needs. With hypoallergenic comfort padding made from materials that are allergen-friendly as well as removable for easy cleaning.

Final Thoughts

With easy adjustments on the inside of each cheek guard with visor in case, you have claustrophobia. You’ll never need anxiety again when riding outside without fear of suffocating underneath your helmet.

9. Most Compact Shell: Shoei RF-1200 Variable Men’s Street Motorcycle Helmet

Shoei is perhaps the most well-known brand when it comes to high-end motorcycle helmets. Moreover, there’s a solid explanation behind this. Whether you’re a pro racer or a novice rider, you can be certain that your Shoei will hold their ground, i.e. your skull.

+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: XXS, XS , S, M, L , XL, XXLAvailable Size: XS, S M, L , XL, XXL

Shoei RF-1200 Variable Men’s Street Motorcycle Helmet : Technical Details

Recommended Uses For ProductMotorcycling
Inner MaterialExpanded Polystyrene

Feature and Benefits

  • Ventilation: RF-1200 offers a superior experience for riders by providing excellent airflow and ventilation. The helmet has 3 upper air vent intakes and 4 uniquely installed upper exhaust outlet vents for better airflow. And this airflow is really important for those who have anxiety in a small place.
  • Visor:Besides protecting the eyes from dangerous UV rays, the shield also helps clear the fog from around the lens. The eye port gasket on the face shield is very thick, and it helps keep water out. Even on wet days, you may feel secure in your vehicle thanks to this function. You can prevent water from getting into your helmet by using a watertight seal.
  • Noise:With the RF-1200, a quiet and pleasant ride is now a reality. Because of its upgraded shield system and superior aerodynamic form, it helps to decrease wind noise. It includes revolutionary inner lining for maximum comfort.
  • Graphics:Make your motorcycle stand out from the crowd with a custom-painted helmet with eye-catching designs. Both are possible with the RF-1200. You may also have some fun with the visuals by slapping on some wacky stickers or getting your helmet painted in a style of your own.
  • Shell: The lightweight, compact shell protects the head to the fullest extent possible. New Multi-Ply Matrix AIM+ is a new and improved shell technology. In an accident, the rider’s head will be protected by a six-layer organic fiber shell.
  • Chick Pads:This well-made helmet includes cheek pads that are designed to move with your face, allowing you full movement in every direction without strain or pain on the neck! The fully removable liner comes out easily via pull tabs at either side of its chin strap buckle.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a safe and durable helmet that’s perfect for the rider on the go, this is your best choice. It also offers excellent ventilation with its dual-layer venting system to keep you feeling fresh all day long.

Plus, this model features an expanded chin area, so there’ll be plenty of room when wearing it – no more panicking over being closed off.

10. Best for Photochromatic visor: Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet

The Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult, Full Face Street Helmet, is designed to keep you safe on your bike, no matter if you are commuting or riding for fun. The helmet features a lightweight polycarbonate shell with an adjustable visor and breathable wind collar that keeps air flowing through the helmet.

Stealth Camo Matte Black/WhiteFlare Matte Black/Gray
+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: S, M, L , XL, XXLAvailable Size: S , L , XXL

Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet : Technical Details

ColorMatte Black
Recommended Uses For ProductMotorcycling
Vehicle Service TypeATV, Street-sport-motorcycles, Scooter, UTV, Street Bike

Features and Benefits

  • Ventilation:The Bell Qualifier bike helmet is not just a pretty face. It has been designed with ventilation in mind, and the economically set air vents all around it make sure that your head stays cool on those Summer days—or warm Winter nights!
  • Visor:This helmet’s visor is specially designed to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of sunshine. It also has a special coating that keeps it scratch-resistant and anti-fog, making for safer riding no matter where you go!
  • Fit:Bell Qualifier Full Face Street Helmet – the perfect all-around street helmet! This lightweight and comfortable full-face protection are great for any activity. The adjustable cheek pads make it easy to find that Perfect Fit.
  • Comfort:Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet has a perfect fit for your face. The material is forgiving and easily adjusts to suit you after just one wear, ensuring maximum comfort while riding in traffic or on city streets alike!
  • Safe:Bell helmets are the gold standard for safety in motorcycle riding. They meet DOT and ECE standards, making them an excellent choice no matter what type of bike you ride on!
  • Photochromatic visor:The photochromatic visor of this protective gear changes its color to match the light, making it perfect for a ride at all times. The adaptive glasses will deliver both day and night vision in a single accessory.

Final Thoughts

Suppose you’re looking for a safe, comfortable helmet that will not trigger your claustrophobia or other related conditions when wearing it. In that case, this Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street Helmet is the perfect solution. This high-quality product has been designed with safety in mind.

How To Pick Best Motorcycle Helmet For Claustrophobia People?

How To Pick Best Motorcycle Helmet For Claustrophobia People

Though the primary purpose of buying motorcycle helmets is to ensure safety while riding, more factors should be emphasized when buying the best motorcycle helmet for claustrophobic people.

Give these factors a quick check so that you get the right helmet.

Helmet Type

As you might already know, helmets mostly come in two types – half-face and full-face. Half face helmets have no chin guard at the front to save your face in the case of an impact.

Full-face helmets incorporate a chin guard at the front to save your face during a crash. So, these helmets are much safer than their half-face counterparts. Also, wearing full-face helmets regularly will help you get control over claustrophobia.

Shape and Size

Helmets come in different shapes and sizes. You need to pick the right shape depending on your head shape. Most people have oval head shapes, so oval shaped helmets are more common. Before you choose a helmet, determine your head shape.

And then measure the size of your head to get the right helmet that fits properly. A helmet that is too tight on your head can increase your fear of getting stuck. So, choose something easy to wear and fits comfortably.

Large Visor

Some helmets have so large chin areas that the visor gets too small to see the surroundings properly. Lack of visibility can increase your fear of falling into an accident. And this can turn into a reality if you don’t have good visibility.

So, always choose a helmet with a large visor that lets you see the surroundings properly. Also, ensure the number of blind spots is the least to avoid accidents. You can see more through large visors; you won’t feel confined inside the helmet. This can give you a sense of relief.

Well Ventilation

Ventilation is crucial in any good helmet. But it is even more essential for claustrophobic people. If there is no airflow inside your helmet, the feeling of being confined can get a large boost.

So, choose a helmet that has enough air vents to increase airflow inside the helmet. It will reduce your fear of being stuck inside the helmet. Besides, good ventilation will keep your head dry inside.

Comfortable Inner Lining

No matter how tough or good looking your helmet is, if it doesn’t provide you with enough comfort, it’s far from a good helmet. As wearing a helmet can be haunting for claustrophobic people, you need to ensure the inner lining is very comfortable.

High-quality foam and fabric can give you a sense of comfort and make you forget the fear of confinement. You should also check whether the inner lining is removable and washable.

If you can regularly wash the inner lining of your helmet, the inside will be fresh while you are riding. It also helps keep the helmet free from bacteria.

Claustrophobia People Motorcycle Riding Tips

Here are some pro tips from expert professionals to give you a better riding experience if you have claustrophobia. Take a quick look.

  • Choose the right helmet that fits perfectly on your head. It will give you a feeling of safety and comfort to get control over claustrophobia.
  • Practice wearing the helmet when you aren’t riding. For example, you can study wearing a helmet. This way, you will get accustomed to wearing the helmet and get rid of panic attacks.
  • Pick a helmet that has more air vents. Keep all the vents open while riding to get enough air going through the helmet.
  • Claustrophobic people are often worried about opening the chin strip. You can take a chin strap that releases quickly so that you can avoid the fear of getting stuck in an emergency.
  • Choose a lightweight helmet to avoid the feeling that the helmet is pushing you down. But keep an eye on the material so that the helmet can save you during a crash.
  • Divert your mind. You can chew mint gums while riding to distract your mind from the fear.
  • Though listening to music isn’t suggested while driving, you can listen to mild music at a low volume to calm your mind. A Bluetooth-enabled helmet will come in handy in such cases.


We can’t emphasize enough choosing the right helmet to fight your fear of being constrained. You need to focus on the right aspects before buying a helmet if you have claustrophobia.

Bell Bullitt Helmet has three main advantages for claustrophobic people. It has ample vents for enough airflow to ensure a natural and comfortable environment inside the helmet. The visor is wide and transparent to give you a broad viewing angle.

And the quick-release magnetic chin strap keeps the stress of getting stuck away. The combination of these features makes Bullitt the best motorcycle helmet for claustrophobia.

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