9 Best Helmet for Drag Racing in 2024 (In-Depth Guide)

Drag racing is a sport where the rider drives a car or motorcycle faster than what is allowed by the public road rules. Every participant of this game drives a vehicle at more than 100 mph. In this short street race, an accident can occur anytime due to the high speed.

In order to ensure head safety, investing in the best helmet for drag racing is a paramount and foremost decision. These helmets also protect the rider’s head and full-face in multiple road racing competitions. They also have premium cushioning to comfort you when riding rigorously.

Due to so many available models from leading manufacturers, selecting reliable helmets for drag racing is tough. In this guide, we shortlisted 9 drag racing helmets for your convenience.

We have discussed each detail a drag racing helmet possesses. Thus, choosing the right helmet for your next race will be quite convenient.

9 Best Helmet for Drag Racing Reviews 2023

We have discussed each detail a drag racing helmet possesses. Thus, choosing the right helmet for your next race will be quite convenient.

Best Helmet for Drag Racing

1. Best Overall: RaceQuip Full Face PRO20 Series Helmet

Lightweight, solid and reliable – the RaceQuip Full Face PRO20 Series Helmet is the combination of these features. It is designed following modern production techniques, giving your head complete protection in drag racing. The outer shell is manufactured using composite material to resist high pressure during an accident.

+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: X-Small, S , M , L , XL, XXLAvailable Size: X-Small, S , M , L , XL, XXL

Technical Details of RaceQuip PRO20 Series Helmet

Outer MaterialPolycarbonate
Inner MaterialExpanded Polystyrene
Safety RatingSnell SA2020 Rated
Item Weight6.5 lbs.
Vehicle Service TypeAutomobile

Features & Benefits

  • Snell SA2020 Rated: Snell SA 2020 is the latest standard to check the helmet shell’s stringent requirement for impact testing. This certification makes the helmet suitable for drag racing. Due to the Snell rating, the Kevlar chin strap, paint, and interior become fire retardant. So, you can use it for a wide range of motorsports. This helmet will protect your head and face from fire if an accidental fire incident happens when you are driving.
  • HANS / HNR M6 Threaded Inserts: Outside of the headgear is equipped with HANS / HNR M6 Threaded Inserts. The mounting head and neck (HANS) device will be effortless due to the HANS inserts. The HANS device generally performs as an airbag. It consists of 2 polyester fabric tethers and a raised collar, steadily securing the driver’s head. Also, HANS prevents basilar structure fracture by maximizing the protection level.
  • Polycarbonate Low Fog Shield: The shield has a thin coating, minimizing light distortion to give you fog-free vision. When riding in the rain, you will have trouble-free vision, day and night. The fog shield also blocks the harmful glare of sunlight. Moreover, polycarbonate is a scratch-resistant material, keeping the shield scratch-free to give you clear vision.
  • Blended Nomex Interior: Nomex is a flame-resistant, heat-resistant, and electrically insulating material. At the same time, this helmet is more durable enough than conventional helmets. Caring and maintaining the interior is a breeze for the Nomex interior. You can wash it using warm soapy water for the longevity of the interior. Its durable construction and ease of use feature let you work with it for several days.
  • Fire Retardant Paint: Fire can’t harm you when you have this unit on your head. The paint is also fire-resistant. This means fire can’t put single damage on the helmet, giving you total freedom to wear it in any sport. The paint creates an additional protection layer, limiting the spreading of fire.
  • Sleek Aero Design: Undoubtedly, a sleek aero-designed helmet increases the efficiency of its wearer. The design helps the helmet in reducing wind resistance. At the same time, after wearing this helmet, you will experience less pull and drag when in racing. As a result, you can go faster and beat your contenders. For a slower rider, this feature is much more beneficial. This feature minimizes the amount of effort you need to be a champion.
  • Multiple Vents: You will find exhaust vents in the back and on the top of the helmet. These vents keep your scalp cool as cool water enters through the top vents, and hot air gets released via the rear exhaust vents. Also, fog or moisture can’t buildup in the face shield as cool air constantly flows throughout the helmet inside.

2. Best for Reliability: Conquer Full Face Drag Racing Helmet

Drag racers who want complete head coverage will love the Conquer Full Face Drag Racing Helmet. An excellent choice for any rider, preferring a reliable and rugged helmet. The aerodynamic construction means that it will not put pressure on any parts of your head and face. It fully complies with SNELL SA2020 certification and is approved for all major racing competitions.

Technical Details of Conquer Full Face Helmet

Outer MaterialCarbon Type
Inner MaterialFire Retardant Fabric
Item Weight4.84 lbs.
Safety RatingSNELL SA2020 Certified
Vehicle Service TypeAutomobile

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Composite Shell Construction: Carbon fiber composite shell offers several benefits like high strength, steady physical properties, lightweight, excellent durability, and corrosion-proof. For its construction, it has a very high strength-to-weight ratio. It means carbon fiber doesn’t bog down like other materials, making it suitable for drag racing. Wearing the helmet is comfortable and prioritizes safety above everything.
  • Fire Retardant Padded Interior: A fire retardant fabric is a specially treated fabric that blocks fire spreading. If your car or motorcycle catches fire in the worst-case scenario, your head will be well-protected. This fabric type stops fire from starting and spreading. At the same time, the interior adds a cushion to your head. This means, after wearing the helmet, you will rarely experience discomfort.
  • Removable Cheek Pads: Another benefit of this helmet is easy to remove cheek pads. This way, you can adjust the interior according to your comfort level. Also, cleaning becomes easier, preventing odor buildup. More importantly, you can customize the helmet as per different head shapes. The cheek pads help the helmet in position on your head. Even during an event of side impacts, the helmet will remain stable.
  • 3mm Anti-scratch, flame-resistant Shield: The padded interior and the face shield also come with a flame-resistant feature. The feature allows an individual to be rescued with minimal or no facial injuries. The face shield quality is impressive with a 3mm thickness and anti-scratch feature. A heavy impact can’t break the shield. Also, stones, pebbles, dust, dirt can’t put any scratch on the visor. More importantly, the shield doesn’t block your visibility. Instead, you will always get a better and clear vision.
  • HANS Threaded Insert: Install head and neck safety device taking assistance from its HANS threaded insert. With a HANS device installed, your helmet will give you ultimate protection. Also, your head will not whip forward during a crash, minimizing potential injury in the neck and head. In fact, the HANS device offers life-saving benefits.
  • Airflow Venting: This helmet consists of enough ports for sufficient airflow. In the chin area, there are 5 ports, and on the top, 3 vents are available. All the ports are technically designed to ensure enough airflow throughout your head and face. So, while drag racing, you can concentrate on the race without getting disturbed by sweat. Enough air also prevents fog and moisture buildup, giving you clear vision when riding at high speed.

3. Best Full-face: Conquer SNELL SA2020 Full Face Auto Racing Helmet

If you are looking for a trustworthy, sturdy, safe drag racing helmet, buy the Conquer SNELL SA2020 Full Face Auto Racing Helmet. With its impressive construction, the helmet is approved by SNELL SA2020. Thus, you can wear it in different racing sports without hesitation. It fits easily on different head sizes and shapes. Also, the helmet comfortably withstands wear and tear.

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Available Size: S , M , L , XLAvailable Size: S , M , L , XL

Technical Details of Conquer SNELL SA2020 Helmet

Outer MaterialFiberglass
Inner MaterialFire Retardant Fabric
Item Weight6.59 lbs.
Safety RatingSNELL SA2020 Certified
Vehicle Service TypeAutomobile

Features & Benefits

  • Fiberglass Composite Shell: Fiberglass is a solid and ready-to-be raced with the material. For its fiberglass construction, it won’t let you break your bank. Fiberglass consumes hard impact quite efficiently due to its ability to absorb sudden shock. It allows shock waves to be spread out more evenly across the helmet. This helmet resists hard crashes and minimizes fatal injury, suitable for high-intensity racers. Fiberglass is a combination of hardness and flexibility. The greater flexibility spreads an impact into the helmet shell evenly.
  • Fire Retardant Interior: Drag racers drive cars or motorcycles at high speed. Situations can go out of hand with a slight mistake. For this reason, fire incidents are quite common during drag racing. This helmet is equipped with fire retardant fabric to keep the rider safe from fire. This fabric type prevents fire from the beginning and spreading. Moreover, the interior is smartly manufactured to provide superior comfort and better durability and breathability.
  • Lightweight Construction: The helmet is extremely light on the head for being constructed with fiberglass. Don’t think that lightweight means it doesn’t provide your face and head the necessary protection. It is efficient enough in protecting your head in all situations. Due to its light characteristics, there will be no pressure points after wearing it. This means you can wear it for long-distance riding without feeling fatigued in the neck or shoulder.
  • 3mm Thick Shield: The quality of the face shield offers several advantages with its 3mm thickness and fire-resistant feature. Undoubtedly, these 2 features make it ideal for drag racers and adventure lovers. The included shield is pretty clear and transparent, providing a wide view of the racing area. Moreover, it is pretty flexible to open and close, even wearing racing gloves. the 3mm thick shell is relatively light and very strong to resist the impacts of stones or pebbles.
  • SNELL SA2020 Certified: Conquer Full Face helmet is manufactured and designed for drag racing in mind. That is why it meets and exceeds SNELL SA2020 certification. This certification confirms that the helmet can stay on the rider’s head safely in different environmental conditions – heat, wet, cold, ambient, etc. SNELL tests include impact-resistant, chin bar test, penetration resistance, the performance of the retention strap in different circumstances. Passing all the tests means this helmet can be used in all types of high-speed racing competitions.
  • HANS Threaded Inserts: To ensure 100% safety during drag racing, the helmet features HANS threaded inserts. With a HANS device, your helmet will be tethered in place. When a HANS device is inserted in the helmet, your head will never whip forward in a crash.

4. Best for Closed Cockpit Racecar: RaceQuip OF20 Open Face Helmet

The RaceQuip OF20 Open Face Helmet offers more than safety and protection for pros by name and nature. This SNELL SA2020 helmet has everything to meet a pro racer’s requirements. It is manufactured following hand-crafted technology. The hand-laid construction perfectly balances between ruggedness and flexibility.

+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: S , M , L , XL, XXLAvailable Size: S , M , L , XL, XXL

Technical Details of RaceQuip OF20 Helmet

Outer MaterialFRP Composite Shell
Inner MaterialHNR M6 Threaded Inserts
Item Weight5.44 lbs.
Safety RatingSNELL SA2020
Vehicle Service TypeAutomobile

Features & Benefits

  • FRP Composite Shell: Fiber-reinforced plastic has higher crack resistance and ductility. Its lightweight and high-strength nature are beneficial in racing sports where strength plays a crucial role. The FRP construction makes the helmet eligible for excellent electrical isolation and resistance against heat corrosion. Also, it is 8X times stronger than HDPE helmets. So, you will rarely find cracks, dents, or damages in the helmet after a hard crash. More importantly, it delivers reliable performance in protecting your head during an accident.
  • EPS Liner: Expanded Polystyrene foam is widely used in drag racing helmets. This foam has the excellent capability of absorbing impact energy. EPS liner performs many functionalities in this helmet to keep drag races safe from severe physical injury. It efficiently dissipates crash energy, preventing the impact from reaching the head, neck, and brain. EPS liner provides significant protection compared to the soft lining. The helmet also confirms adequate airflow through the smartly-designed PES liner.
  • Nomex Interior: Nomex performs as a barrier to heat and fire. For this reason, it is a widely used material for drag racing helmets. This fabric stops heat passing as well as stops flowing electricity. This means Nomex is a perfect insulator. Also, Nomex is exceptionally light, doesn’t add additional weight to the helmet, and lets the wearer feel comfortable during the race.
  • Kevlar Chin Strap: Secured positioning and holding of a helmet on the head is significantly essential. The good news is; the helmet features a Kevlar chin strap which ensures a secured fit. As a result, head trauma can easily be prevented when drag racing at high speed. In addition, it lessens the chance of head injury. A perfectly worn drag racing helmet protects a racer’s spine, face, and other areas more likely to get damaged in an accident.
  • Fire Retardant Paint & Interior: This helmet is designed to resist burning and withstand excessive heat with its fire retardant paint and interior. For the fire retardant paint, the helmet resists fire incidents quite effectively. Additionally, fire can’t spread and harm your head, face, and other areas.
  • Impressive Peripheral View: Peripheral view is helpful for safety and self-preservation. One exceptional benefit of this helmet, it offers an amazing peripheral view. As a result, in the race, drivers can see the track easily, helping them detect an object. Moreover, you can see an object from the corner of your eye. Tracking other racer positions becomes convenient when you have this helmet.

5. Best Multi-functional: Bell Racing 1420A45 K1 SA2020 Sport Helmet

The Bell Racing 1420A45 K1 SA2020 is a multi-functional, modern styling combined with multiple ventilation sport helmets. It is suitable for those who require quality at a budget-friendly price range. Integrating with an excellent fit, composite outer shell, it is a SNELL SA2020 certified race-ready helmet. If an auto enthusiast just entered the sport, this would be the best option to buy.

Technical Details of Bell Racing Sport Helmet

Outer ShellComposite
InteriorFire Retardant Fabric
Item Weight4 lbs.
Safety RatingSNELL SA2020
Vehicle Service TypeAutomotive

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight Composite Shell: Riders riding at more than 150 mph requires a lightweight helmet. This headgear weighs only 4 lbs., making it comfortable on the head and neck. Composite materials are well-known for greater flexibility. After wearing it, you can ride for an extended period without fatigue in the neck, head, and shoulder. Thus, concentrating on the game is much more convenient, and the expected result is quite possible without trouble.
  • Advanced Multi-Density Liner: Head injuries mostly happen due to energy transfer in hard impacts. This helmet is engineered with a softer, denser foam, advanced dual-density liner. The responsibility of this feature is to absorb the heat evenly. Also, these liners spread impact evenly on the head. As a result, your head will be protected from severe collisions.
  • Superior Ventilation: Smartly positioned multiple vents to ensure superior ventilation in this helmet. Air vents are available in the chin bar, forehead, and top. This way, participating in a race under scorching heat will never be an issue. Your head and scalp will always remain cool and dry. Another important thing is installing forced-air attachments in the helmet for an external cooling system that you need to buy separately. However, the vents are non-adjustable. For this reason, you may have difficulty riding with it on rainy days or cold weather.
  • Synthetic Rubber Gasket Seal: Dirt and dust can enter your helmet and break your concentration on the race if the sealing feature doesn’t work correctly. Rubber is an excellent choice for sealing. In this helmet, a synthetic rubber gasket seal prevents dirt and dust from entering into the helmet and lets you focus on the race entirely. Moreover, this seal type stops rainwater from seeping into the helmet.
  • Clear 287 SRV Shield: Clear and wide face shield is another worth-mentioning feature of this helmet. This face shield blocks bugs, twigs, airborne objects, and dust from entering your eyes. Also, it doesn’t get scratched easily. The eye port is so wide that you can see every race track detail without hassle. More importantly, the shield offers maximum light to pass through them and optimum visibility.

6. Best for All Racing Competitions: RaceQuip Snell SA2020 Rated Full Face Helmet

Are you scrambling to get a helmet equal to your racing ability? Don’t look further and buy the RaceQuip Full Face Helmet. The other racers will be practically envious of the glossy black look of this headgear. It doesn’t look great only, but the helmet will also meet every need of any racing series. You will thank the optimal neck and head support for this Snell SA202 rated helmet.

+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: XX-Small ,X-Small, S , M , L , XL, XXL, XXXLAvailable Size: XX-Small ,X-Small, S , M , L , XL, XXL, XXXL

Technical Details of RaceQuip Snell SA2020 Helmet

Outer MaterialFRP Composite Shell
Inner MaterialExpanded Polystyrene (EPS) Liner
Item Weight6.5 lbs.
Safety RatingSnell SA2020 Rated
Vehicle Service TypeAutomobile

Features & Benefits

  • SNELL SA2020 Safety Features: Wearing this helmet, you can improve your performance on a race day. It features fire retardant paint and an interior to save you from fire. Additionally, Nomex interior blocks electric shock efficiently. Also, the helmet includes HANS/HNR M6 threaded inserts for installing head and neck safety devices to protect you from fatal injuries. Furthermore, a great peripheral view lets you keep an eye on the race track and help avoid objects on the race track, leading you to a potential accident.
  • Distortion-Free Polycarbonate Low Fog Shield: Polycarbonate is used in the fog shield. Most drag racing helmet’s face shield is made with polycarbonate for its high level of durability. It protects the face and eyes from flying dirt, stones, and pebbles. In addition, the shield is thick enough of 3 mm, which will remain dent-free and scratch-free in the hardest impact. Simultaneously, fog and moisture can’t build up in the visor, providing a clear vision all the time. Moreover, the face shield can be flipped up and down single-handed and wearing gloves.
  • Silicone Eyeport Seal: Silicone is an excellent choice for eyeport because of its performance in both colder and higher temperatures. The eyeport doesn’t break or damage easily, even in higher temperatures. So, if fire catches, you can remove the helmet conveniently before it damages the eyeport. Furthermore, a silicone seal blocks dust and dirt from entering the helmet. This helmet is usable in any racing sport regardless of the weather conditions.
  • Removable Cheek Pads: The cheek pads are attached by a hook and loop mechanism, making it easy for a rider to remove them. The helmet’s interior can smell bad or kinky due to long-term wearing, and cleaning becomes necessary. Keeping this point in mind, the manufacturers built it with removable cheek pads. Remove and wash the pads with a warm and mild soap mixture if the pads smell bad. It helps you keep the helmet odor-free, fungus-free and bacteria-free. Moreover, remove the cheek pads if you need to adjust the helmet according to your head shape.
  • Multiple Exhaust Vents: Several exhaust vents are available on the top and rear section of the helmet. Cool air enters the top vents, and hot air leaves through the rear ports. This functionality is so effective that your scalp remains cool and dry for long hours. In addition, if you need to race under the scorching heat of the sun or on a hot or humid day, you will not feel discomfort as required air will flow within the helmet to keep you cool.

7. Best Open-face: Conquer SNELL SA2020 Approved Open Face Auto Racing Helmet

The Conquer SNELL SA2020 Open Face Helmet is designed for those who prefer open-face design over full-face design on the race track. This drag racing helmet is a combo of quality and value. It offers complete fitting on different head shapes and sizes for the ultimate comfortability. Also, the robust construction and SNELL SA2020 certifications ensure that it provides the required protection efficiently.

+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: S , M , L , XLAvailable Size: S , M , L , XL

Technical Details of Conquer SNELL SA2020 Helmet

Outer MaterialFiberglass
Inner MaterialFire Retardant Fabric
Vehicle Service TypeAutomobile
Item Weight5.09 lbs.
Safety RatingSNELL SA2020 Certified

Features & Benefits

  • Fiberglass Construction: Save yourself from a life-threatening accident while participating in drag racing by wearing this helmet. Fiberglass constructed helmet efficiently absorbs severe collisions and keeps your head neck free from injury. Moreover, it is strong yet lightweight, not adding any additional weight to your head. So, riding or participating in a long-distance race will never be difficult to complete with this headgear. Besides, fiberglass is a cheap material, making it an excellent basic racing helmet for a reasonable price.
  • Fire Retardant Inner Material: Fire incidents may occur during an accident while drag racing. This helmet ensures 100% protection against fire with its fire-retardant inner material. Due to the material, the fire can’t start and spread. This means there is no chance of damage due to a fire incident. You will also be pleased to know the inner material provides safety from electricity too.
  • Head and Neck Safety Inserts: Head and neck injury is most common in an automotive vehicle accident. To prevent head and neck injury effectively, you can attach a HANS device with the help of its HANS threaded inserts. Thus, you will get complete protection for your head and neck in a collision. Although it is an open-face design, quality construction protects your cheekbones.
  • Plenty of Air Flow: Being an open face design, you will get the full freedom of enjoying the airflow while drag racing. More importantly, you will feel completely dry, cool, and relaxed on hot and humid days. As a result, you can give complete concentration on the race without worrying about comfortability. You will never feel hot because adequate air flows within the helmet. However, you can’t wear sunglasses or racing goggles with them. Additionally, plenty of air means less sweat and less odor.
  • Comfortable Fitting: The helmet is true to its size and fits snugly on the head. Moreover, remove the cheek pads if you need to adjust the helmet for better comfortability. The cushioning inside is more than ample and happy all around. Removal of the cheek pads features also allows you to keep the interior clean and odor-free. Moisture and bacteria can’t build up inside the helmet since you can wash it periodically.

8. Best for Entry-level Racers: RaceQuip 253116 SNELL SA2015 Rated Open Face Helmet

The RaceQuip 253116 Open Face Helmet combines great functionality and superior strength, making it ideal for drag racing. It is easy to wear, tough, sturdy, safe, and protective regardless of the situation. Also, it is made of lightweight composite materials and meets the requirements of entry-level racers. Padding is comfortable and allows it to fit snugly on your head.

Technical Details of RaceQuip 253116 SNELL SA2015 Helmet

Outer MaterialComposite
Inner MaterialFire Retardant Fabric
Item Weight4.5 lbs.
Vehicle Service TypeAutomobile
Safety RatingSNELL SA2015 and DOT Certified

Features & Benefits

  • SNELL Approved Drag Racing Helmet: Look at SNELL SA2015 certifications, don’t assume it lacks protection. The truth is, it has the same feature that a SNELL SA2020 approved helmet has. In terms of providing complete protection on your head, it is a KING! Lightweight composite construction gives it much durability and ruggedness to absorb serious impact. This means that your head and brain will be protected during an event of brutal effects.
  • Tremendous Amount of Airflow: The most significant benefit of an open-face motorcycle helmet is; a rider will get a huge amount of airflow into the face. This feature offers more comfort on hot and humid days, keeping you cool and dry. Moreover, you can complete a drag racing event without worrying about sweat. In fact, an open-face helmet gives you complete freedom of riding a 2-wheeler.
  • Comfortable Fitment: The snug-fitting is confirmed with this helmet. Moreover, the interior padding eliminates the mushroom appearance. The padding is smartly attached so that air can get into the inner portion of the helmet, ensuring a dry scalp. More importantly, sweat and moisture get absorbed quickly and efficiently to maintain an odor-free interior. Padding is thick enough to resist hard bumps and knocks. You can wear regular glasses as well with this helmet.
  • Sleek and Rugged Exterior: The headgear is manufactured using composite material. This type of material is popular for its strength and robustness. It doesn’t break or damage when a severe impact happens. For the material’s rugged nature, it will protect your head if you run into difficulty. Besides, many beginners and pro-level drag racers are satisfied with the sleek exterior design. Overall, the design is minimal and simple to stand out in the crowd.
  • D-ring Closure Mechanism: D-ring fastener is a significant way to secure your drag racing helmet on your head. This fastener allows you to fasten and adjust the helmet according to your preference. Also, it keeps the helmet on the head stably during an accident. At the same time, you can effortlessly put off the helmet when required.

9. Best Budget-friendly: ZAMP RZ-56 SNELL SA2020 Drag Racing Helmet

The ZAMP RZ-56 SNELL SA2020 Drag Racing Helmet combines advanced technology like lightweight construction, M6 inserts, and fire retardant material to fully cover the wearer’s head and neck. One of the biggest features of the helmet is the SNELL SA2020 certification. It ensures that you wear the most protective helmet on the drag racing field.

Technical Details of ZAMP RZ-56 SNELL SA2020 Helmet

Outer MaterialComposite Fiberglass
Inner MaterialComposite
Item Weight5.06 lbs.
Vehicle Service TypeAutomobile
Safety RatingSNELL SA2020 and DOT Certified

Features & Benefits

  • Composite Lightweight Shell: Composite is an ultra-strong, lightweight, and impact-resistant material, ideal for racing helmets. Manufacturers use composite material to build this headgear, offering ultimate safety by withstanding impacts. For its lightweight nature, you will never experience discomfort after wearing it. Also, the helmet enhances efficiency and performance by not putting any pressure on your face, head, neck, and shoulder.
  • Plush Fire Retardant Interior: The helmet’s interior is crafted using plush fire retardant material. The plush interior is wrapped around the fiberglass composite shell, giving you comfort in the race track. Also, it permits you to wear the helmet for long rides without letting you feel discomfort. This padding type also fights against odor while managing sweat efficiently. With fire retardant characteristics,
  • Several Air Vents: This helmet design promises to give you comfort on race day. It comes with front venting in the front to stay cool. Also, the front vents keep fog and moisture away from the face shield to give you clear visibility. So, in extreme racing conditions, it maximizes your performance. The exhaust air vents are smartly positioned to release hot air from the helmet. While round top air inlets force cool air for maximum comfort on a hot and humid day.
  • Affordable Price Range: As it is made of cheap fiberglass, the unit is extremely wallet-friendly. Thus, an entry-level drag racer can buy it without hesitation. The performance that it provides is value for the money. You will barely find a SNELL SA2020 Certified helmet at this price range. Different safety and performance-boosting features help beginners to make their dream come true in racing sports.
  • M6 Inserts: The good news is that; the helmet comes with M6 inserts. This feature allows a rider to attach any approved anchorage system to the helmet. Drag racing requires a HANS device in the helmet to facilitate the headgear’s safety and protection level.

What Helmet Do I Need for Drag Racing?

Full face helmet is mandatory for ¼ mile or 1/8 mile or faster. Moreover, proper fit and SNELL, DOT, FIM, or ECE safety rating are necessary. Your selected drag racing helmet should also feature other factors to give you 100% protection and comfort. Read below to learn about the aspects.

What Helmet Do I Need for Drag Racing


Safety matters most in drag racing. Before buying a helmet, make sure it meets the required safety rating. SNAIL SA2015 certification is the highest safety rating for a helmet. This certification ensures that the helmet is safe and reliable enough to protect the rider’s head in different racing competitions.

Fire-resistant Interior Lining

The comfort level depends a lot on the interior lining of a helmet. Your selected helmet’s interior lining should be well-cushioned and come with a fire-resistant feature. You will love to know that most drag racing helmets are fire-resistant to save you during an accident.


Who loves to wear bulky helmets? The answer will be “nobody.” A bulky helmet will put additional weight or stress on the wearer’s head. The helmet’s weight is correlated with the material used for manufacturing the helmet.

Carbon fiber is the lightest material of all, commonly used for manufacturing drag racing helmets. Fiberglass and composite are the other 2 options that come next. Make sure to buy a lightweight helmet for drag racing to get ultimate comfort after wearing it.


You should not overlook the ventilation feature when buying the best helmet for drag racing. If your chosen helmet lacks ventilation, your head will get hot quickly. As a result, a distraction from the game will happen. So, a well-ventilated helmet would be an ideal choice to keep you cool throughout the racing time.

Great Fitment

Good fitting of the drag racing helmet is significantly essential. No matter how robust and rugged your helmet is, everything will go in vain if it doesn’t fit in your head correctly. Every drag racing helmet features adjustability and different size options. Wear the helmet and confirm its size as per your head shape before buying.

Difference Between Drag Racing Helmet and Motorcycle Helmet

Whoever participates in drag racing or riding a motorbike on the street needs to wear a helmet without fail. This piece of safety gear protects the head during an accident. But most people think that all helmet types are equal and built following the same certifications. There is surely a difference between a drag racing helmet and a motorcycle helmet.

Find the below comparison chart of drag racing vs. motorcycle helmets to learn more.

FeatureDrag Racing HelmetMotorcycle Helmet
Fire RatingMust pass fire testNot mandatory
Types of ImpactShould resists hard impact efficiently in all critical situationShould resists hard impact efficiently in all critical situation
HANS DeviceMandatoryNot mandatory for all models
Ventilation/NoiseVentilation doesn’t require as much as motorcycle helmets. A bit noisy helmet wouldn’t be an issue.Need more vents for enough airflow. Also, quietness is important.
Helmet ApprovalsMust meet or exceeds Snell SA2020 certification, FIA 8859 rating, or FIA 8860 “super helmet” standard approval.Must meet or exceed ECE 22.05 rating (for Europe), DOT certification (for USA), SHARP certification (for Great Britain).
WeightLightweight than motorcycle helmets.Bulkier than drag racing helmets.
Suitable forSanctioned events.Motorcycling on the road.

Now let’s go through the in-depth discussion.

Fire Rating

Passing the fire test is a must for drag racing helmets. During an accident, a driver can get trapped inside a burning car. All drag racing helmets come with Nomex Linings, protecting the rider’s head from fire. This material is used around the visor that seals the helmet from fire. But fire rating is not mandatory in terms of motorcycle helmets. It is because a fire incident is more minor during a motorcycle crash.

Types of Impact

Drag racers drive motorbikes or sports cars at high speed. They will most likely roll over during a critical situation instead of sliding. So, a drag racing helmet should resist hard impact to protect the rider’s head, neck, and face.

Motorcycle helmets also need to provide 100% protection to the wearer. Whether you ride at high or low speed, a rider gets a severe impact on the head, chin, neck, and face during a motorcycle crash.In terms of “types of impact,” both helmets should give full head and face protection during a collision.

HANS Device

“HANS” refers to head and neck safety. All SNELL Special Application-rated drag helmets have threaded inserts for the HANS device. The responsibility of this feature is to keep the head and neck protected from heavy impacts. At the same time, it holds a driver’s head stable during an accident. While this feature is unavailable in motorcycle helmets, generally, motorcycle helmets are made of robust material responsible for protecting the head and neck from crashes.


Unlike drag racers, motorcyclists have to deal with external elements like noise airflow while riding their bikes. That is why motorcycle helmets come with multiple air vents for cooling. Moreover, for aerodynamic design, motorcycle helmets cancel noise efficiently. They are quieter than drag racing helmets.

Helmet Approvals

Snell SA2020 certification, FIA 8859 rating, or FIA 8860 “super helmet” standard approval is mandatory for drag racing helmets. Meanwhile, a motorcycle helmet must meet or exceed ECE 22.05 rating (for Europe), DOT certification (for the USA), SHARP certification (for Great Britain).

Advantages of Using a Helmet in Drag Racing

Helmets are manufactured to save lives. It is a mandatory safety gear for motorcyclists and players who participate in high-impact games like drag racing. Due to the popularity of drag racing, helmets have become one of the vital parts of this sport. Here are a few advantages of using a helmet in drag racing.

Advantages of Using a Helmet in Drag Racing

Minimizes the Risk of Head Injuries

The motorcycle or car speed is more than 100 mph during drag racing. A single mistake can lead the driver to life-threatening head injuries. Even minor head injuries can affect a person’s physiological and psychological functionality. Additionally, you can get paralyzed in the worst-case scenario. A drag racing helmet is a significant way of minimizing the risk of head injury.

Protection Against Face Fatalities

A drag racing helmet offers protection to your head and brain and provides necessary protection to your face. Facial injuries are incredibly painful. A crash can disfigure your face and cost you several bucks for treatment purposes.

Let’s You Avoid High Medical Bills

Motorcycle injuries mainly cost high medical bills and let a person break the bank savings. Immediate treatments like surgeries and operations eat a lot of money. Moreover, in the case of long-term medication, you have to spend more dollars. Since the chance of injury is less when you have drag racing helmets on your head, these headgears save valuable money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a motorcycle helmet be used for drag racing?

Motorcycle helmets and drag racing helmets are designed for different purposes. Drag racing only accepts SNELL-certified helmets. So, if the motorcycle helmet is certified by SNELL, you can use it for drag racing. However, we always recommend you buy a drag racing helmet for the highest level of safety.

How long is a helmet good for in drag racing?

Drag racing helmets are rated for a maximum of 10 years. But SNELL always advises you to check the helmet frequently for wear and tear. If you find any damage or dents on the spot, replace it with a new one without fail.

Last Words

Drag racing helmets are life-saving equipment for sure. Invest in a quality helmet without looking for a cheaper option. While buying the best helmet for drag racing, always prefer your personal needs. Also, make sure the helmet is SNELL SA2020 or SNELL SA2015 certified. This certification ensures that your head is protected in the case of a heavy collision. Remember not to invest your valuable time, effort, and money on second-hand drag racing helmets.

Our top pick for the helmets for drag racing is the RaceQuip Full Face PRO20 Series Helmet. This is an all-rounder helmet and a blend of safety and comfort. Thanks to the polycarbonate construction, guaranteeing its durability. Under the rugged outer shell, the fire retardant interior stops the spreading of fire. Also, HANS threaded inserts added a level of protection when you are on the race track. For its SNELL SA2020 certification, it is trusted for its effectiveness.

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