H1z1 Tactical Helmet Vs Motorcycle Helmet – Detail Comparison

As a motorcycle biker, a helmet is one of the most crucial safety gears you should consider getting. This is why it’s also essential to pick a DOT-approved motorcycle helmet, as that can be your lifesaver. Moreover, helmet design and aesthetics are constantly evolving. This brings us to the unique H1Z1 tactical helmets, which are well-known but distinct from the regular motorcycle helmets. So, before shopping for a helmet, you would love to consider H1z1 Tactical Helmet Vs. Motorcycle Helmet.

Remarkably, Tactical helmets are used in combats. They are ideal for shielding the head from shrapnel or bullets. But while normal motorcycle helmets are usually larger and bulky, the H1Z1 tactical helmet is smaller and more portable. This article provides a detailed review of the Tactical helmet vs. motorcycle helmet. Also, you will see a brief definition of the h1z1 tactical helmet.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tactical helmets are smaller, tougher, more portable, and allow a larger array of things on
  • There are two kinds of tactical helmets: bump and ballistic. The first kind of helmet protects the face from slow-moving projectiles, while the second protects the wearer from tougher attacks, even gun wounds.
  • In contrast to H1Z1 combat helmets, the regular helmet is smoother, sleeker, and more aerodynamic inclined.

What Is a Tactical Helmet?

A tactical helmet is a military model that provides the wearer protection from shell rounds, stoners, arrowheads, shrapnel, etc. Tactical helmets initially comprised leather but have now evolved into carbon fiber, tough plastic, and Kevlar. This kind of helmet is tougher, lighter, and offers more protection. Also, tactical helmets come in more ergonomic shapes and with additional inner padding.

What Is a Tactical Helmet

Thus, we can see that tactical helmets are various protection and fittings and support several other accessories to be mounted on them.

Different Types of Tactical Motorcycle Helmets

Tactical helmets offer military-grade protection to their wearer, as well as various flexible functionalities. There are two different kinds of tactical helmets, each with varying capacities. Let’s consider them below.

Bump Helmets

The bump helmet is a tactical helmet that offers protection from slow projectiles like ricochets, falling debris, and even shrapnel. They are very effective for this kind of protection but can’t shield the wearer from gunshots. This type of helmet is ideal for mounting different accessories and working with several tools. These supported tools include hearing aids, night-time goggles, and communication gadgets.

One key benefit of this type of helmet is that it’s lightweight, more affordable, comfortable, and a great choice for training. In addition, they are ideal for pilots and paratroopers in battle circumstances.

Ballistic Helmets

Ballistic helmets are more advanced tactical helmets that offer the wearer tougher protection. The ballistic helmet protects the head from blunt impact, bullets, shrapnel, and other impacts. Interestingly, the ballistic helmet comprises a tougher material called Aramid fiber.

Manufacturers weave the aramid fiber to create an extremely tough thread that can even shield the wearer from faster, tougher projectiles. The standard ballistic helmet passes through different remakes and transformations to offer bulletproof protection to the wearer. Therefore, it has now become one of the most recommended helmets, as it provides military-grade protection to users globally.

Tactical Helmets: Uses and Benefits

The main aim of wearing tactical helmets is to get maximum protection from the headgear. This is because tactical helmets provide much better protection than regular motorcycle helmets. Also, they allow you to mount other accessories on them, such as light, night vision goggles, and other cool stuff.

Tactical Helmets- Uses and Benefits

Let’s consider some of the uses and benefits of tactical helmets below.

1. Supports a large collection of gadgets

One notable use of the tactical helmet is that it supports a large collection of accessories and additional tools. Thus, you can mount your night vision glasses, GoPro camera, hearing aids, etc. This makes it easier for users to hunt at night and even go riding on their motorcycles in the wild and not worry about forgetting something behind.

2. More enhanced Protection

If there’s one distinguishing feature of the tactical helmet, it’s the helmet’s advanced protection. Using this helmet, users don’t need to worry about different kinds of projectiles, bullets, shrapnel, falling tree branches, etc. The ballistic tactical helmet provides more enhanced protection to users from all kinds of attacks on the head and neck.

3. Perfect for sports

The combat helmets are also great for performing in extreme and energy-demanding sports. These sports include mountain biking, base climbing, and base jumping. Also, if you want to capture the video of the entire process, then tactical helmets are just the helmets for you since they provide great support for accessories.

In addition, they provide support for other hands-free features.

4. Shields the wearer during a natural disaster

In natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes, where objects will be moving about dangerously, the tactical helmet will be effective. It’ll provide safety for the head and neck. Having a protective gear in such a risky situation isn’t enough because it’s not all headgear that comprises tough material and can withstand many impacts.

But, when you put on a sturdy and tough headgear like the H1z1 Tactical Helmet, you will be able to withstand hard hits. This is because, during these disasters, there will be cases of flying debris and objects. In such a situation, the best idea is to put on a sure-proof protective helmet, in this case, the tactical helmet.

5. Ideal for Maintenance work

The tactical helmet is also great for doing maintenance work. You can use the helmet to perform any heavy-duty, possibly risky job. As we’ve established, it comes with support for some extra features like visors, noise protection, air filters, etc. So, notwithstanding the nature of maintenance, a tactical helmet will be of great use.

6. Portability

A tactical helmet is also very portable, in contrast with the regular motorcycle helmet. While the safest regular helmet is a full-face helmet, it’s still bulky and can be heavy when worn for a prolonged time. This discourages motorcycle riders from wearing a helmet. However, a tactical helmet is lightweight, smaller, and more portable.

So, motorcycle riders can commute for long distances without worrying about stressing their necks using this helmet.

About Motorcycle Helmet

The motorcycle helmet is a safety gear used in motorcycle riding that protects the head, neck, and spinal cord. Notably, the motorcycle helmet is one of the essential safety headgears, as it protects some of the most fragile body parts.

About Motorcycle Helmet

Motorcycle helmets are created differently but serve one major purpose, safety during accidents from severe damage. They reduce the chances of fatal damage during a crash. Usually, while an accident occurs, the victim can roll severally over a few yards before coming to a halt. Other times, the rider might bash some part of their face on a hard surface. Most of the affected head parts during a motorcycle accident include the cranium, jaw, nose, and neck.

Moreover, research has shown that helmets minimize the risk of head injuries during a motorcycle crash by over 69%. So, motorcycle helmets are key in avoiding serious injuries because of the well-padded foam interior and the tough exterior. These two act together to reduce the impact on the head receives during a collision.

Also, motorcycle helmets are usually smooth and aerodynamic and come with holes for ventilation. In addition, they integrate a transparent visor, a sheet that acts as a protection from insects, rain, dust, and grimes. Some motorcycle helmets enable their riders to mount GoPro cameras and other accessories.

H1z1 Tactical Helmet Vs. Motorcycle Helmet: Main Difference

Now that we’ve considered the benefits of the H1Z1, let’s discuss the main difference between H1z1 Tactical Helmet Vs. Motorcycle Helmet. Here are the main differences below:

H1z1 Tactical Helmet Vs Motorcycle Helmet


The typical motorcycle helmet is large and covers the head and face. Typically, the main aim of motorcycle helmets is to offer protection to the head, neck, and spine from damage when a collision occurs. They are well-padded to cushion the head and minimize twists and turns of the neck when a clash happens. Moreover, motorcycle helmets are larger, bulkier, and heavier than the tactical helmets, except for the ½ and 3/4 motorcycle helmets.

Tactical helmets are much smaller, lighter, and more portable. So, you can put one tactical helmet inside your bag pack and commute with it. But, with a motorcycle helmet, the whole journey will be uncomfortable.

Also, since the tactical helmet is lighter and smaller, it’ll be much easier riding with it, as opposed to riding with a bulky full-faced helmet.


The typical motorcycle helmet is designed to protect the head from severe accidents during clashes. They are smooth, sleek, aerodynamic, and provide thicker padding to prevent serious damage to the brains, jaw, spine, neck, and cranium.

Tactical helmets, on the other hand, are there to protect the health of the wearer. They’re not for motorcycle riding but combats. So, the features exclusive to motorcycle bike helmets are not well-attended to.


Most motorcycle helmets are designed to cover the whole face and head of the rider. This helps protect other sensitive and injury-prone regions of the face like the jaw, nose, and neck. Howbeit, the H1Z1 tactical helmet doesn’t provide such protection.

It mainly protects the head from the impact of a hard object colliding with it. Also, the helmet is created with the sole aim of offering a very tough outside. But, it has a large range of applications not built for providing comfort and maximum protection like the full-faced or other kinds of helmets that cover the entire face.

Comparison Chart

Features H1Z1 Tactical Helmet Motorcycle Helmet
Portability More portable, lightweight, and smaller. Bulky, heavier.
Design Not built to be aesthetically pleasing. Comes in a sleeker, smooth, and aerodynamic design.
Coverage Covers only the head of the individual. Comes in various coverages; ½, ¾, or full-face helmets.


H1z1 Tactical Helmet Vs. Motorcycle Helmet. The H1Z1 tactical helmet is a high-quality, lightweight, and versatile helmet that can work for riding on motorcycles. Some H1Z1 tactical helmets are bulletproof and can save a life. However, you need to make your choice based on which will be more favorable for you.

If you are already in the military, then you don’t need to purchase a motorcycle helmet. Also, if you’re considering size, portability, and range of supported accessories, then you should go for the H1Z1 tactical helmet. But, if you’re considering overall protection and aesthetics, you should wholeheartedly consider the regular motorcycle helmet.

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