7 Best Long Oval Motorcycle Helmet in 2024(Updated List)

Getting the best long oval motorcycle helmet can be pretty tricky since it’s not an average head shape. And many narrow-headed individuals find the purchasing process difficult as they don’t find an appropriate buying guide.

In that case, you’re lucky as you just landed at the right place. Here you can explore the seven best helmets for long oval head shapes with detailed information on highlighted features and functions.

This in-depth review will guide you and save you from making a wrong purchase. So simply dive into this comprehensive guide, and don’t forget to check out the individual review of each helmet.

Best for Fit
LS2 Helmets Full Face Stream Street Helmet
LS2 Helmets Full Face Stream Street Helmet
  • Long oval-shaped helmet with more room in the front to back.
  • Made with an impact-absorbing polycarbonate shell.
  • From X-Small to  XX-Large available in all sizes.
  • Multiple adjustable vents.
  • Washable interior system.
  • Adjustable and comfortable chin strap.
  • DOT approved.
Best For Overall Performance
Arai Signet-X Solid ’20 Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet
Arai Signet-X Solid ’20 Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet
  • DOT certified helmet with long oval head shape design.
  • From XS to XXL, available in all sizes.
  • The shell is made with strong and impact-resistant peripherally belted.
  • It has an adjustable temple padding system.
  • Adjustable vents to ensure good airflow.
  • Anti fog and scratch-resistant visor.
Best For Affordability
LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet
LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet
  • DOT-approved and affordable long oval head shape helmet.
  • Available in two different shell sizes.
  • Made with high-pressure thermoplastic technology, which is high impact resistant.
  • Removable and washable interior.
  • Anti-fog and scratch visor.
  •  Adjustable ventilation ports.

What Is Long Oval Head Shape?

People have three primary head shapes: round, intermediate, and long oval. The intermediate oval is the most common one, whereas the long oval is the opposite. A long head shape means an individual with significantly longer front to back. Or, if you want to know about it more elaborately, a long oval head means someone’s front-to-back dimensions are markedly longer than the side-to-side dimensions.

What Is Long Oval Head Shape

And as a motorcycle rider, it’s always necessary to determine the head shape to get the right helmet that fits appropriately. Additionally, not choosing a helmet according to the head shape can lead to discomfort, threaten your safety, provide the worst riding experience, and so on.

How Does A Long Oval Motorcycle Helmet Work?

Whether you have a round or long oval head, all helmets serve one particular purpose, which is safety. Safety is the primary concern while riding any vehicle, including a motorcycle on the road. Well, wearing a helmet according to head shape will protect the rider’s skull as well as upper and mid facial areas during crashes. A helmet reduces impact through the outer shell and inside foam.

How Does A Long Oval Motorcycle Helmet Work

In short, a helmet will help to break up the force of impact, which trims the force applied to the head. The right-fitting headgear will absorb impact energy and reduce the force transmitted to the head.

Table Of Content:

Want to know what we’ve included and discussed throughout this buying guide? In that case, follow the below-included table of content to get a brief idea of what you’re getting from this article:

7 Best Long Oval Motorcycle Helmet Reviews 2023

Since your head shape is a long oval, you should know about the best long oval motorcycle helmets while getting one. Therefore, we researched and shorted out the seven most promising ones. Check out their in-depth reviews below:

Best Long Oval Motorcycle Helmet

LS2 Helmets Full Face Stream Street Helmet

LS2 Stream Street Helmet will be a worthy investment if you want a fully-featured rock-solid helmet as a long oval head individual. The polycarbonate shell construction makes this helmet lightweight, high impact resistance, and durable. On the other hand, washable interior, adjustable vents, and availability in different sizes make it super comfortable.

+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: X-Small, S , M , L , XL, XXLAvailable Size: X-Small, S , M , L , XL, XXL

LS2 Stream Street Helmet Features & Benefits

  • Accurate Fit: Say goodbye to fitting issues as LS2 Stream Street Helmet perfectly fits all long oval head individuals. This helmet’s inner space is engineered with a thinner and narrow shape that offers comfort with no hot spot issues. Additionally, it’s available in one shell size within the full-size range (X-Small- XX-Large.)
  • Shell Construction: The shell construction of this full-face helmet will surely impress you as it’s made with a high-quality polycarbonate shell and dual-density EPS liner. Polycarbonate is among the top-quality materials known for being strong, durable, and high-impact-resistant. Moreover, the EPS liner reduces deceleration forces as well as compresses in an impact.
  • Removable And Washable Interior: LS2 Stream Street Helmet is designed with a removable and washable interior, which helps to keep the interior clean, fresh, odor-free. Here you’ll find moisture-wicking fabric liner as well as 3D laser-cut cheek pads that ensure supreme comfort. This means you can keep the helmet interior completely hypoallergenic.
  • Adjustable Vents: As we’ve already said, it’s a feature-packed helmet, and here you’ll get adjustable vents that can be operated with even gloves. To ensure utmost comfort, this helmet has multiple intakes as well as exhaust vents and flow-through ventilation with ported EPS. This level of ventilation will ensure you’re getting supreme comfort during riding.
  • Dual Visor: The dual visor is what makes this LS2 helmet stand out. It has an inner smoke visor and also anti-scratch as well as a fog-resistant outer visor. Both visors will protect you from sunlight, harmful UV rays, as well as mother nature while riding. Moreover, both inner and outer visors are removable and replaceable.
  • Chin Strap: LS2 Stream Street Helmet includes a quick-release chin strap to make the helmet put on and off system convenient. This helmet has a unique micrometric ratchet. This strap mechanism is perfectly good that holds the helmet steady without creating any annoying tilting issues.
  • Dot Certified: No unique features will be worthy if the helmet is not certified. In that case, you’ll be happy to know that LS2 Stream Street Helmet meets or exceeds DOT FMVSS 218 as well as ECE 22.05. Therefore, you can ride the bike on any road without being worried about safety issues.
 Brand LS2
 Color Black
 ‎Weight 4.8 Pounds
 Recommended Uses For Product Street-sport-motorcycles, Scooter, Street Bike
 Safety Rating DOT approved

Why you should buy it?

LS2 Stream Street Helmet will fit you perfectly as it’s manufactured with keeping the long oval head shape in mind. It’ll be a great purchase since it has top-notch features like several color patterns, DOT approval, high-quality material, dual visor, and so on.

LS2 Helmets Unisex-Adult Line Hi Viz Helmet

LS2 Hi Viz Helmet is a DOT-approved, aerodynamic, and long oval-shaped helmet that comes with a badass design. It’s a feature-packed modular helmet made with super light, impact-resistant KPA. This helmet also offers a washable interior to keep the inner space fresh, odor-free. On the other hand, multiple vents and channel EPS liner ensure supreme comfort.

+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: SmallAvailable Size: Small

LS2 Helmets Unisex-Adult Line Hi Viz Helmet Features & Benefits

  • Supreme Fitment: If you want a tech-savvy helmet with an adequate fit, try LS2 Hi Viz Helmet. It’s a sport-oriented helmet engineered with a long oval head shape with more space in the front and back. Moreover, the availability in 2 shell sizes with a full-size range of XXS to 3XL ensures utmost fitment.
  • Shell Material: The combination of polycarbonate, thermoplastic and other fibers or KPA is what makes this modular helmet super solid and durable. This material is super strong, lightweight, and highly impact-resistant. Additionally, this helmet has a multi-density EPS inner shell that absorbs impacts efficiently.
  • Antibacterial Interior: If you always want to keep the interior of your helmet fresh, clean, and hypoallergenic, then you’ll love this modular helmet. It has a discussible and washable lining and a pair of laser-cut cheek pads. Since the interior is washable, you can easily keep the comfort liner fresh, odor-free, and hypoallergenic.
  • Adjustable Ventilation: Multiple vents in the top, chin, side, and back make LS2 Hi Viz Helmet super comfortable. Alongside these, this helmet also has channeled EPS linked with exhaust ports. And having this form of ventilation system means the interior will always remain cool, which ensures the rider’s comfort.
  • Face Shield: A high-quality face shield mechanism makes this LS2 helmet perfect for those who want a fully-featured modular helmet. This helmet has a twin visor, including an inner drop-down sun shield and an outer visor. The two visor systems work perfectly by protecting your eyes and face from mother nature, and they are both fog as well as scratch-resistant.
  • Reinforced Chin Strap: Chin strap is also an essential aspect that helps keep the helmet steady as well as ensures comfort. LS2 Hi Viz Helmet comes with a reinforced chin strap that is also good for quick release. The strap comes with a soft fabric covering that reduces all types of chafing issues on your chin.
  • Safety Requirements: If you’re concerned about the safety issues of this modular helmet, you better stop worrying about it. This LS2 modular helmet comes with DOT certification. Since this helmet meets and exceeds DOT standards, it’ll keep your skull safe and impact-free during unfortunate incidents.
 Brand LS2 Helmets
 Color Line Hi Viz
 Recommended Uses For Product Street-sport-motorcycles, Off-Road Bike, Street Bike
 ‎Weight 4 Pounds
 Safety Rating DOT approved

Why you should buy it?

LS2 Hi Viz Helmet will be an excellent choice for those who have a long oval head shape. This modular helmet’s go-to features like availability in all sizes, impact resistance shell, washable interior, adjustable ventilation will surely impress any motorbike rider.

LS2 Helmets Modular Strobe Helmet

If you have a slightly different head shape or a much longer and narrower head, go for LS2 Modular Strobe Helmet. It’s made with a polycarbonate shell that is strong, lightweight, and impact resistant. Additionally, this DOT-approved, dual visor modular helmet also comes with two shell sizes with a full series of X-Small to 3X to ensure a comfortable fit.

+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: X-Small, S , M , L , XL, XXL, 3XLAvailable Size: X-Small, S , M , L , XL, XXL, 3XL

LS2 Modular Helmet Features & Benefits

  • Comfortable Fit: LS2 Modular Strobe Helmet is an aggressive look helmet that offers supreme fit to long oval-headed individuals. It comes with a narrow interior shape which provides more forehead space and less width from ear to ear. This inner space is perfectly good to ensure a snug fit for those with narrow heads.
  • Build Quality: When you want a lightweight modular helmet that is super strong and impact-resistant, this LS2 helmet is for you. Its outer shell is made with polycarbonate which makes this headgear lightweight (4 Pounds.) This helmet also has a well-channeled EPS liner inside that extremely absorbs impacts and ensures comfort.
  • Interior: The interior of this LS2 modular helmet is removable, and you can remove the entire interior to keep it clean and fresh. The comfort liner is made from breathable and hypoallergenic fabrics. And since the whole interior is washable, you can keep the inner space clean, fresh, and odor-free.
  • Adjustable Vents: Adjustable vents are one of the things that contribute to making any helmet comfortable. This modular helmet comes with multiple adjustable vents, including intake and exhaust vents. The vents are linked with the internal EPS liner to bring air in and out throughout the skull.
  • Dual Visor: You’ll get a unique dual visor (inner and outer visor) on this LS2 modular helmet that ensures supreme visibility. The drop-down sun visor will let you protect your eyes from the sun, while the outer visor will keep you safe from mother nature. Additionally, the outer shell is UV, scratch, and fog-resistant.
  • Adjustable Strap: An adjustable strap is what allows making a snug fit. That means you can easily wear the helmet and adjust the strap to ensure a snug fit. Moreover, you can also easily put on and off the helmet without any hassle.
  • Safety: Having a helmet with a lot of features will add no value if the helmet is not DOT certified. Before making a purchase, don’t forget to check the safety requirements, and LS2 Modular Strobe Helmet has DOT certification. Alongside DOT, this modular helmet also has an ECE 22.05 certification as well.
 Brand LS2
 Color Black
 Recommended Uses For Product Motorcycling
 Weight 4 Pounds
 Safety Rating DOT certified

Why you should buy it?

LS2 Modular Strobe Helmet can really be a worthy investment if your head shape is long oval. It has a polycarbonate shell, removable as well as washable interior, adjustable vents, dual visor, DOT certification, and so on.

Arai Signet-X Solid ’20 Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet

Meet Arai Signet-X Solid Helmet that is manufactured with exceptional performance and quality. It comes with a long oval head shape and is made with a PB-SCLC shell, which is highly impact-resistance. Additionally, this helmet is packed with a benchmark in comfort that is ensured by adjustable vents, washable interior, creating less noise issues, and so on.

+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: S , M , L , XL, XXLAvailable Size: S , M , L , XL, XXL

Arai Signet-X Helmet Features & Benefits

  • Pointful Fit: Arai Signet-X is a premium quality helmet specifically manufactured for riders who have long oval head shapes. This helmet comes in XS-XXL sizes, and all of them come with more room in the forehead and less room for the ear area. Moreover, if you want a helmet with a pointful fit as well as a classic look, this helmet is good to go.
  • Build Construction: The construction of this Arai Signet-X Solid Helmet is something that will surely attract your attention. Its shell is made with PB-CLC or Peripherally Belted, which is exceptionally known for being impact-resistant and robust. However, Peripherally Belted means a combination of multiple materials and techniques that ensure high output.
  • Interior: Arai Signet-X Solid Helmet comes with a unique custom-fit or adjustable temple padding system. The adjustable system allows the rider to adjust the comfort liner according to the head size. Moreover, the interior is made with odor-resistant material that is also removable and washable.
  • Solid Ventilation System: All the Arai helmets come with a supreme ventilation system, and so does this Signet-X helmet. This helmet comes with multiple vents in the chin, top, and back and all the intake vents are adjustable. You’ll also find additional exhaust channels, which help to remove interior moisture and heat.
  • Visor: Easy removal visor is also one of the unique sides of the high-performance helmet. Arai Signet-X Solid Helmet offers a nice and compact visor to ensure all-season visibility. The visor has a pinlock system, and it’s also scratch as well as fog-resistant. Moreover, this helmet also has a quick-release lever for the face shield and side pod.
  • Safety Requirement: Like all other Arai helmets, this full-face helmet also has the best safety standard. Arai Signet-X Solid Helmet meets or exceeds DOT standards and also has Snell 2020 certification. And having these safety standards means this helmet is safe to wear and ride a bike on the US roads.
 Brand Arai
 Color Aluminum Silver
 Recommended Uses For Product Motorcycling
 ‎Weight 16 Pounds
 Safety Rating DOT standards and Snell 2020 certification

Why you should buy it?

This helmet may be a little expensive, but its high-end features and supreme fit for a long oval head shape will be worth your investment. Its high-quality Peripherally Belted shell material, fog-resistant visor, washable and adjustable interior, multiple vents make this helmet worthy.

LS2 Helmets Full Face Street Citation Evo Helmet

If you want a long oval head-shaped helmet that offers incredible protection, you can try LS2 Street Citation Evo Helmet. It’s manufactured with HPFC, which makes the helmet lightweight, robust, and impact absorbing. This helmet also has a multi-density EPS liner that ensures supreme protection and effectively reduces impact issues.

+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: X-Small, S , M , L , XL, XXL, 3XLAvailable Size: X-Small, S , M , L , XL, XXL, 3XL

LS2 Street Citation Helmet Features & Benefits

  • Size And Shape: LS2 Street Citation Evo comes with a long oval head form with 3 helmet shell sizes (XS-SM, MD-LG, and XL-3XL.) Alongside offering three shell sizes, this helmet also comes with the full-size range, including X-Small to 3X-Large. Having all the sizes and more space in the forehead area makes this helmet worthy for long oval head-shaped riders.
  • Shell Material: When it’s about shell material, this helmet of LS2 will surely attract your attention. LS2 Helmets Street Citation Evo is manufactured with HPFC or High-performance Fiberglass Composite shell, which is high impact resistant and lightweight. Moreover, this helmet has a multi-density EPS liner, and this inner liner does a great job absorbing amounts of impact.
  • Visor: To ensure maximum visibility, you’ll get a dual visor (drop-down sun visor and outer visor) in this LS2 helmet. The drop-down sun visor will protect your eyes from sunlight. On the other hand, the outer visor will keep your face protected from mother nature, which is also fog, scratch, and UV resistant.
  • Good Ventilation: Channeled EPS, top vent, chin vent, and exhaust port make this LS2 helmet a great choice for quality ventilation support. The chin and top come with a two-position slider system that can be operated with gloves. Its single crown vent flows air through the skull with the help of EPS channels.
  • Comfort: Looking for a helmet that ensures utmost comfort? In that case, you can go for LS2 Helmets Street Citation Evo, which has a removable and washable interior. The washable system makes the helmet’s interior odor-free as well as hypoallergenic. Alongside the removable interior, this helmet has comfortable laser-cut foam and a chin curtain.
  • Security: The security system could be a major concern. In that case, the LS2 Street Citation Evo helmet walks two steps ahead. This helmet has a micrometric buckle, reinforced chin strap, and neck roll to ensure safety. And these features work great by holding the helmet appropriately in order to reduce rolling-off issues.
  • Safety: Once you wear the LS2 Helmets Street Citation Evo, you will not need to worry about your safety issues. This helmet is DOT certified, which means it’s completely safe to wear and ride motorbikes in the USA. DOT certification also ensures that this helmet will keep you protected during impacts.
 Brand LS2
 Color Carbon Fiber Wide Weave
 Recommended Uses For Product Motorcycling
 ‎Weight 4 Pounds
 Safety Rating DOT approved

Why you should buy it?

If you’re looking for a lightweight, slightly narrow-shaped helmet at a modest price, go for  LS2 Street Citation Evo. This helmet would be a great option as it has a top-notch protection system with HPFC made shell, adjustable ventilation, washable interior, and DOT certification.

LS2 Helmets Full Face Rapid Street Helmet

If your head is a little longer front to back than from side to side, LS2 Rapid Street Helmet would be the perfect pick. It’s an affordable helmet that comes with 2 shells sizes within the full-size range, including 3X-Large to XX-Large, which trims fitting issues. Additionally, this helmet is made with HTTP and multi-density EPS liner, making the helmet reliable for impact-resistant.

+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: X-Small, S , M , L , XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XLAvailable Size: X-Small, S , M , L , XL, XXL, 3XL, 4XL

LS2 Rapid Street Helmet Features & Benefits

  • Budget-friendly and Proper Fit: LS2 Rapid Street Helmet is a budget-friendly helmet with a below 100 dollar tag. It’s a long oval-shaped helmet that has three shell sizes within the full-size range. Availability in multiple sizes ensures an optimal fit as this helmet already comes with more room in the front to back than the side to side.
  • Build Material: The shell construction of the LS2 helmet is robust, durable, and ensures high energy resistance. This headgear is manufactured with HTTP or High-Pressure Thermoplastic Technology in the outer shell and multi-density EPS in the inner side. These two materials are among the high-quality materials that effectively keep the rider safe during incidents.
  • Washable Interior: Washable interior, laser-cut cheek pads are tough to find in helmets with below 100 dollar price tag. In that case, LS2 Rapid Street Helmet will fulfill your expectations. It has a fully removable and replaceable interior so that you wash the interior to keep it clean and hypoallergenic.
  • Anti-scratch Visor: LS2 visors are made with optically correct A class Polycarbonate, and the same goes with this helmet. This helmet ensures maximum visibility with a lot of features like a pinlock and quick release system. The visor is also harmful UV rays as well as scratch-resistant.
  • Adjustable Ventilation: A true helmet should come with multiple adjustable vents systems. In that case, LS2 Rapid Street Helmet stays in the top with various vents as well as a channeled EPS system. The competent ventilation system and EPS channels will help to keep the interior cool by blowing the moisture and heat through dynamic flow-through ventilation.
  • DOT Approved: This LS2 helmet does come with a DOT sticker in the back, which means it’s DOT approved. DOT certification is crucial for every helmet as it ensures the helmet is safe enough to wear and protect you from all types of incidents.
 Brand LS2
 Color Crypt
 Recommended Uses For Product Motorcycling
 ‎Weight 4 Pounds
 Safety Rating DOT approved, Meets the FMVSS 218 Standard

Why you should buy it?

DOT approval, affordability, and high-quality structure material make this LS2 helmet perfect for long oval head shape individuals. Moreover, this helmet’s adjustable vents and washable liner system will surely impress you.

LS2 Helmets Arrow Carbon Evo Helmet

Go for LS2 Arrow Carbon Evo if you’re looking to find a full-face DOT-approved helmet that comes with an aggressive look. It’s a good quality helmet that comes with an aerodynamic shell shape that is made of kevlar carbon fiber. This material is solid, durable, and, most importantly, high impact resistance.

+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: X-Small, S , M , L , XL, XXLAvailable Size: X-Small, S , M , L , XL, XXL

LS2 Arrow Carbon Helmet Features & Benefits

  • Size Option: LS2 Arrow Carbon Evo is a comfortable, lightweight, and aerodynamic-shaped helmet that comes in 3 shell sizes. It also offers a full-size range (XXS-XXL) that are constructed with more space from the front to back and less space from ear to ear. And this sizing dimension ensures a suitable fit for long oval head shape riders.
  • Incredible Build: The use of Kevlar carbon fiber in the shell makes this LS2 helmet one of the robust, lightweight, and durable helmets. This material is incredibly strong, which also offers supreme protection against impact. Moreover, the inner multi-density EPS liner adds an additional protection level by keeping the rider well and secure.
  • Antibacterial Interior: Like other LS2 models, this LS2 Arrow Carbon Evo also has an antibacterial interior system. Antibacterial interior means the comfort liner and cheek pads of this LS2 helmet are entirely removable, moisture-wicking, and washable. The washing facility will help you to keep the helmet hypoallergenic, odor-free, and fresh as new.
  • Impact-Resistant Visor: The visor is one of the essential aspects of any helmet as it ensures effortless and maximum visibility. The LS2 Arrow Carbon Evo helmet is made with A-Class polycarbonate that effectively absorbs high impact. Alongside being strong, the visor is also UV, fog as well as scratch-resistant.
  • Superb Vent Option: You should have no complaints about the ventilation system of this LS2 helmet. Well, this LS2 helmet comes with a ventilation system in the chin, top, and back. Moreover, this headgear also has channeled EPS as well. And these ventilation systems ensure great comfort by keeping the interior cool.
  • Dot-Certified: LS2 Arrow Carbon Evo helmet comes with the best safety certification, which is DOT. Having DOT approval means the helmet is safe to ride a motorbike in the US, and it’ll keep you safe from impact.
 Brand LS2
 Color Krome
 Recommended Uses For Product Motorcycling
 ‎Weight 3.6 Pounds
 Safety Rating Dot-Certified

Why you should buy it?

Today get the LS2 Arrow Carbon Evo helmet if your head is slightly narrow and looking for a premium quality helmet. Its features like different shell sizes, washable interior, adjustable vents, the high-quality visor will surely impress you and fulfill your needs.

Benefit Of Long Oval Motorcycle Helmet

We all know the benefit of wearing a helmet but do you want to know the benefit of a long oval motorcycle helmet? As a long oval-headed individual, if you’re concerned about benefits, check out the section below:

Benefit Of Long Oval Motorcycle Helmet

Supreme Protection

If you have a long oval head, the core benefit you’ll get from a long oval helmet is supreme protection. Not wearing a helmet according to the head shape is the most common reason for injuries during impacts.


No matter what your head shape is, not wearing a helmet with the appropriate size and shape will lead to discomfort. Wearing the wrong type of helmet can make it waft around during high speed, threatening the safety and highly annoying.

Snug Fit

A snug fit is not only necessary; it’s mandatory, which ensures safety and comfort. A helmet that doesn’t fit perfectly leads to comfort issues and creates neck pain issues. Moreover, not wearing a helmet according to shape and size is the core reason to feel fatigued.

No Pressure Point Issue

Wearing a helmet that is too tight or doesn’t fit properly is what triggers the pressure point issues. Having muscle strain or neck or shoulder pain is also a reason not to wear a perfectly fitted helmet.

Absorbs Impact

You cannot expect that a helmet will protect you during an impact that doesn’t fit properly. Using the wrong type of helmet will not absorb any impact, which will definitely lead to issues with your skull.

How Do I Choose The Best Long Oval Motorcycle Helmet?

There are a bunch of things you need to consider while getting your brand-new helmet, especially when you have a long oval-shaped head. And you can discover those considerable aspects from below that ensure you are getting the right one. Have a look:

How Do I Choose The Best Long Oval Motorcycle Helmet

Size & Shape

Before getting a helmet, the first thing you have to do is ensure the proper size and shape. Make sure the helmet has more room in the front to back and less room in the side to side. Besides long oval shape, ensure that the helmet is available in a couple of shell sizes within the full-size range.

Build Quality

If the helmet shell is not made with quality material, it’ll not provide enough protection during impacts. And it’ll be better to choose a helmet that’s shell is manufactured with polycarbonate, KPA, or Peripherally Belted. Also, make sure the helmet has a multi-density EPS liner inside.

Build Quality


The interior should be made with removable and washable facilities that make the inside atmosphere clean and fresh as new. The washing facility will also help keep the interior hypoallergenic, odor-free, and antibacterial.


While selecting a perfect helmet for a long oval head shape individual, choose one with multiple adjustable ventilation systems. Alongside ensuring multiple adjustable vents, the helmet also has internal EPS channels linked with exhaust vents. This advanced ventilation will keep the interior cool and comfortable.



The visor is also a crucial aspect that ensures effortless and easy visibility. And it’s better to choose a helmet whose visor is UV, fog, and of course, scratch-resistant. It’ll be better to get a helmet with an easy visor removable system as well.


Chin Strap

Well padded and quick-release chin strap is one of the essential things that require a lot of attention. It does a great job by ensuring a snug fit as well as keeping the helmet in place. Moreover, the quick release system allows the rider to put on and off the helmet effortlessly.

Safety Certificate

No matter if you like modular or full-face helmets, it’s always mandatory to get a helmet with proper safety certification. Always try to get a helmet with DOT certification, which means the helmet is safe to wear and keeps you safe from impacts.

Other Features

There are some other features that you can look at while getting a helmet as a long oval head-shaped individual. Here are some of them:

  • Design, look, and graphic work
  • Neck roll
  • Speaker pocket
  • Breath deflector
  • Chin curtain

Frequently Asked Questions

Since you have a unique or long oval-shaped head, getting curious while selecting a helmet that fits properly is common. And to clear your thoughts, you can check out this FAQ section, where we’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions:

How Do You Know If Your Head Is Long Oval?

Not sure about your head shape? Take a measuring tape and simply measure from front to back and side to side. And if your head’s front to back dimension is narrower than the side to side dimension, your head shape is long oval.

Which Is Better: Full-Face Or Modular Helmets?

Full-face or modular helmets are a notably safer type of helmet that keeps the rider safe from impact. However, if you compare the safety measurements of both of them, a full-face helmet is safer and ensures utmost protection.

Why I’m Suffering From Pressure Point Issues?

We all know that a helmet must provide a snug fit which leads to both comfort and safety. And, it’s pretty much likely you’re going to suffer from pressure point issues if the helmet is too tight. Wearing a small-sized helmet will trigger pressure point issues.

Why Is DOT Approbation Mandatory?

Having DOT approval means the helmet is designed in a manner that will keep you well protected during most motorcycle crash impacts. The DOT approbation ensures that the helmet is safe to wear on America’s roads and highways.


As you can see, selecting the best long oval motorcycle helmet is not a huge task. And all you have to do is follow the appropriate guidance as we have included above. The above is an overview of some quality helmets that work well and protect superbly.

However, if you’re still struggling to select the perfect one among these best helmets, we recommend Arai Signet-X Solid ’20 Adult Street Helmet. It’s a long oval head-shaped helmet packed with all the regular and advanced helmet features.

Additionally, it’s Peripherally Belted made shell, removable, adjustable, washable interior, adjustable ventilation, and DOT certification make it worth investing.

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