What To Do With A Long Beard On A Motorcycle?

Riders with long beards often feel discomfort while riding a motorcycle, especially in the windy environment. If you have a long beard, a simple gust of wind can flap the beard in your face. This will block your vision and distract your focus, making your riding dangerous and uncomfortable. In such situations, a common query arises in your mind: what to do with a long beard on a motorcycle?

Well, following some simple techniques, you can make your ride trouble-free and comfortable. For example, using bandanas, helmets, braids, paper cords, rubber bands, or trimming your beard, you can secure your beard from fluttering around during a ride. To know the in-depth details of these techniques, go through the entire context.

Article Summary:

  • A long beard makes riders tougher and more aesthetic which helps to boost the riding confidence.
  • Apart from appearance, a beard gives protection against windburn, sunburn, and so on.
  • A long beard can make you uncomfortable while riding a motorcycle because of a simple wind flapping the beard in your face.
  • You can secure the beard using helmets, bandanas, braids, paper cords, rubber bands, hair buckles, and beard masks.
  • Beards need to be regularly taken care of to prevent breakage and damage. Excessive breakage will leave you with an untidy beard and resist your hair from growing.
  • To care for your beard you can use a beard brush and oil and keep your beard clean, eat healthier food, and trim your beard frequently.

Why Do Bikers Have Beards?

Long beards make a rider tougher when riding a motorcycle. It is not just related to a tough appearance; a beard also provides protection. Having beards works as good protection against wind, chafing, and traumatic injuries. It also protects you from hitting insects like wasps and bee stings.

Why Do Bikers Have Beards

Sometimes a beard works as a shield against sunburn and windburn, especially when riding a motorcycle wearing an open-face helmet. Additionally, a nicely trimmed beard will make you look distinguished. It gives you an aesthetic and aggressive look that will help to boost your riding confidence.

What To Do With A Long Beard On A Motorcycle?

Riders with long beards often struggle to ride their motorcycles because the beards can flap on their faces. In such situations, it is common to think: what to do with a long beard on a motorcycle? Well, here we have discussed some effective ways to get rid of this problem.

What To Do With A Long Beard On A Motorcycle

Wear Correct Helmet

A helmet is considered one of the must-have headgear to wear while riding a motorcycle. It helps protect your head from getting any injuries when you experience any unexpected accidents. Apart from protecting your head, a quality helmet also helps secure your beard from the rushing wind.

Wear Correct Helmet

Unfortunately, not all helmets will be ideal for protecting your beard during a ride. You will need to wear a helmet that is specially designed to keep your beard in place. By wearing the best motorcycle helmet for beards, you can ensure beards will not fly up and down while riding. For instance, if you use a full-face helmet, your beard will be covered by the chin guard.

However, half-face helmets are not designed with a chin guard to cover your beard. In that case, you have to use a scarf or bandana to tie your beard to the helmet. This way, you can not just protect your beard, but your neck and head are also covered, which is very important while riding a motorcycle.

Use A Bandana To Secure Your Beard

Bandanas are rectangular cloths that are usually used for covering the face. This cloth is often tied around the head, or neck for protective and decorative purposes. Besides that, you can also use it to prevent your beard from blowing around while riding a motorcycle.

Use A Bandana To Secure Your Beard

The shape of a bandana will help cover and hold your beard perfectly when wrapped around your face the proper way. Check out the steps below to learn the right way to use a bandana;

  • First, unfold your bandana all the way and place it evenly on a table or bed.
  • After that, fold one corner of the bandana diagonally to the other corner.
  • Now put the bandana close to your face and wrap it around your nose just below your eyes.
  • Follow the ends you hold on the back of your head but under your ears, and tie a double knot.

Braid Beards

Making beads is another excellent way to keep your beard in place when riding a motorcycle. Depending on your beard length, you can bead your beard in single or multiple ponytails. It will give you a stylish appearance while also keeping your beard secure. Braiding is an easy task as follows:

Braid Beards

  • First, wash and condition your beard and separate three equal parts of the beard hair.
  • Now hold one end in either your left or right hand and pull it over the middle part.
  • After that, pull the opposite and available part over the middle one.
  • Repeat this braiding style to the bottom of the beard, and finally, tie the braid with a hair buckle or rubber band.

Use Thin Paper Cord

Using thin paper cords is also an effective way to keep your beard in place. In this method, you will just need to tie your beard on a paper cord as in the following steps below:

  • Hold your beard and twist it a couple of times.
  • Make a knot on the top using the paper cord of the beard twist.
  • Wrap the paper cord until you get the end of the beard.
  • Lastly, tie a knot on the last part of the beard and cut the excess cord.

Use Rubber Bands And Hair Buckles

Rubber bands are also convenient to use in securing the beard tightly. You can tie the end part of your beard with a rubber band to hold it tight. In this method, you should avoid stretching or pulling the rubber band a lot as it can snap. In addition, you can use a hair buckle to keep the beard secured. Depending on the spring inside the buckle, it can be worse or better to use. So, you should check the capability of the hair buckle to see if it has a good hold.

Use Rubber Bands

Cover Your Beard With Wrap Or Face Mask

Wrapping your beard is another easy way to get rid of flapping your beard while riding a motorcycle. You will find different unique beard covers that are almost similar to face masks. This mask helps to cover only your beard instead of covering your full face. Like face masks, beard covers have two rubber bands to hold them tightly around your ears. With this mask, you can easily secure your beard to make your motorcycle ride comfortable.

Cover Your Beard With Wrap Or Face Mask

How To Take Care Of Long Beard?

A long beard can be impressive, but it can quickly look rougher unless well taken care of. So you will need to care for your beard well to keep up status. Some of the easiest techniques to take care of your long beard have been demonstrated below.

How To Take Care Of Long Beard

Use A Beard Brush

Long beards create a huge attraction, but maintaining them can take some time. In that case, a beard brush can speed up the process of maintaining your beard, which helps to keep your beard in good condition. This brush is usually made from soft bristles to keep the beard manageable, soft, and shiny. When you use a beard brush, all the dirt and grease on your beard hair will be removed, promoting healthy beard growth.

Use Beard Oil

Beard oil is another excellent way to take care of your beard. This oil helps to keep your beard soft and shiny instead of making it rough. Beard oil is usually made of natural ingredients such as almond oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, castor oil, and essential oils. For that reason, they are quite preventive of dandruff and pore blockage, which can cause an itchy beard.

Keep Beard Clean

Keeping your beard clean and moisturized is the key to taking care of the beard. Beards usually require more attention, especially if they are long. To clean your beard, you will need to wash it with your daily soap instead of using any harsh chemical ingredients. Afterward, wipe the wet beard with a dry towel and use a moisturizer such as beard oil to keep your beard soft.

Trim Your Beard Regularly

If you have a long beard, you will need to trim it occasionally, especially when split ends appear. You can trim your beard professionally or by yourself. If you wish to trim yourself, ensure you have the right tools. Besides, while trimming your beard, ensure to trim your mustache, under the chin, around the sideburns, and neckline.

Eat Healthier

Your eating habit will directly impact your beard health. You will have a long and healthy beard if you eat healthy food. On the contrary, if you eat junk food, it will badly affect your beard. Hence, eating lots of vegetables and fruits will help to gain all the nutrients you need to grow your beard quickly.


It is satisfactory to have a long beard, which gives the rider a rugged appearance. But riding a motorcycle can cause the beard to flap on the rider’s face, causing discomfort and serious danger. In that case, knowing what to do with a long beard on a motorcycle will help you out of this problem. With our discussed techniques, you can deal with a long beard while riding a motorcycle. These techniques will help secure your beard from flapping up against your face. This way, you can make your riding comfortable and improve the focus on your riding.

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