6 Best Motorcycle Helmet for Rain In 2024 (In-Depth Reviews)

An old biker said, “if you don’t ride in the rain, you don’t ride at all.” Some prefer riding a motorcycle in the rain, while it is a matter of necessity for others. Wearing a motorcycle helmet is imperative when riding in the monsoons. Also, a good helmet will help you drive comfortably on the road in rainy weather.

The best motorcycle helmet for rain will give you enough freedom to enjoy the monsoon. They come with a pinlock shield, face shield, and waterproof construction so that you can feel the cold and nice air on your face under the visor.

However, you just can’t buy any motorcycle helmet for the rainy season because all products don’t possess the same quality. Since tons of motorbike helmets are available in the market, finding the best-suited product is challenging.

We researched and reviewed the best ones in the market. So let’s dive right in.

Are Motorcycle Helmets Waterproof?

All helmet types are not waterproof. Generally, full-face motorcycle helmets are waterproof. On the other hand, half-face or open-face helmets are not as protective against water as full face.

When buying a motorbike helmet, one of the most common questions that arise to mind is if the selected product is waterproof at all. In the case of a helmet, a waterproof feature is essential that must not be overlooked. When riding a motorbike during rain, water can get into the helmet, and you will feel discomfort.

6 Best Motorcycle Helmet for Rain Reviews 2023

You must not take the risk of wearing a poor-quality helmet when riding a motorcycle in the rain. Moreover, during an emergency, waiting for the reduction of rain is not a wise decision. Therefore, we crafted this section with top-notch helmets. Read the reviews carefully and choose the best-suited one.

1. Best Overall: Shoei GT-Air II Helmet (Large)

Are you looking for a safe and full coverage headgear to enjoy your ride in the rain? The Shoei GT-Air II Helmet (Large) is engineered with all advanced features like a waterproof, full-face shield, etc., ensuring no water can enter your helmet. In addition, it offers great service, quality, and price, making it one of the best motorcycle helmets in the rain.

Anthracite MetallicMatte Blue Metallic
+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: S, M, L, XXLAvailable Size: XS, S, M, L, XL

Shoei GT-Air II Helmet: Technical Details

Outer ShellMulti-Ply Matrix AIM
Inner ShellMax-Dry Interior
Total Vents Number5
StrapTraditional D-ring
 Vehicle Service Type ‎Adventure Tourer, Cruiser/Touring, Street Bike
Recommended forMotorcycle

Features & Benefits

  • Waterproof Multi-Ply Matrix AIM Construction: Shoei use multi-ply matrix AIM in the outer shell that resists water effectively. Moreover, the hand-laid interwoven fiberglass layers, organic fibers and resin, backed by a new EPS liner, protects your head from nogging.
  • Removable Breath Guard: It is a great helmet to be worn in the rain because of the detachable breath guard. This feature helps to prevent a foggy visor or shield. So, you will have a clear sight regardless of the weather condition.
  • Functional and Stylish Design Concept: This premium touring full-face helmet comes with an internal sun shield. It blocks and reflects the sun rays, lowering the buildup of heat inside the helmet. In addition, its full-face design stops rainwater from hitting your face while riding at a decent speed.
  • Max-Dry Interior: The Max-Dry interior is sizable, removable, and washable that feels a bit plusher compared to other helmets. It is extremely comfortable to wear for long rides.
  • CNS-1 face shield with Pinlock system: It is equipped with a CNS-1 face shield and baseplate system. As a result, you can slightly open the face shield to minimize fogging and increase air inside the shield at low speed. Moreover, the included Pinlock anti fog lens offers more coverage of the CNS-1 shield.

Final Thoughts

Overall, it is a solid step up with advanced features Multi-ply AIM shell, Pinlock system to give you extreme comfort in the rain, humid and cold days. Moreover, you can efficiently operate the vents and sun visor, even after wearing hand gloves.

2. Best for Noise Cancellation Technology: FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet

The FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet offers excellent comfort and required safety when riding in the rain. It is a Bluetooth-enabled helmet for motorcycles, skiing, snowmobiles, etc. In addition, this helmet keeps you connected with the world always while riding.

Another important thing is, wearing this helmet motorcycling would be comfortable in the rain. It is because of the Pin-lock inserts that prevent moisture buildup inside the visor.

Anthracite MetallicMatte Blue Metallic
+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: L, M, XLAvailable Size: L, M, XL

FreedConn Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet: Technical Details

Outer ShellComposite Fiberglass
Inner ShellMicrofiber
Vents Type3-dimensional ventilation system
VisorDual flip-up modular visors
Recommended forCycling, Motorcycling

Features & Benefits

  • Pinlock Anti-fog Inserts Compatible: To let you enjoy a motorbike riding in the rain or fog or cold weather, it is compatible with pinlock inserts. The inserts effectively absorb fog and moisture and give you clear visibility.
  • Well-Constructed Full-face Helmet: Long-lasting service life is confirmed because the inner and outer components are made of solid materials. The internal pads are interchangeable, ensuring a comfortable fit. Also, cheek pads are easy to clean, absorbent and deodorant. More importantly, it is water-proof to save you from rain.
  • Noise Suppression Technology: It includes the passive noise canceling system, which almost completely cancels noise, getting rid of most of the exterior noises. This way, you will experience a clear intercom voice and music even at high speed.
  • Good Range Bluetooth Interface: The Bluetooth intercom covers a decent range of space, including 500 meters between 2 riders. This functionality is unavailable in affordably priced helmets. This means, having this feature in this reasonably priced helmet makes it worth the price.
  • Multi-tasking Functionality: This motorcycle helmet supports 1 button control for calling and answering, redialing, or rejecting calls. More importantly, incoming phone calls, prioritize GPS navigation, FM, music, and intercom, making your communication convenient.
  • Advanced Ventilation System: Your every ride will be comfortable due to the lightweight shell and upgraded ventilation system. Additionally, it is rainproof. So, the helmet will protect you from the scorching sun, even when the temperature surpasses 105°F or excessive rain.

Final Thoughts

This Bluetooth helmet is lightweight and equipped with a powerful battery with a long standby time. Observing the road conditions will be easier to prevent accidents as it consists of dual-lens. Additionally, the efficient ventilation system confirms balanced airflow as you ride. Pin-lock inserts keep the visor moisture-free, allowing you to ride in the rain as well. Thus, it becomes one of the best motorcycle helmets for rain.

3. Best for Anti-Fog Feature: Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Full-face Helmet

The Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Full-face Helmet delivers remarkable performance on a rainy day with the extremely significant feature. It features a Photochromic Adaptive click release shield and a clear defense. Both shields are scratch-free, water-proof, and made of anti-fog solution. This means it is suitable to wear in cold weather too.

Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Full-face Helmet: Technical Details

Outer ShellPolycarbonate
Inner ShellMoisture-Wicking Fabric
VisorPin Lock
Recommended forMotorcycling

Features & Benefits

  • Pinlock Lens with Anti-fog Coating: The pinlock lens makes it a moisture-proof full-face helmet. It allows the helmet to block moisture buildup inside the shield. Moreover, due to the anti-fog coating, you can clearly see in foggy or rainy weather. Thanks to the scratch-resistant surface which makes it incredibly durable.
  • Pro-tint Photochromic Visor: One of the best features of this helmet is the pro-tint photochromic visor. The visor adjusts itself with any light condition you will encounter.
  • Aerodynamic Shell Design: It is an elegant and stylish headgear, that comes with a wide range of finishing. The unique aerodynamic shell design allows a rider to enjoy the ride without wind interference. In addition, due to the swift airflow through the helmet, clarity gets improved.
  • Safety and Comfort: With polycarbonate shell construction, it is extremely lightweight at 3.5lbs. Thus, it is ideal for long rides without compromising comfort. Furthermore, being lightweight, the polycarbonate shell is strong enough to perform as a safeguard in the event of a crash. To give you peace of mind, this helmet is DOT approved and manufactured following FMVSS 218 standards.
  • Removable and Washable Interior Padding: 3D laser contoured cheek pads are used to make the interior of this helmet. The well-contoured padding grips the wearer’s face easily. In addition, it will not overheat or shrink too much, providing the required grip without distortion.
  • Wind Collar: It is equipped with a padded wind collar that reduces noise effectively. A lot of distracting noise can catch bikers’ attention which may lead them on the wrong path. The wind collar helps a rider hear the important sounds that can keep a biker safe on the road by reducing the distracting noise.

Final Thoughts

This helmet brings all the essential features one would expect from a premium-quality helmet. It also comes with Bluetooth and an intercom facility, allowing you to communicate while riding. Overall, it is a strong, lightweight well-ventilated helmet.

4. Best for the Construction: Daytona Retro Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

The Daytona Retro Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is an ideal option for those looking for a classic-looking helmet that provides expected protection from the rain. It meets DOT and FMVSS 218 standards, ensuring optimum safety with water-proof and durable construction.

Daytona Retro Full Face Motorcycle Helmets: Technical Details

Outer ShellPolycarbonate
Inner ShellMoisture-wicking inner liner fabric
StrapTraditional D-ring
Vehicle Service TypeSport Bike, Cruiser, Adventure Tourer, Street Bike, Chopper
Recommended forMotorcycling

Features & Benefits

  • Pinlock 70-R face shield: This Daytona helmet is unique compared to other motorbike headgear for its Pinlock 70-R face shield feature. It creates a double glazing effect that minimizes the temperature between the inner and outer of the visor. So, a foggy visor in the rain will be a thing of the past.
  • Moisture-wicking Inner Liner Fabric: It helps keep your head comfortable and cool for long rides. Moisture-wicking fabrics are made of synthetic fabric. This fabric type is responsible for maintaining the rider’s head cool and dry, making it a great helmet for humid weather. It absorbs and draws moisture away rather than trapping it against the skin.
  • Sleek and Contoured Shell: This helmet hugs your head for a secure, snug fit that provides superior impact protection. The outer shell effectively resists heavy collisions and distributes impacts evenly to keep the biker’s head safe. It is efficient in reducing head injuries.
  • Nylon Strap Retention: The nylon strap mechanism is engineered for your comfort. Y-strap lock retention system provides quick-release with sliding adjuster for precise positioning.
  • Noise Cancellation System: Thanks to the technological innovation in the motorcycle helmetit offers a great noise cancellation mechanism. A lessening in wind noise can make it effortless to hear what is happening around you and be cautious of any dangerous situation you may face.

Final Thoughts

If you require more protection on the road while biking, this helmet will surely provide the expected security, especially during the rainy season. It also comes with an anti-fog pin lock. Overall, this helmet has nice interior materials, and the quality seems excellent.

5. Best Eyewear Compatible: Bell RS-2 Crave Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet

The Bell RS-2 Crave Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet is a crowd favorite for its sportier look, offering some strong features for the cost. This helmet will give you enough freedom without sacrificing comfort while riding a bike in the rain.

Anthracite MetallicMatte Blue Metallic
+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: YS, YM, YLAvailable Size: YS, YM, YL

Bell RS-2 Crave Adult Street Motorcycle Helmet: Technical Details

Outer ShellPolycarbonate
Inner ShellExpanded Polystyrene
Vehicle Service TypeSport Bike, Street Bike
Recommended forMotorcycling

Features & Benefits

  • Fiberglass Composite Shell: The outer shell is made of fiberglass composite shell, making it a lightweight helmet with only 3.3lbs. of weight. It follows proper safety standards for being made out of solid material. You can rely on this headgear for your safety.
  • Easy-to-install Pinlock Lens: Although the helmet doesn’t include a pinlock lens, you can install it without trouble, preventing fogging up while riding in the rain or cold weather.
  • Fog and Moisture-resistant: The Chinbar works flawlessly and gives the impression of locking really solidly when closed. Much more fog-resistant than most helmets. Moreover, the chin vent directs air up and across the interior face shield.
  • Eyewear Compatible: This helmet’s interior is designed in such a way so that you can wear eyewear without trouble. Around the ears, it is so spacious, making it the best eyewear-compatible helmet. In addition, due to the ergonomic design, you will never feel discomfort wearing this helmet with sunglasses or eyewear.
  • Drop Down Sun Shield: It includes a built-in drop-down sun shield. You can raise and lower the visor instantly, even when you’re riding and wearing gloves, making this helmet ideal for commuters. When riding on the open road, drop the visor, and as soon as you need to navigate to a shaded valley, react instantly.
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain: The inner material is easy to remove and washable. Thus, a foul smell can’t build up, and you will always have a fresh interior.

Final Thoughts

It is a fantastic helmet for the money. The finish is very well done, and the interior is high quality and very comfortable. With nice graphics and wind noise reduction features, it offers elegant design and impressive safety, respectively. 

6. Best for Comfortability: TORC Unisex-Adult T102ISO23 Retro Motorcycle Helmet

Clear visibility is significantly essential to avoid an accident when riding a motorcycle in the rain. The TORC Unisex-Adult T102ISO23 Retro Motorcycle Helmet creates an extra layer between the rain and helmet visor, keeping your eyes away from the rain.

Anthracite MetallicMatte Blue Metallic
+ More colors+ More colors
Available Size: YS, YM, YLAvailable Size: YS, YM, YL

TORC Unisex-Adult T102ISO23 Retro Motorcycle Helmet: Technical Details

Outer ShellFiberglass Tri-Composite Shell
Inner ShellExpanded Polystyrene, Mesh
Vents TypeFront Vent
StrapTraditional D-ring
Vehicle Service TypeSport Bike, Street Bike
Recommended forMotorcycling

Features & Benefits

  • Water-proof Full-Face Shield: It comes with a full-face design, keeping your face and chin safe during an accident or sudden fall. Also, the water-proof feature prevents water from entering inside, providing a comfortable ride by ensuring a dry interior.
  • Fiberglass Tri-composite Shell: The biggest benefit of fiberglass tri-composite material is excellent flexibility under collision, allowing the impact to spread throughout the helmet. Also, it is a lightweight component that doesn’t create additional pressure on your head after wearing the helmet.
  • Front Chin Vents: Generally, this feature is available in racer’s helmets. TORC introduces a front chin vents system to control airflow and reduce drag. Moreover, the vents offer stabilizing benefits at higher speeds. At the same time, your helmet visor will remain fog-free due to this feature.
  • D-ring Fasteners: The double ring system is the most secure of all locking systems. Correct tightening is ensured with every use of the D-ring fasteners. It allows the helmet to fit in your head snugly and stay in its position without wobbling.
  • Faux Suede Liner: Characteristically, faux suede is easier to maintain and keep clean. Another worth mentioning feature is, it increases the overall pleasant feel, which is why many bikers prefer this product over other helmets. In addition, suede absorbs liquid quickly for its textured nature and open pores, keeping the rider dry.
  • Padded Chin Strap: It includes a padded chin strap, helping you avoid irritation and enabling you to wash your gear to get rid of any accumulated dirt or sweat. The inside padding looks and feels great. Also, the lacquer is very smooth.

Final Thoughts

You will rarely find another helmet with so many features at this price point. The air vents work fine. A scratch-proof and fog-resistant visor doesn’t allow fog or moisture to build up inside the helmet and keeps visibility entirely clear.

How Do You Wear a Helmet in the Rain?

A motorcycle ride can be pleasant or grumpy, depending on the helmet quality. The motorbike helmet for rain shouldn’t allow water to creep in. Simultaneously, you must feel comfortable.

Here is a step-by-step process of wearing a helmet in the rain.

Step 01: Start by placing the helmet firmly on your head. Wear a full-face helmet to get optimum protection from rain, cold, and wind.

Step 02: Next you need to secure the chinstrap. Secure it in such a way that 2 fingers can fit between the strap and your chin. Always keep the visor closed because thick raindrops can hurt your face when riding at a higher speed.

Step 03: Check the fit around the side and rear of your head.

Step 04: The helmet is unfit for your head if you notice the below things.

  • Gaps at the top.
  • If the helmet rotates from side to side.
  • The helmet is moving forward and backward.

Be sure that the helmet is positioned firmly on the head. In this case, adjust the chin strap, and you should feel the helmet all around your head. There should be no pressure point especially, in the forehead. Keep it on for a few minutes to confirm it is fully comfortable.

Step 05: To avoid rolling forward of the helmet when riding, carefully apply upward pressure at the base of the helmet. Use bright reflective material on your helmet so that other riders can see you from a distance easily.

How to Choose the Best Motorcycle Helmet for Riding in the Rain – Buying Guide

Riding a motorbike in the rain is risky, tough, and challenging without the right headgear. So, be cautious when buying the best motorcycle helmet for rain. Here we shared a few key factors that you need to keep in mind.

Antifogging Visor

An anti-fog visor is a small lens inserted into the helmet visor to prevent fog build-up. Normally, they are positioned in the interior of the helmet. This component plays a vital role in resisting moisture as well by reducing the surface tension of water.

Building up fog or moisture inside the helmet is common when you ride in the rain. Regardless of the weather, a motorcycle helmet with rain visor guarantees optical clarity.

Face Shield

It would always be best to buy a helmet for rain with a full face shield. However, a recent study shows that the chance of hitting your chin during an accident is more than 40% if you wear a half-face or ¾ face motorcycle helmet.  Full face shield helmets protect from rain, bugs, wind, and rocks.

Pin lock System

Since 1978, Pin lock technology has been used in motorcycle helmets. Pin lock visor inserts are flexible transparent plastic inserts placed inside the helmet visor’s inner surface. These inserts are made of moisture-absorbing material, creating a layer between the helmet visor and insert, acting as an insulation for the inside temperature in the helmet.


In order to protect you from rainwater, your selected helmet must be waterproof. Consider this feature as a mandatory one. Otherwise, all features will go in vain.


This is another crucial factor of a motorcycle helmet for rain. Wearing an unfitted helmet for long hours will be difficult. Moreover, you will feel irritated. Furthermore, your focus will be distracted due to the loose helmet fittings.

How Do I Keep My Helmet Visor Clear in the Rain?

Keeping the visors clear in the rain is of utmost essential. If your visor is not clear, you can’t avoid hazards on the road.


A wide range of films, foams, and sprays are available to keep the helmet visor clear in the rain.

Hydrophobia is a type of spray that creates a barrier between the visor and rain. The barrier is manufactured using specialized substances, giving it the capability to interact with water the same way as oil does.

Using hydrophobia will keep your visor dry even in excessive rain. But one drawback of this product is, you can’t stop it after you start using it.

Anti-fog Coating

It is the younger brother of hydrophobia. Anti-fog sprays are designed to be used for the inside of a helmet.

During cold days, condensation can build up, and you will have improper visibility.

The anti-fog coating is responsible for keeping moisture out from the helmet’s inside and providing clear visibility.

Pin Lock Inserts

This option is a more permanent and efficient way of keeping your helmet visor clear. Pin lock inserts are available in most motorcycle helmets.

Before purchasing pin lock inserts, make sure that the selected one comes with 2 holes that will help you to mount the one in your helmet.

How Do You Dry a Wet Helmet?

Wet helmets are unpleasant to wear because they are cold, smelly, and damp. Don’t let the wet helmet dry on its own, as it will take a long time to dry. Thus, the fungus can grow.

Follow the below steps to dry a wet helmet.

Step 01: Grab newspaper and use it to draw out the moisture.

Step 02: Then, turn a table fan on, which will help you finish the drying job. You can use a hand dryer instead of a table fan.

Step 03: Once the wet helmet is dried, leave it under sunlight for a few days. This will prevent the growth of mold or fungus.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Ok to Ride a Motorcycle in The Rain?

Riding a motorcycle in the rain is hazardous without the right safety gear. Seeing in the rain is difficult for riders if the poor quality motorcycle helmet is worn. As a result, the chance of accidents increases. Moreover, our bikes can slip in the mud. If you don’t have any choice except to drive your bike in the rain, make sure you have the below gears in your motorcycle.

  • Reflective material in any part of your dress, helmet, or bike
  • A helmet with pin lock inserts and antifogging visor

Is It Hard to See Through Your Helmet on A Rainy Day?

Seeing the road is quite difficult in the excessive rain without a helmet. Good quality helmets are equipped with pin lock inserts and fog-proof components, allowing riders to see through the helmet on rainy days. While poor-quality helmets don’t come with these features and seeing through is not possible on a rainy day if you wear them. 

Can I Keep My Helmet Visor Clear in The Rain?

Yes, keeping your helmet visor clear in the rain is an effortless task.

  • Apply hydrophobia spray to create a barrier between the rain and visor. This option will keep your visor clear in the excessive rain.
  • Anti-fog spray is another option that will keep fog or moisture out from the inside of your headgear.
  • Pin lock insert is an efficient way of keeping the visor clean in the rain.

Can I Use Rainx on A Motorcycle Helmet?

Using Rainx is entirely safe to use on a motorcycle helmet. It is a synthetic hydrophobic surface-applied product that creates water droplets and runs off glass surfaces. This is mostly used in automobile surfaces. Here are the simple steps of applying Rainx to your motorbike helmet.

  • Before applying, clean your helmet visor.
  • Then shake the Rainx bottle.
  • Spray directly on the helmet surface.
  • Next, pour Rainx onto a clean cloth.
  • Now wipe the helmet surface off gently.

Note: Avoid using paper towels because they can soak up too much of the Rainx, making the process less effective.

Final Thoughts

Whether riding in the rain or on a sunny day, lifesaving headgear is a must when riding a motorcycle. As stated earlier, riding a motorcycle in the rain is the deadliest since a fatal road crash can happen. Therefore, buying the best motorcycle helmet for rain would be the right option to ensure significant road safety.

In this case, we recommend you to buy the Shoei GT-Air II Helmet (Large). It is a full-face motorbike helmet that offers superior protection from crashes, wind, heavy rain, cold weather, etc. Even you will feel comfortable wearing it in the humid days for the carefully crafted vents. Plus, the pin-lock inserts enhance the helmet’s performance by providing clear visibility regardless of the weather condition.

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