How to Wear A Motorcycle Helmet with Long Hair?

Many bikers, whether gals or dudes, have long hair. They either call it the biker’s hairstyle or the lockdown hairstyle. But with the snug fit of the classic motorcycle helmet, those with long hair find it uncomfortable during long rides. It is because they can’t manage the long hair beneath their helmet.

However, taking rides without a helmet is not an option since it is vital for your safety. If such is your situation, you are really in a dilemma. Simply learn how to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair. This article discusses that in detail and shares other relevant information for bikers with long hair. Find everything below!

Article Summary:

  • Long hairs can make you uncomfortable on long rides due to the snug fit of the present-day motorcycle helmets.
  • To avoid being uncomfortable, the best thing you can do is bind your hair with a skullcap, headscarf, or balaclava.
  • Although motorcycle helmets can damage your hairstyle, without them, you are courting danger.
  • A motorcycle must come with a helmet since it is crucial for the safety of the rider. Without it, the riders may encounter deadly repercussions.

How To Wear A Motorcycle Helmet With Long Hair?

When you go out on a ride, your hair volume or hairstyle doesn’t matter. What matters is that you must wear your motorcycle helmet. Due to the snug fit of a motorcycle helmet, many riders complain a lot about hair fall or damage. Moreover, it can mess up your hairstyle, especially when you ride to your office.

How to Wear A Motorcycle Helmet with Long Hair

So, those bikers with long hair need to follow certain techniques even if they wear the motorcycle helmet as a beginners. Furthermore, long hairs can block your face from a clear view as you ride. This is quite dangerous, and it becomes irritating sometimes when you have to clear your hair out of your eyes.

So, to avoid all that while riding, discover how to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair.

Buy A Perfect Fit Helmet

One of the common mistakes that people with long hair make is not getting a perfect helmet that can fit their hair appropriately. Anytime you go out shopping for a new helmet, consider your hair as well as your head girth. Measure your forehead circumference to get your right size with tape.

Then, get a model closest to your measurement. If you plan to keep your hair long, you should also factor it in when measuring your hair circumference.


Packing your long hair into a ponytail is important if you are going biking. It holds your long hair away from your eyes. Also, it can make you look attractive and also protect your long hair as you ride. A ponytail hairstyle enables you to feel the thrills of the ride without worrying about your long hair.


Braiding your hair before wearing a motorcycle helmet is another good way to enjoy your ride. Braids keep your hair in order and minimize the possibility of the hair flipping about with the wind. You can make 1 braid or more braids in the middle of your head. It will certainly allow your motorcycle helmet to fit you very well.

Pill Up Your Hair on Top

Pilling up your hair does the magic to simplify riding with long hair. You can use a band for a ponytail, hold up your hair to the shoulder, hold them as one, and wear your motorcycle helmet. It is a very good style which doesn’t cause any damage to your hair. Moreover, your hair can still bounce back to its original style when you remove the helmet. All you need to do is run your fingers through your hair.

Use Wraps OR Headscarves

Using wraps or headscarves on your long hair is very good. Wearing them can help to prevent damage or loss of hair. Also, it can hide your unbecoming hairstyle. In addition, the wrap or scarf can soak up that friction which is likely to destroy your hair.

You just need to hold your hair to one side, then use the scarf to wrap it up. You can leave out some tendrils and wrap the rest of your hair if you like.

Straight Hair

There are those who enjoy riding their hair straight. You only need to hold the hair together and double them up with a band at your back. Thankfully, this style is very easy for all and sundry.


Folding your hair into a bun is ideal for bikers with long hair. Besides, it has different hairstyle options for you to choose from. You can either choose the ballerina buns, the low buns, or the sock bun. Although to become an expert in doing the hairstyle, you have to style it many times. Then, you can find yourself becoming perfect on it. So, with your hair packed in a bun, you can then wear and take off your helmet comfortably without scattering or damaging your hair.

Wear Your Hair Long to Blow Off

You may not know it, but those who enjoy their long hair flapping with the wind as they ride along. So, if you are one of those, you still need to prevent the dangers involved and keep yourself safe. Thus, you have to use large hair rollers on your wet hair so that it can become straighter.

As the hair dries up, use a spray to add volume to your hair and flatten it. The hair spray can also increase the depth of your hair. So that you can feel the thrill as the wind is blowing away your hair and enjoy an undisturbed ride.

Shorten the Hair

One of the coolest hairstyles a biker can spot is short hair. If you shave your hair to be short, there is no more need to be disturbed by the hair while riding. So, you can decide to cut off some length from your hair. Moreover, some of the coolest Celebrities carry shaved hairstyles.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet With Long Hair?

Bike riding is quite a dangerous act. However, you can minimize its risks by donning your motorcycle helmet. Other benefits are also attached to wearing a motorcycle helmet with long hair. For example, it.

What Are the Benefits of Wearing A Motorcycle Helmet With Long Hair

Reduces the Wind Noise

When you are riding, the speed that makes the wind blow over you fast. The wind can affect your safety negatively as well as being annoying. So if you are not wearing your helmet, the wind will blow in your ears and face. That will definitely cause a dangerous distraction and also reduce the chances of hearing what is happening around you. You must hear clearly what is happening for your safety purposes. A motorcycle helmet will help you achieve it.

Protection From Weather

If you go out on a ride when the weather condition is not good, you are likely to face a great safety hazard. However, if you are wearing your motorcycle helmet, it can protect you in adverse weather conditions. For example, if you are riding under heavy rain, the helmet will protect against the rain.

It will not allow the rain to get into your eyes or face, which can be very distracting and reduce your visibility.

Unobstructed View

A helmet makes sure that your face is free from flying debris, insects, and twigs while riding. The modern helmets available now usually come with visors that either provide certain glare protection or are tinted. These features can really help a rider have a clear view and prevent accidents.

Protect Your Long Hair

You may not know it, but having long hair can become a safety hazard while you ride your bike. In that case, wearing a helmet can protect your hair since it can prevent it from whipping all over your face. You will no longer suffer discomfort, and also, you will enjoy clear vision. Moreover, too much wind can cause breakages once the oil on your hair dries up.

Having a Positive Impact

Wearing a motorcycle helmet on your rides has a remarkable impact on all the other bikers. You are making yourself an example for other riders to follow, especially; those who are either new to this way of life or the younger ones. You should show the younger generation that even the skilled and expert riders always don their helmets.

How to Maintain Your Hair if You Wear Helmets Every Day?

Taking care of your hair every day is the right self-care method that needs concentration and attention. So, if you are a motorcycle enthusiast that loves riding with a helmet every day, you need to know how to maintain your hair. To avoid suffering hair challenges or damage, just do the following:

How to Maintain Your Hair if You Wear Helmets Every Day

Keep Your Hair Clean Always

Maintaining your hair requires keeping it clean at all times. Avoid sticky hair that may result from sweat. Also, make sure that dust does not stick to your hair due to environmental pollution. If your hair is always clean, it can help your hair smoothen down effortlessly when you take out the helmet. Moreover, neat hair will not give you discomfort while you are riding.

Keep Your Hair Moisturized

While wearing a helmet every day, it is important to moisturize or condition your hair deeply. You can either use heavy hair butter, hair oils, or masks. These substances will make sure that your hair won’t dry out due to the friction caused by your helmet’s inner surface. The heavy butter or oils you apply will moisturize your hair to provide the required nourishment they need.

As a result, your hair will remain intact at a particular place and will not spread everywhere while you ride. Just moisturize your hair at the strands and ends of your hair level and not the scalp level to avoid sticky hair.

Use Protective Hair Styles

Another way you can maintain your hair to avoid damage when you wear a helmet every day is by packing your hair in protective hairstyles. You can tuck in your hair in a particular manner which ensures that it doesn’t suffer friction as it touches different surfaces. So, you can wear your hair in a bun or braids to suit your mood.

Cover Your Hair with Protective Caps

There are different protective hair caps you can find in the market to cover your hair. For example, silky caps can do a good job of protecting your hair under the helmet. With it, your hair will not become frizzy, dry, or have split ends. Moreover, wearing a protective hair cap will ensure that your hair doesn’t come in direct contact with the helmet.

Buy Quality Helmets

If you want to maintain your hair, buy a high-quality helmet. It is the helmet that causes problems to your hair. If it is of low quality, you will be wasting your time packing protective hairstyles or wearing protective caps. So invest in a good quality helmet because only a good quality helmet can function well with all your protective ideas.

Apply Hair Oil On Your Scalp

It is a must always to give your scalp oil treatment. Suppose you use your helmet every day do it to prevent unnecessary rubbing and friction with the helmet. But if your scalp becomes sticky and heavy after applying the oil, you can apply it after a ride and wash it away using a soft hair cleanser.

Use Cloth to Cover the Inside of the Helmet

If other remedies do not work for you, you can always use a silky-soft cloth to cover the inner lining of your helmet. As a result, your hair can only have contact with the silky-soft cloth instead of the strong surface of your helmet.

Maintain Your Helmet

You need to clean your helmet with a damp cloth regularly. This will eliminate residual dust in your helmet. The surface cloth of the inner parts should also not be a spotting a tear. If there is a tear inside the helmet, it can tangle your hair strand with the inside surface. More reason for you to invest in a high-quality helmet in the first place.

Only Wear a Helmet on dry hair.

If you dare to wear your helmet when your hair is wet, it can lead to disasters. It can lead to headaches due to the coldness, cause dandruff, and long-term scalp issues. Allow your hair to dry off before wearing a helmet, or you can use your hairdryer.

Get Your Head-size Helmet.

Always make sure that you are wearing your accurate head-size helmet. When the helmet size is not correct, it can cause discomfort and headaches and disturb your hairstyle. Your helmet shouldn’t be too loose or too tight.


It is good to have long hair. However, for motorcycle riders, it can cause certain problems for them. But you can always avert these problems in different ways. First, you must know how to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair. Some of the ways are to change your hair formation, get the appropriate helmet size for your head, maintain hairstyles such as ponytails and braids, or use scarves to tie your hair.

With these simple tricks and tips, you can enjoy your ride while still maintaining your long hair’s gorgeous look. So, feel free to select the style that best suits your personal needs and taste without your long hair getting in the way.

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