10 Best Motorcycle Helmet for Neck Pain Reviews [Details Guide]

The human head weighs around 4.5-5 kg and a regular helmet weighs around 2 kg. The combined weight can put great pressure on your neck while riding. This study published in the International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology shows correlations between different factors causing neck pain.

But choosing the right helmet can reduce this issue to a great extent. That’s why we reviewed some of the most lightweight and comfortable helmets to help you choose the best motorcycle helmet for neck pain.

Let’s get into the details and find out which helmet can help you ride without neck pain.

Can Wear a Motorcycle Helmet Cause Neck Pain?

There is a common myth in the riding community that helmets can cause neck pain. Let us bust the myth.

Gone are the days when helmets were made of metal and hard plastic. Nowadays, helmets are mostly made of sturdy and lightweight material. And almost all helmets we commonly wear weigh less than 2 kg.

Can Wear a Motorcycle Helmet Cause Neck Pain

So, these helmets have nothing to do with neck pain. But if your posture isn’t good, you can face neck pain from wearing a helmet. Many of us wear too loose or too tight helmets that don’t fit our heads properly.

If the position of the helmet on your head isn’t balanced, it can exert unnecessary pressure on your head and neck. As a result, you can feel neck pain. And this is the reason behind the myth that wearing a motorcycle helmet causes neck pain.

Can I Stop My Neck from Hurting When I Ride a Bike?

If you think you are facing neck pain due to riding a bike, your thinking isn’t necessarily right all the time. Neck pain can be caused by a lot of reasons. But you can take some steps to stop your neck from hurting while riding a bike.

Adopt The Right Posture

Riding posture has a great role in how fast we catch fatigue or other issues. If you improve your posture, you can prevent unwanted neck pain from happening.

Adjust the seat height of your motorcycle so that you can comfortably reach footpegs. Don’t bend your elbows too much while riding. Make sure your hands stay parallel to your shoulders when you hold the handlebars.

Stretch Frequently

Stretching is a great way to get rid of riding fatigue. It also ensures your muscles don’t go through any sudden movement. Stretch your arms, shoulders, and lower back before riding just like warming up the engine of your bike.

Don’t forget to take breaks after a certain period and stretch if you are on a long ride. Even when you finish the ride, stretching will release tension from your body muscle.

Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated not only helps us prevent any kind of muscle pain while riding but also keeps our sensory system active. Drink enough water during every break. It will keep your muscles relaxed and joints lubricated. So, the chances of getting neck pain will be reduced.

10 Best Motorcycle Helmet For Neck Pain Reviews 2023

We picked these helmets based on their design, comfort, safety, and other features. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Best Motorcycle Helmet For Neck Pain

1. Editor’s Choice: TORC T1 Unisex-Adult Retro Full-face-Helmet

TORC T1 unisex helmet will keep you cool and comfortable on hot days during regular riding or racing events. With its adjustable fit, it fits everyone’s head without any complications! Besides, the helmet is lightweight too, so it doesn’t put extra pressure onto your neck no matter how long the ride gets.

Anthracite MetallicMatte Blue Metallic
+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXLAvailable Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

TORC T1 Unisex-Adult Retro Full-face-Helmet: Technical Details

Fabric TypePlastic
Weight2.7 lbs
CertificateDOT & ECE 22. 5
ShellCarbon Fiber

Features and Benefits

  • Carbon fiber shell: Any helmet made of Carbon Fiber Shell is the best helmet to wear if you want a lightweight, durable and worry-free, comfortable fit. This high durability material provides excellent protection in case of an accident and also keeps weight down, so it’s easy for people who have neck pain.
  • Ventilation: Chin vents on this particular bike helmet are designed to provide better airflow for the rider. The metal mesh intake and exhaust vents help keep your head cool during hot rides by admitting fresh air from outside.
  • Visor: With this helmet you will get top quality visor that offers you the right amount of protection and vision. This helmet comes with an optically clear shield, so your view will always be perfect without any glare.
  • Anti-fog: The advanced vents system of this helmet help in the prevention of fogging because they are designed to reduce misting. Its front vents provide extra ventilation around your jawline and nose area, ensuring a clear view for when you’re out there biking!
  • Safe: The padded chin strap gives your face and neck extra protection, preventing any harm from landing on you. It also keeps the helmet firmly in place during sudden moves or impacts so that no matter what happens – you remain safe and protective!
  • EPS Liner: This bike helmet liner is made from a lightweight, effective material that will keep you cool, refreshed, and stress-free. Plus, it has Multi-Density EPS beads which are great for any temperature condition, so your brain stays happy too!

Final Word

TORC lives up to its name, creating the best possible comfort and safety for you with various colors available. The lightweight construction of this best motorcycle helmet for neck pain also keeps your neck free from the additional weight on it!

2. Best for Construction: Bell Bullitt Helmet

The retro Bell Bullitt helmet is a refreshing take on the modern world. With its high-quality materials and sleek design, this vintage lid will win the heart of every rider. Its genuine leather interior makes it very comfortable for the riders, and various shell options offer a wide range of flexibility. Besides, its fiberglass composite construction makes it one of the lightest helmets, and you’ll feel very comfortable on your neck.

Bell Bullitt Helmet: Technical Details

Weight3.5 lbs
ShieldClear bubble
ShellCarbon Fiber

Features and Benefits

  • Construction: The Bell Bullitt helmet is a durable and reliable choice for any occasion. It features an industry-leading technology with carbon fiberglass composite construction that makes it very lightweight and withstand impacts no matter where you are going on your ride!
  • Ventilation: With its multifunctional ventilation system, you can breathe easily while biking and feel fresh throughout your ride! There are “metal mesh intake” front chin vents on this carbon fiber motorcycle helmet, along with an exhaust vent on the back. So that air flows directly into the helmet, and you will face no problems when breathing through these areas.
  • Speaker Pocket: The new Bell Bullitt helmet has an integrated speaker pocket that allows you to enjoy music without any manual control. They’re made of sturdy materials, so you don’t have to worry about it falling apart on impact!
  • Washable interior: One of the most impressive things about Bell’s Bullitt helmet is its removable and washable liner along with quick-drying materials. So, you don’t need to wear a stinking and unhygienic helmet. You can easily remove the liner and clean it to eliminate the growth of odor-causing fungi and bacteria.
  • Visor: The Bell Bullitt helmet is the best choice for people who want to keep their vision intact. It comes with a clear bubble shield, so even if you’re unfamiliar with helmets, there will be no problem due to this feature!
  • Safe: The Bell Bullitt Helmet is a DOT and ECE compliant, high-quality product that you can use on any road without worrying.
  • Comfort: With the Bell Bullitt Helmet, you’ll feel comfortable against your face. The three low-profile carbon composite shells and EPS sizes make this helmet perfectly fit with your head size. And, the genuine leather interior ensures the utmost comfort. There’s a D-ring closure for easy adjustments that can snug without feeling tight or suffocating!

Final Word

The Bell Bullitt is a reasonably priced, high-end helmet that you will love for years to come. It features cutting-edge technology and design to provide a perfect mix of functionality and style. Plus, the fiberglass composite construction makes this helmet one of the lightest options on the market today!

3. Best for Windy Weather: Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet

The Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is a stylish and elegant headgear that can be purchased in some colors: black, gray, or gloss white. This sleek design features an aerodynamic shell with lightweight to provide the biker with free movement while they ride without being hindered by wind interference!

Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet: Technical Details

Weight3.1 pounds
CertificateDOT & ECE
ShieldNutraFog II

Benefits and Features

  • Wind Collar: The Bell Qualifier helmet is a great choice for those who are looking to protect their head from the wind, noise, and discomfort it can create during riding. In addition, if you have neck pain, the chilly breeze might exacerbate it. This Bell Qualifier helmet has a built-in wind collar that can enhance your comfort by blocking cool wind.
  • Light Construction: Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is a lightweight and comfortable helmet to wear on long rides. The polycarbonate construction of this helmet makes it super lightweight. Hence, you can still wear this for hours without discomfort if you have neck pain!
  • Visor: This helmet has a photochromic and anti-fog visor that can be attributed to NutraFog II. The fogging properties are enhanced by this innovation, which helps prevent any moisture from forming on your shield!
  • Safety: Bell Qualifier is also DOT and ECE certified, having met the required safety rating. Additionally, it has a secure D-ring lock to ensure that your head stays in place no matter what force of impact there may be.
  • Padding: The padding for this Bell Qualifier helmet is made out of 3D laser contoured cheek pads. Hence, the comfortable, well-fitting face protection gives you that perfect grip without feeling too tight or loose on your head – just the right amount, so there will be no distortion!

Final Words

The Bell Qualifier is an excellent helmet for the money. The lightweight, comfortable construction and optional ventilation make it easy to wear while you’re riding without getting too hot or bothered by wind gusts in your face. Plus, its lightweight construction and wind collar ensure you face no stress on your head and neck.

4. Best for Double Shield: LS2 Helmets Challenger Carbon GT Americarbon Helmet

It’s an excellent choice for those who want to get close and personal with their riding. With an integral sun visor, pin lock-ready central shield, sporty design features like deep face shields that provide unobstructed forward vision in the tuck position, this bike helmet has it all! In addition, its extra lightweight fiberglass composite construction makes this helmet an ultimate choice for people who have neck pain.

Anthracite MetallicMatte Blue Metallic
+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXLAvailable Size: S, M, L, XXXL

LS2 Helmets Challenger Carbon GT Americarbon Helmet : Technical Details

Weight1505 g
ShieldDual Shield Sun

Features and Benefits

  • Neck Roll: The LS2’s horseshoe-shaped neck roll is designed to provide comfort for those with persistent or chronic neck pain. Its large reflective surface circumvents the entire base of your shell, so you can wear this helmet without discomfort!
  • Ventilation: LS2 Challenger’s visor is a vast open airstrip above the nose, with two independently operated crown vents and a brow vent just below. Thanks to their passive cooling properties, all these strategically placed holes allow for tons of ventilation on long journeys.
  • Twin shield: The LS2 Bike Helmet has an adjustable twin shield system that solves the problem of lifting and placing it back to where you originally had it. You can easily switch between half shields for those days when direct sunlight may be harmful, as well as keep them open, so wind feels like it’s passing by your face!
  • Washable Liner: This lightweight motorcycle helmet for neck pain comes with a removable washable liner, making it super easy to keep your helmet clean next time you’re covered in muck. The hypoallergenic fabrics and anti-bacterial treatment will ensure that your skin isn’t reacting negatively when wearing this for long hours of travel!
  • Bluetooth Enabled: If you need to make an urgent call while on your bike, but can’t hear because of the noise from other vehicles or traffic, there is a Bluetooth-linked communication system. This system allows hassle-free communication between rider-to-rider and passenger.
  • Safe: The DOT certification on a helmet shows that the product meets public safety standards. You can flaunt your new headgear while walking down busy streets with this nifty piece of gear!

Final Words

The LS2 Challenger GT is a great choice for those who want the best lightweight helmet in the world. With its lightweight and adjustability features, it can keep your head safe on either road or track without any problem at all! Plus, this lightweight can give you ease if your neck has pain, making it perfect for any rider!

5. Best for Ventilation: YEMA YM-925 Motorbike helmet

The YEMA YM-925 is a dashing white/black modular helmet with complete face protection, which can also be worn as a ¾ face helmet. To make this helmet lightweight, comfortable, and highly durable, it’s made of a top-notch ABS shell along with an impact absorption inner liner. And the most impressive thing about this helmet is it has a fully adjustable ventilation system that keeps your head cool in the long ride. 

Anthracite MetallicMatte Blue Metallic
+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: S, M, L, XL, XXLAvailable Size: S, M

YEMA YM-925 Motorbike helmet: Technical Details

Weight3.7 pounds
ShieldSun Visor

Features and Benefits

  • Ventilation: YEMA YM-925 Motorbike Helmet is designed for the real biker who wants to feel comfortable and cool all day long. With a fully adjustable intake and exhaust vents, this helmet will keep air flowing constantly which helps you stay refreshed on your ride!
  • Lightweight: The YEMA helmet is a high-quality, lightweight bike accessory that you will enjoy wearing for hours. Not only does it have the durability and strength needed to protect your precious head but also comes with comfort features, so there’s no strain on sensitive areas around your neck.
  • Construction: The outer shell of Ym-925 has been made from a special type of material called Aerodynamic, or “Aer,” for short. This stuff is both light and durable; it reduces the weight on your head without compromising protection (unlike other materials).
  • Flip Flop: The YEMA YM-925 Motorbike Helmet has a Modular flip flop feature, and the anti-scratch facility is also provided in it so that users can keep their helmets safe from all those pesky scratches.
  • Visor: These Visors are a double-layer of transparent material that you can flip up to provide extra sun protection. The dual visor system also has built-in shades, so all four sides are covered! This Yema helmet is great for anyone who likes spending time outdoors.
  • Washable Padding: The padding inside the helmet not only protects you but also keeps your head comfortable. Plus, the inner layer can be easily removed and washed for an airtight seal against potential dangers on most occasions – which is why it’s always a smart idea to wear one!

Final Words

YEMA YM-925 is a unisex helmet that offers excellent ventilation to keep your head cool and dry. It’s DOT certified, meaning it meets all industry standards set by the government for you to have complete peace of mind while riding outside on public roads or trails. Plus, its lightweight construction ensures that you won’t encounter any strain on the sensitive areas around your neck.

6. Best for Unisex: Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet

The extra snug fit of the new Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet is perfect for bike riding. With its unisex design, it can be worn by both males and females without feeling tight or restrictive on their head sizes. The carbon composite shell makes this helmet very lightweight and durable, so this helmet is an excellent choice for anybody with neck pain. In addition, it has an internal sunshade to protect your eyes from the blazing sunlight.

Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet: Technical Details

Weight3.97 pounds
Shieldinternal sunshade

Features and Benefits

  • Material: Bell Pit Boss Half Helmet is an interwoven, three-layer polycarbonate plastic matrix reinforced by carbon fiber and Kevlar. This lightweight super durable material resists scratching while providing superior impact protection for the user’s head!
  • Construction: The lightweight and breathable construction of the Pit Boss Bike Helmet means that it’s great for biking. The two shell sizes will fit more head shapes than comparable helmets in their price point and class, making this an excellent lightweight choice if you have neck pain!
  • Liner: Pit Boss bike helmet is a high-quality product. Not only does the liner have an antimicrobial interior that keeps it clean, but also washable cushions and customizable cheek pads to ensure comfort during wear!
  • Ventilation: The Pit Boss helmet is one of the best on the market for air ventilation and cooling. And that means it’s perfect if you need a Half face motorcycle helmet for neck pain that will keep your head cool all day.
  • Visor: Bell Pit Boss has a drop-down internal shield that provides on-the-fly protection and can be adjusted to various heights for your specific needs. This easily accessible eternal sunshade is perfect if you want to travel outdoor area with great coverage, and need something quick & compact.
  • Noise: The amazing helmet from Bell Pit Boss is a great open-face helmet that offers noise protection. However, if you want to wear earplugs or listen to music with this on your head then do so because there’s no way for the outside world in!

Final Words

Do you want a lightweight half helmet that is easy on your neck? If so, the Bell Pit Boss might be perfect for you. Whether it’s your first time buying one or replacing an older model of this type of protection device – don’t worry because they’re great in any situation!

7. Best for Intercom: Sena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The Sena Outrush is a great bike helmet for any avid biker looking to commute on their way to work. It has all of the features that you need and more, from modularity with the ability to change out parts easily (helmet if required) through HD audio Bluetooth connectivity built right in. Besides, it is made of a lightweight DOT-approved shell, and the inner part is covered with a multi-density EPS liner to ensure your safety and comfort.

Anthracite MetallicMatte Blue Metallic
+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: S, M, L, XLAvailable Size: S, M, L, XL

Sena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet: Technical Details

Weight‎3.8 pounds
Shieldinternal sunshade
InnerExpanded Polystyrene
LinerEPS & Washable

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight: If you suffer from neck pain, and still want a modular helmet then the Sena Outrush Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet may be your best bet. This best motorcycle helmet for neck pain lightweight construction is perfect for those who have difficulty bearing weight on their heads all day long!
  • Intercom: Outrush Bike Helmet has an innovative two-way HD intercom system that allows you to communicate with your companion rider from up to half a mile away.
  • The Bluetooth connection between paired devices creates a stable link for clear transmission, so there’s no need to worry about getting lost or disconnected during long rides together.
  • Modular Design: The Sena Outrush modular helmet offers you the best of both worlds – safety and openness. You can quickly flip up your new open-face style to enjoy a quick drink while at a stoplight, or just get some fresh air! When it comes time for protection again though; all that’s needed is one click which brings back full coverage as any other full-face would do.
  • Visor: Sena Bike helmet has an easy-to-use clear face shield with UV resistant visor that is also fog-free. The sunshade can be adjusted in size and folded down when not needed for increased visibility, or up out-of-the-way, so you don’t block your field of view while riding.

Final Word

SENA smart modular helmet is a lightweight, DOT-rated safety device that features an integrated drop-down sun visor alongside its face shield. The quick-release ratchet strap system allows you to comfortably wear this sleek design helmet while also keeping it securely locked into place on your head.

8. Most Fashionable: FreedConn BM2-S DOT Helmet

FreedConn BM2-S is a protective, modular helmet that’s designed with safety and style in mind. The integrated Bluetooth device makes it easy to stay connected behind the wheel no matter where you are!

FreedConn BM2-S DOT Helmet: Technical Details

Weight7 pounds
LinerEPS & Washable
Headset Frequency2.4Ghz

Features and Benefits

  • Modular Construction: BM2 is an innovative modular helmet that can be worn in three different configurations. It also sweats and water-resistant, so you will never have to worry about getting wet or hot while wearing one of these bad boys! Moreover, it comes with a lightweight construction which is quite suitable if you have any neck pain.
  • User Friendly: The BM2 is an easy-to-use and modular helmet mechanism with fashion. You will find it to be the most commonplace for this type of equipment, which makes using it even quicker than usual! With one button press, you can easily pop your helmet up or down from its position on top of your head (or other positions).
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth, the latest advancement in wireless communication technology. What does it have to do with your head? Everything! The FreedConn Bluetooth 3.0 helmet will give you basic features for a low price and comes ready-to-use out of the box – no need for installation.
  • Ventilation: If you’re planning on riding in warmer weather, a modular or full-face helmet with vents is necessary. This one has two intake channels at the chin bar and top as well as exhaust outlets for better air circulation when it gets hot out there! These are active openings that can both close shutters to stop the wind.
  • Safe: FreedConn BM2-S helmet is not just a bike safety device, it’s also DOT certified and street legal. With its many features that make biking more fun but don’t sacrifice protection from crashes or weather conditions.

Final Word

The FreedConn BM2-S is a budget Bluetooth helmet with tons of cool features. It has an integrated Bluetooth device, which means you can start using it right away and enjoy all the benefits from this great product! And the lightweight construction of this helmet makes it an appropriate choice for people suffering from neck issues.

9. Best for Winter: ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

The ILM helmet is a full-face model that comes with some great features, including an easy-to-remove quick-release clasp and top-of-the-line ventilation system. With its thick removable liner, this sleek-looking lid will keep you cool on hot days despite its heavy-duty construction! Additionally, it includes a neck scarf that keeps you warm during winter.

Anthracite MetallicMatte Blue Metallic
+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: S, M, L, XXLAvailable Size: XS, S, M, L, XL

ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet: Technical Details

Weight2.98 pounds
ShieldClear + Smoked
LinerEPS & Washable

Features and Benefits

  • Winter Scarf: ILM helmet comes with a winter scarf, which is the perfect touch to keep you warm and stylish. It’s great for those suffering from neck pain because wind can worsen it! The scarf protects the rider suffering from neck pain by preventing cold wind that can worsen their symptoms.
  • Lightweight: The lightweight design of the ILM helmet is one of the important reasons why it’s a popular choice among riders. Its 4.85-pound weight is much lighter than competing models, reducing user fatigue and neck strain for a more enjoyable ride experience that lasts the whole day!
  • Quick Release Clasp: ILM motorcycle helmet is an excellent choice for those who travel more frequently on their bike. The advanced, durable, lightweight ABS shell can be quickly released from the head without any tools or straps getting in your way by using this quick release system.
  • Aerodynamic Design: It will not lift off your head at high speeds when zipping down a freeway because of its aerodynamic design. The aerodynamic design allows air movement over and around the helmet so that the rider can enjoy an optimal riding experience without sacrificing speed!
  • Visor: The clear visor on this helmet will keep windburn and bugs at bay while protecting from flying debris. Plus, the smoky face shield is perfect for bright sunshine or evening rides to help you see what’s ahead so that traffic doesn’t sneak up behind!
  • Washable Liner: ILM helmet’s liner can easily be removed and washed after a long ride to remove any odors or mold. This is an especially great feature because it prevents the growth of unpleasant smells on your head, which happens more often than you think!

Final Word

The helmet’s extensive ventilation system not only helps keep you cool but also provides a comfortable ride. Plus, the lightweight design and durability of this full face motorcycle helmet for neck pain make it an ideal choice for any road warrior on the go!

10. Most Ergonomic: LS2 Helmets Bagger Motorcycle Helmet

LS2’s Bagger Helmet is a lightweight, stylish and comfortable helmet with an ultra-lightweight fiberglass shell. The helmet includes a removable comfort liner, so you can clean it and keep it fresh like new every time!

Anthracite MetallicMatte Blue Metallic
+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXLAvailable Size: XL, XXL

LS2 Helmets Bagger Motorcycle Helmet: Technical Details

Weight3 pounds
ShieldOpen face half helmet
Fabric50% Nylon, 50% Spandex

Features and Benefits

  • Material: The outer shell of this protective gear, made from HPFC (High-Performance Fiberglass Composite) material, makes for durability while also remaining light enough. Additionally, the soft liners are removable—you can swap them out when they get dirty with ease.
  • Lock: Quick-lock technology on the underside strap of the LS2 Helmets adds another layer of security and comfort to this helmet. The easy, one-button release is excellent in that it can get you back in action quickly if need be!
  • Ventilation: The LS2 bagger is the perfect summer helmet for hot weather riding. It comes with a ton of ventilation and an open face, making this great during warm days on your bike!
  • Neck Skirt: If you are looking for a comfortable bike that will keep the cold wind from your neck, then look no further. This model comes with an attached skirt made of durable material to ease up your neck strain.

Final Word

The comfort of this helmet is perfect for those easy morning or evening commutes. Plus, the half shell design provides the coverage you need, while still ensuring that your ears stay cool on hot days!

Lightweight & Comfortable Best Motorcycle Helmet For Neck Pain – Buying Guide

Ensuring enough protection for your head is crucial while riding. But don’t overlook the importance of a comfortable helmet that keeps you away from neck pain.

Here are some key points to consider if you want a lightweight and comfortable motorcycle helmet for neck pain.

Lightweight & Comfortable Best Motorcycle Helmet For Neck Pain – Buying Guide


Though safety is the biggest concern while buying a helmet, we put weight in the first place here. This is because only a lightweight helmet can keep you comfortable during the ride.

Helmets are made of sturdy material that will protect you from severe head or neck injury. But don’t take a helmet that is way too heavy. Modern helmets mostly weigh under 2 kg.

Choose something that is lightweight, hence doesn’t put much pressure on your head or neck.


Another major factor while choosing a helmet for neck pain is the comfort level. If the helmet you are buying doesn’t fit your head comfortably, you are going to face a lot of issues with your neck afterward.


Choose something that has thick padding inside. As a result, all the parts of the helmet will touch your face and help you turn your head in any direction without any hindrance.

Head Shape

Helmets mostly come in two different shapes. One is for the oval head and the other is for the round head. So, it is crucial to determine your head shape even before you start looking for a helmet.

Head Shape

Once you know your head shape, take a helmet made for that shape so that it fits properly on your head. There should be no gap between your head and the padding of the helmet when the helmet fits properly.

Head Size

The importance of taking the right size of the helmet is as important as the previous factor. Measure your head to take a helmet that will be comfortable for you. If the helmet is too loose or tight, it can cause multiple issues including neck pain.

Make sure the helmet fits your head snugly. Insert two fingers in the gap between your head and the padding. If you can easily do that, the helmet has the right fit.

Safety Certification

Once you are totally confident about the comfort level of a helmet, put light on the safety standards of the helmet. DOT and ECE are the most common standards. These certifications ensure that the helmet is made as per standard safety regulations.

One gentle reminder. We often cheap out on motorcycle helmets. But spending some extra bucks on a certified helmet will make our rides much safer.


This is kind of related to the weight of the helmet. Modern helmets are often made of carbon fiber to reduce the weight and increase the strength of the helmet. These helmets are quite expensive but will provide great safety.


If you have no issues with the budget, consider buying one of these helmets that are made with sturdy and lightweight material.

How Can I Prevent My Neck From Hurting When I Wear A Helmet?

Follow a few simple steps to ensure your neck doesn’t hurt next time you wear a helmet.

  • Spend some time finding the right helmet according to your head shape and size. It is necessary that the helmet fits snugly on your head. If the helmet is too tight, it can hinder your head from turning. If it is too loose, the weight distribution won’t be even.
  • Choose a lightweight helmet but make sure it is sturdy enough to save you in the case of an impact. Comfortable padding is a must so that every part of the helmet touches your head.
  • Always lock the chin strap. It will ensure the helmet doesn’t come off when you are hit. It will also keep the helmet balanced on your head so that you don’t feel neck pain.

When Should You Consider A Neck Brace For Motorcycle Riding?

Neck braces usually restrict the head movement and spread any impact to save you from getting badly injured in the sternum or collarbone. But is a neck brace necessary for every rider? Let’s find out.

If you are riding a motorcycle only for daily commutes, you don’t need to wear a neck brace as it limits your head movement, hence visibility. In city traffic, you might need to turn your head a lot to get a clear view of your surroundings.

Neck braces should only be considered in the case of competitive racing. In these sports, riders usually don’t take quick turns. And they’re mostly focused on the road ahead of them. As they ride at high speed, an impact could cause deadly injuries if they don’t have enough protection. So, if you are racing on either a track or a dirt road, you can consider wearing a neck brace.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to clarify some frequently asked questions about motorcycle helmets for neck pain. Take a quick look.

Can Heavy Helmet Cause Neck Pain?

Helmets don’t have a direct relation with neck pain unless they are extremely heavy. Nowadays, we use lightweight helmets that don’t put much weight on our head or neck. So, helmets shouldn’t cause neck pain in general.

But if you buy a helmet that doesn’t fit your head properly, it can cause neck pain due to improper weight distribution. So, check that before buying.

Do Motorcycle Helmets Protect Your Neck?

Though we use helmets mainly to protect our head from injuries, these can also protect our neck or cervical spine. A team of researchers showed in a paper published in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine that, the risk of getting a cervical spine injury is doubled when you don’t wear a helmet.

So, it is clear that helmets protect our necks from severe injuries.

Are Road Bikes Bad for Your Neck?

Riding a road bike is not that bad for your neck. But if you ride with the wrong posture for a long time, it can affect your neck a lot. Follow proper posture and riding techniques to keep away from neck pain or other issues.

Do Motocross Riders Wear Neck Braces?

Wearing neck braces is common among motocross riders. It is a piece of important safety equipment in this dangerous game. But not all motocross riders wear neck braces. While some suggest wearing braces, some others prefer to avoid neck braces as it limits their head movement and visibility.

It goes down to one’s preference to wear neck braces or not. But in most cases, motocross riders wear neck braces for additional safety.

Can a Helmet Break Your Neck?

There is a common myth that you can face severe neck injuries if you wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle. But this isn’t true at all. If you choose the right helmet in terms of shape and other aspects, you are most likely to survive an accident with no severe head or neck injury.

Final Thoughts

Expert reviews may convince you in many cases. But sometimes they confuse you as well. If you are still confused about which helmet to buy, here is a quick suggestion from our side.

TORC T1 is made of a carbon fiber shell, so it’s extremely lightweight and durable. The inner lining is very comfortable for long rides. And the chin strap will keep the helmet in place to protect your head and neck from severe injuries.

With all modern safety features combined with comfort, TORC T1 is the best motorcycle helmet for neck pain.

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