How To Wear A Helmet Without Messing Up Hair?

Safety is one thing you mustn’t compromise on the bike. That’s why you can’t ride without a helmet on a bike. But one of the challenges that riders face is the messy look of their hair from using the helmets. So, if you must maintain clean and healthy hair, you should know how to wear a helmet without messing up hair.

To avoid a messy hair, you should use a bandanna as hair coverage and apply lighter hair products. Also, using high-quality helmets and ponytail hairstyling would help to maintain your hair. Keep reading to learn more on wearing helmets without messing up hair. Also, discover some hairstyles you can use with helmets and more.

Key Points:

  • It’s possible to prevent messing up hair from a helmet by using hair covers, light hair products, and high-volume hairstyles.
  • Practically, there’s no helmet that would not mess up hair. However, you can handle that by going for high-quality helmets and applying other helpful tips that would ensure frictional resistance on the helmet.
  • Helmets come in different sizes and shapes. Select the right one for your hair and reduce the messy and helmet hair.

Is It Possible To Wear Helmets Without Messing Up Hair?

It’s possible to prevent messing up hair while using helmets. Ensure to cover up with a bandanna and maintain regular hair washing with anti-dandruff shampoos to cut down dandruff. Also, apply waxes, gels, and other light hair products.

Is It Possible To Wear Helmets Without Messing Up Hair

Going with the firmness and tight-gripping effects of most helmets, you may always get messy hair using them. However, messy hair could become quite disturbing when you are off to work or on a date.

Covering your hair with a bandanna or other head covers provides protection against the effects of helmets on hair. They keep the hair the way you’ve stacked them and prevent much contact with the interior of the helmet that distort your hairstyle.

Moreover, you should maintain a regular hair washing habit using anti-dandruff products. Additionally, using quality hair waxes, gels and other light products offer protection against hair adhesion. They will keep your hair healthy and clean always, without any form of stickiness. It takes a sticky hair to adhere to the interior of the helmet and be messy once you remove the helmet.

So, if you reduce the stickiness of your hair, you’ll maintain your hair shape after your bike rides. Also, avoid the using of heavy hair products as they increase the adhesive texture of your hair.

How To Wear A Helmet Without Messing Up Hair?

Find our tips on how to wear a helmet without messing up hair below!

How To Wear A Helmet Without Messing Up Hair

Use a Hair Covering

Using a hair covering helps you retain your nice hairstyle after riding on a motorcycle. Additionally, they provide high volume for hair and reduce the frictional force between your hair and helmet.

Some of the hair covering to use include bandannas, scarfs, Balaklava, braid wraps, beanie, sweat absorbers, etc. Once you’ve packed your hair in your preferred style, you can tie the bandanna or any other head cover before your rides.

Wear High-Quality Helmet

Wearing substandard and cheap helmets could create more tension and friction on your hair. They would mess up your hair, and could also cause straps of your hair to stick on the pad. Moreover, you might lose some hairs and even damage the follicles.

It’s best to always go for a high-quality helmet. Also, select the right size for maximum protection and frictional resistance on your hair. Moreover, you have more space for airflow and breathing of the hair while wearing the helmet. You can settle with a ¾ motorcycle helmet for proper coverage and adequate hair space.

Wash Regularly With Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

One of the best ways to protect your hair from getting messy or helmet hair is to ensure it doesn’t get sticky. So, you should regularly wash with an anti-dandruff shampoo. It will properly clean the hair and remove all dandruff and sweat that may stick to the hair scalp.

When the hair is completely clean and non-sticky, there will be no friction between it and the helmet. Hence, removing the helmet after rides would cause almost no damage to the appearance and the texture of the hair.

Also, for cases where you have oily hair, you should wash with dry shampoo and conditioners. They will remain the natural oils within the hair and help to maintain its high volume for frictional resistance.

Apply Natural Hair Oils

Using natural oils promotes hair growth by creating healthy hair roots and follicles. The oils provide the essential hair nutrients that moisturize the hair while combating any form of stickiness on the helmet.

Also, the oils will increase the thickness of hair such that you can get high volumes with different hairstyles. Examples of healthy natural oils to use include olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and others.

Use Hair Gel Or Wax

Always opt for light hair products that would allow you to easily restyle the hair wherever you want. Light hair gels and wax will help in providing good volume against hair friction with the helmet. Avoid heavy products as they cause hair stickiness, leaving your hair with the helmet shape. Hence, you will get messy hair, which would be difficult to restyle after your rides.

Maintain High Volume Hairstyles

You can preserve your hair by using some hairstyles that allow for high volume. This will help to create frictional resistance between the hair and the helmet. Hence, the hair won’t stick inside the helmet and becomes messy when you remove the helmet. Some of the best hairstyles to use with helmets include ponytails, buns, braids, and others.

Move With A Hairbrush Or Comb

In most cases, despite your carefulness to ensure that your hairstyle remains nice, it would get messy from your helmet. But you can get back your nice look using your motorcycle rearview mirror and a hairbrush or comb. So, always move with a small hairbrush for a quick restyling after your rides.

Is There Any Motorcycle Helmet That Doesn’t Mess Up Your Hair?

There’s no helmet that would not cause messy or helmet hair. But you can reduce the damage a helmet could make to your hair by using the right hair products. Also, other help practices will give you a better result on your hair while wearing a helmet.

Is There Any Motorcycle Helmet That Doesn’t Mess Up Your Hair

Using a motorcycle helmet while riding is one of the safest measures while commuting on the road. You would get to your destination safely, but with a scattered hairstyle due to the helmet. The blowing wind will create more tangles and twist on the exposed hair. But, you can’t compromise your safety by riding without a helmet. If anything happens, you may suffer a terrible head injury. Therefore, you can’t let go of your helmet for the fear of getting messy hair.

Unfortunately, helmets are worn over the head and therefore, must come in contact with your hair. Right now in the market, there’s no helmet specifically designed for holding hair strands in place. So, instead of searching for such unexciting model, secure your hairstyle by using a hair covering like a bandanna, waxes, gels, and other light products.

Additionally, you can always use a hair comb or brush to refresh your styling once you get to your destination. The rearview mirror of your motorcycle would help you for this purpose.

What Hairstyle Can You Use With Helmets?

The best hairstyles to use with helmets are those that add volumes to the hair like ponytails, buns, and braids. This is because the higher volumes will create more balance in the helmet as it reduces the impacts of friction.

Using hairstyles with lesser volumes increases the risks of getting helmet hair. It would be quite easy for the thinner pack of hair to separate and become flat. This causes more frictional impacts between the hair and the helmet. As much as possible, apply the right techniques and products that would create resistance to friction.

Hairstyles To Use With Helmets For Men

1. Low Cuts

Most men are used to wearing their hair low. Using low cuts removes the worries of getting messy hair with a helmet. The hair has no strands that could stray or stick to the interior of the helmet. Hence, you will always appear with neat and nice-looking hair at the end of your motorcycle rides.

Low Cuts

2. High Volume Masculine Styles

If you keep more hair, one of your great advantages you have while wearing helmets is high volume styles. This help to increase the frictional resistance of hair on the interior of the helmet. Hence, your hair will have less tendency to stick to helmets and will prevent getting a messy look.

High Volume Masculine Styles

3. Braids

Women are not the only ones that make braids to avoid messy hair using helmets. Some men are great fans of braids. This helps to keep their hair looking nice after a ride with a helmet. Willie Nelson is a popular male figure that sticks with double braids.


Hairstyles To Use With Helmets For Women

1. Ponytails

Ponytails would considerably create more volume for you with a helmet. You can consider a high ponytail or choose a plain one. Another great advantage of using a ponytail is that it keeps your face clear from flying hair. Hence, you would have no disturbance from your hairstyle.


However, a ponytail can tangle when it becomes frizzy due to excessive wind blows on your rides. You can conveniently handle this by using elastic bands at different points through the ponytail’s length.

2. Buns

Buns are perfect hairstyles that would tightly gather all the hair in an upward position beneath the helmet level. It provides a comfortable balance around the helmet while reducing any frictional impact on the hair. Also, with buns, you will keep your hair away without from your face. Most importantly, your hairstyle will not tangle at the end of your rides.


To create a simple bun, you can twist the hair around the low part. Then hold it tightly with hairbands to wrap up all the ends. However, you may feel uncomfortable if you’re wearing a protective jacket. The bun is quite low and could be touching the collar of the jacket.

3. Braids

Hair braids could be in different forms based on the rider’s preferences. They are quite simple to make and will still give off an outstanding fashionista aura for most badass female riders. Also, with the high volume they would create, you can retain a nice hair look with your helmet.

Braids w

Some simple but unique braids that are compatible with helmets are as follows:

  • Basic Fishtail Braids – This follows the pattern of making a ponytail, but with a braid through the tail. It comes out as a single tail end.
  • Double Braids – This has become quite one of the trending types of braids for more motorcycle riders. It requires double parting of the hair and the braiding on each side of your head.
  • Multiple Braids – With this style, your hair will be segmented into many parts. Most times, it demands the handling of a professional stylist to get the braids neatly and properly lined. With multiple braids, you pin up the hair in different positions or just make a single pack with a band.

Does A Helmet Ruin Your Hair?

Wrongly fitted helmets and mostly the incorrect use of helmets could ruin the hair and even cause hair loss. To avoid hair damage, one must exercise great care in the process of wearing and removal of helmets.

It’s important that you use the correct helmet size to avoid an oversize and undersize one. An oversized helmet would compromise your safety during any collision as it could easily flip off. However, an undersized one will be too tight and cause more friction on the hair roots. It will later result in hair loss.

Furthermore, prolonged use of a tight helmet could cause too much sweating. In the presence of dirt, there could be dandruff or other bacterial infections, which could damage the hair scalp and follicles. Also, a tight helmet will create more head tension that could result in traction alopecia.


You can now stop to worry about the appearance of your hair during and after your motorcycle rides. Knowing how to wear a helmet without messing up hair gives you more confidence in using your bike. With our tips, you can handle or avoid messy and helmet hair.

Moreover, remember that you should never compromise the use of a helmet for any reason. Safety remains on top of the priority while using a motorcycle. Hence, you can’t ditch your helmet.

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