What Helmets Do Harley Riders Wear?

The helmet is one of the must-have headgear to wear when riding motorcycles. It will help protect your head and face from injuries when you encounter any unexpected accidents. Just wearing any type of helmet is not enough to ensure maximum protection, especially if you ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

You will need to wear a helmet that shields your entire face and head. Unfortunately, the current market is flooded with different helmets, which raises the question of “What helmets do Harley riders wear?”

As Harley Davidson motorcycles are run at high speeds, wearing full-face helmets will be a good choice for riders. These helmets are designed to cover the rider’s entire head, including the face, chin, neck, and jaw area. For that, riders won’t get severe injuries when going through any crash. To get more in-depth information in this regard, read on.

Do You Need A Helmet For A Harley?

Harley Davidson motorcycles are very popular for their fastest speed. So, a simple collision can lead to severe injuries if you are not so professional in riding. The condition will become worse when you don’t wear the proper protective gear. Among the different gears, the helmet is considered one of the crucial gears to wear for any rider. By having the right helmets for Harley Davidson, you can ensure complete protection for your head.

Do You Need A Helmet For A Harley

Along with protecting the face and eyes, a helmet will protect Harley riders from any harsh weather such as sun, cold, and rain. This also helps prevent your eyes from entering flying objects like stones or sand particles. Besides, some helmets come with a tinted visor that prevents entering dust, dirt, and tiny particles from the riders’ eyes. For that, you will not need to wear any additional eye goggles or sunglasses.

What Helmets Do Harley Riders Wear?

Unlike traditional motorcycles, Harley Davidson motorcycles are quite different if you consider their great speed. So, when you ride this bike, you can compromise with less safety. In that case, by wearing the best protective gear, including a helmet you can protect your face and head.

What Helmets Do Harley Riders Wear

Unfortunately, not all helmets are designed similarly to protect the rider’s head. For that, most people are confused about, “What helmets do Harley riders wear?” You will need to wear the best helmet specially designed for Harley Davidson to ensure complete head protection. Typically, Harley Davidson riders’ professionals highly recommend wearing full-face helmets.

This is because a full-face helmet will give you overall protection over your head. However, you will also find two other types of helmets on the market as well:  open mouth ¾, and half face. Here we have discussed a comparison between these three helmets, which will help you decide what helmet the Harley riders should wear.

Half-Face Helmet

Half-face helmets are designed to cover the top of the rider’s head and the area from forehead to eyebrows. This type of helmet usually provides minimal protection. While some other half-face helmets may provide additional coverage for your neck and back of your ears, they leave most of your face uncovered. For which, if you encounter any accident, there is a high chance of fatal injuries.

Open-Face Helmet

Open-face helmets are quite similar to full-face helmets in the area of safety coverage. But these helmets do not protect riders from harsh weather conditions and road debris due to their openness. As open-face helmets are not designed with a chin, so they are relatively light. The good thing is these helmets provide better protection than half-face helmets.

Full-Face Helmet

Full-face helmets are the ideal helmets to wear, especially when riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle. These helmets feature a chin bar that guards the jaw and chin against potential impact. For that, riders get the maximum protection on their heads that prevent injuries when encountering unexpected accidents. Compared to half-face and open-face helmets, full-face helmets are quite a safer option while riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

How Do You Wear A Harley Davidson Helmet?

The process of putting on a Harley Davidson helmet is quite simple, even if you’re new to motorcycle riding, you can easily do it. Here are the steps to wearing a full-face helmet specially designed for Harley Davidson.

How Do You Wear A Harley Davidson Helmet

  • First, hold your Harley Davidson helmet by the chin straps with the front of the helmet pointing at the ground.
  • Then place the helmet on the back of your head. Make sure you hold the helmet firmly with both hands and pull it down.
  • Now put your thumbs inside the straps and press gently, balancing the helmet with your fingertips.
  • Now pull the straps down onto your head to secure the helmet according to your jaw.
  • Once the helmet is fit on your head properly, you will feel snug on the head.

Do The Majority Of Harley Riders Wear Full Face Helmets?

The Harley Davidson motorcycle is a well-known motorcycle brand among bikers. Riding this bike is like a passion that makes the dream come true because of its superb speeds. For that, when anyone rides a Harley, want to be fully equipped in the right gear to be completely safe. Among the several gears, the helmet is one of the crucial gears to prevent the rider’s head from injuries.

Do The Majority Of Harley Riders Wear Full Face Helmets

Although a wide range of numerous styles of headgear exists, full-face helmets provide the greatest head protection. Besides, most Harley Davidson riders choose to wear full-face helmets for the purposes of safety, secrecy, and comfort. By wearing these helmets, you can make sure you are safe and secure while riding a Harley.

Additionally, these helmets are made to protect your face, jawbones, and chin in addition to your skull. You won’t get such kind of protection wearing any other helmet. Wearing a full-face helmet, you won’t lose your confidence when you ride a Harley. This way, you can boost your confidence and get better concentration on your riding. That’s why most Harley Davidson riders prefer to wear a full-face helmet.

Benefits Of Wearing Helmet For A Harley Riders

The main benefit of wearing a helmet for a Harley rider is the protection it provides. Helmets play a crucial role in getting the highest protection of the rider’s head. Here are some of the significant protective benefits of wearing a helmet.

Benefits Of Wearing Helmet For A Harley Riders

Reduce Head Injuries

Wearing a helmet for Harley riders can lessen the impact of injuries on the head. While riding this motorcycle without a helmet, you can get a severe head injury if you encounter an accident. Besides, if you experience a collision without a helmet, you might suffer external and internal brain injuries, which can endanger your life. Thus, you should wear a helmet while riding a Harley to secure your life.

Protect Eyes

While riding a motorcycle, it is crucial to protect your eyes to prevent losing control over the bike. In that case, a full-face helmet will help to protect your eyes. These helmets are usually designed with a visor that protects you from dirt, debris, dust, and other tiny particles in your eyes. For that, you will get a maximum slight range even though you are riding on a road full of dust and debris.

Better Control Over Your Bike

Apart from head protection, a quality helmet helps improve your attention while riding a motorcycle, especially Harley Davidson. You will be more careful and get better speed control while riding a bike with a helmet. It will help to make your riding more peaceful and comfortable. This way, you can protect yourself from possible dangers, even if you are speeding up.

Protect From Bad Weather

A helmet offers sufficient shields for Harley riders against bad weather conditions. It will keep the sun off your face while riding a bike on a sunny day. Besides, a helmet reduces the impact of wind on your face, which could be uncomfortable and distracting during long-distance riding. Not only that, but a quality helmet also prevents water from seeping into your eyes during the monsoon.

Noise Reduction

Riding a Harley can be noisy, not just because of the engine but also the wind. In that case, wearing a full-face helmet can reduce the noise. These helmets will cover your ears to save your hearing. Besides, some helmets will be found to condense high-frequency wind noise. These helmets usually add extra padding to muffle the noise of wind and the road.


If you are a motorcycle rider, you might have known the importance of wearing a helmet. Unfortunately, just wearing any type of helmet is not adequate to protect the head, especially while riding the speediest motorcycle like Harley Davidson. In that case, you should wear a helmet that provides complete head protection.

However, you have already figured out what helmets do Harley riders wear. Typically, full-face helmets are the best choice for Harley riders compared to half and open-face helmets. Full-face helmets are designed to protect the rider’s overall head, including the chin, jaw, and neck area. So, if safety is your prime consideration while riding a motorcycle, you should choose a full-face helmet.

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