Can You Wear A Motorcycle Helmet With Glasses?

Many people love to wear glasses for different reasons. So, it’s not surprising that motorcycle riders may want to do the same even when using the helmet. However, it is sometimes a challenge to wear a motorcycle helmet with glasses. This is because you will not be very comfortable as you’ll regularly put your glasses in place, or its frame might even break.

But if your glasses help you see clearly, there’s a need to put them on while riding. So the question now is, can you wear a motorcycle helmet with glasses? How can you do that and still concentrate without hassles? Keep reading to find the answers below.

Can You Wear A Motorcycle Helmet With Glasses?

You can wear a motorcycle helmet with glasses. Even if the glasses are for fashion or prescribed by an optician, it is still possible. Both types of glasses help to keep you safe during your rides. So, you should wear them if they want to keep their eyes open while riding. 

Wearing prescribed glasses or sunglasses with a motorcycle helmet is usually uncomfortable. At times, some kinds of helmets make it easier, while some might make it more difficult.  But wearing glasses while riding a motorcycle is smart because it helps to keep you safe during your rides. So, if you’re still asking can you wear a motorcycle helmet with glasses, the answer is that you need them for protection.

Can You Wear A Motorcycle Helmet With Glasses

Your safety is a fundamental factor when motorcycling. One of the important things about staying safe on the road is maintaining a clear view of the road ahead of you. That’s why your glasses are necessary even when they’re irritating you. But there are ways to wear them and make sure that they do not fall off your head.

How to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet with glasses

Whether your optician prescribes your glasses or not, you should get the right one that will make you feel comfy while wearing a helmet with it. To ensure that your glasses fit in easily underneath a motorcycle helmet without causing pain at the back of your ears, you should get one that has tiny arms and not that with thick sides. However, it could be more fitting if the glass’s rims and arms were padded, so it doesn’t cause you a headache.

How to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet with glasses

Besides this, consider getting the correct helmet. A helmet that lets you see through your prescribed glass is the recommended one. We heartily advise you to avoid a full-face helmet and preferably get a helmet that you can easily flip up or open its glass because it provides a better fit. Also, this kind of helmet can let you wear your glasses freely before wearing your helmet.

Also, try not to purchase a helmet or glasses from online stores, as it is wise enough for you always to wear and test it on you to ensure that they are the right fit for your glasses and your head. While testing them, watch the glasses closely to see if they feel loose or cause pain and irritation. If it does, keep checking for a better one.

Also, if your helmet feels too tight, there’s a need to change it.

Is It Safe to Wear Glasses Under a Motorcycle Helmet?

It is safe to wear glasses under a motorcycle helmet. Severe weather conditions like rain, wind, sun, or snow compromise our visibility. Furthermore, wearing glasses helps to safeguard the eyes from dust, dirt, and other organisms. It will decrease the risk of the eye’s exposure to eye ailments like keratitis, cataracts, and other eye diseases caused by ultraviolet light radiation.

Is It Safe to Wear Glasses Under a Motorcycle Helmet

Research has stated that continuous exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays could result in total blindness. That is to say, the sun’s ultraviolet rays may cause the eye lens to be clouded, which in turn triple the risk of cataracts. Also, when the eye is unprotected and exposed to ultraviolet light, it will lead to a temporary loss of sight combined with an intense, disturbing feeling of hurt and damage to the cornea. The eyes’ exposure to the sun can cause severe damage directly proportional to the intensity of time spent outside. Even so, we do not know what the crucial length of time spent outside it will be. But if you continually spend time outdoors, it could lead to such.

Fortunately, it is safe to wear glasses because they work appropriately during the day, night, and in cloudy weather conditions. Their lenses have an ultraviolet rays protection surface, which helps to ensure that the eyes are a hundred percent protected from harmful environmental elements.

However, wearing a helmet and glasses could particularly affect those who are myopic. Their myopic nature makes the combination of wearing glasses and a motorcycle helmet simultaneously to be a nightmare for them. When the helmet lid is flipped open, rain can splash into their face, and as a result, they can lose focus while riding. If you then decide to leave the helmet shield open, the air you breathe can cause fog and mist on the glass, which will prevent you from seeing clearly.

What Type of Motorcycle Helmet are good with Glasses?

It can be challenging to find a motorcycle helmet for glasses wearers, and when they find one, they commonly complain about the padding and lack of ventilation. Moreover, we have a solution to that. Check some of the helmets out there that can work with your glasses.

What Type of Motorcycle Helmet are good with Glasses

1. Shoei Hornet X2

Shoei Hornet X2 functions greatly for glasses wearers because it is super comfortable and fits in easily. Also, the helmet gives enough space for you to put on your glasses and remove them comfortably without forfeiting any of the vital paddings. Furthermore, despite the helmet’s weight, you will become blown away by how large your vision will be.

Shoei Hornet X2

2. Arai XD-4

Out of other dual sport helmets, the Arai XD-4 is the best that functions greatly for glasses wearers.

It has extreme ventilation, thereby making it easier for you to breathe, and it does not fog up often. Although some people prefer to wear the Arai XD-3, the reason is that its padding is lesser than this model, and it is more convenient when wearing it with glasses. Notwithstanding, it is possible to remove the padding on XD-4, so it works to your taste. However, the channel of each side of the padding facilitates the comfortable wearing of the glasses.

Arai XD4 Helmet

3. Bell MX-9

Bell MX-9 helmet looks incredibly outstanding, and it is an excellent dual sport helmet choice for any glasses wearer. While cycling, you should not worry about your glasses fogging up with this helmet since it has excellent ventilation. Also, you will not feel less comfortable while wearing this helmet.

Bell MX-9

4. O’Neal Sierra II

The O’Neal Sierra fits well with your glasses, and it is pretty convenient for cyclists who wear glasses. In addition, other helmets might be heavy for glasses, but the O’Neal Sierra is not heavy as such. It is light-weighted and has excellent airflow. So it is extremely unlikely to fog up.

O'Neal Sierra II Mens Full-Face Slingshot Helmet


As shown above, the essence of this article is to give a reply to your question: can you wear a motorcycle helmet with glasses? Which we greatly did by showing you the motorcycle helmets good with glasses and glasses wearers. You know that wearing a motorcycle helmet with glasses simultaneously can sometimes make you feel irritated and uncomfortable and may even impair your concentration.

So if you have tried the above types of motorcycle helmets with your glasses simultaneously and still have trouble fitting your glasses into your helmet, then your glasses might be the one constituting nuisance and not your helmet.

You might as well better try some pair of goggles and invest in whichever one fits you. Goggles can come in tinted or clear forms. You may go over to your optician if you need a prescribed pair of goggles so that you can have a well-fitting one for an amazing ride.

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