How Do You Keep Your Glasses from Fogging Under Your Helmet?

Many people wear glasses for fashion, while others wear them for visibility purposes. If you’re wearing them to see clearly, how do you feel when fogging sets in? Fogging has been the most undoubtedly challenging factor that most motorcycle riders face while wearing a helmet.

The danger lies in when you’re in motion, and the fog suddenly occupies the lens of your glasses. This is because you may have to strain your eyes while riding or stop to wipe them off your glasses. But for how long are you going to do that?

So how do you keep your glasses from fogging under your helmet? Our article will show you some tips on keeping your glasses from fogging under your helmet. But before then, why are glasses fogging?

Why Are Glasses Fogging?

Fog is formed through a process known as condensation. This process occurs when warm air from your breath touches a cold surface, cools a bit, and turns into liquid drops; it forms the film you see as fog.

Why Are Glasses Fogging

Fog happens as a result of our breath and low ventilation. It occurs whenever you exhale, and then the warm air will escape upward and funnel directly to your glasses which is cold, causing the fog to occur.

What is The Problem of Glasses Fogging When Wearing a Helmet?

When you simultaneously put on your glasses with a motorcycle helmet for a ride in cold weather, no matter the kind of helmet or glasses you wear, fog must take place. Be it an open-faced helmet or full-face helmet, prescribed glasses, or motorcycle goggles, fog will still show up. Even though you use your breath to clear it up, it only creates more fog and causes denser fogging.

What is The Problem of Glasses Fogging When Wearing a Helmet

It is dangerous for the fog to cover up your glasses while wearing a motorcycle helmet because it blurs your vision, and you will end up not seeing anything. It could lead to fatal accidents, and death may occur in some scenarios.  Lucky you! We have a solution to this problem, so read on!

How Do You Keep Your Glasses from Fogging Under Your Helmet?

Knowing what fog is and how it occurs, how do you keep your glasses from fogging under your helmet? Let us take a closer watch at the easiest ways to keep your glasses from fogging under your helmet. The most basic thing to do is to get a motorcycle helmet for glasses wearers and allow some air into your glasses. When you open up your glasses, the air that passes through them will easily wipe out the fog from your glasses. If you have not done so, you can do it while in traffic or when you park by the side of the road. We don’t recommend that you remove your glasses while riding, nor do we recommend that you do that when parked carelessly, as this may lead to fatal accidents, including death.

How Do You Keep Your Glasses from Fogging Under Your Helmet

That said, letting go of the fog by taking out your motorcycle glasses is just a temporary solution, as this could still keep on occurring while riding. Are you going to keep parking your motorcycle to remove your glasses?  You need a solution that is going to last for the long term. We have some tips that will permanently help you keep your glasses from fog under your helmet.

1. Wash Your Glasses

Before you pick up your helmet to wear, ensure to wash up your glasses thoroughly with soap and water. Please pick up a little amount of bar soap and rub it all over your glasses lens. Allow it to remain for some minutes before you wipe it off with a cloth. Alternatively, you can wash your glasses with soap and water, then let the excess water on it be removed by shaking it before you mildly clean it up with baby wipes or soft material. You can also leave it to dry up by airing it.

Wash Your Glasses

We asked you to make use of soapy water because the soap used in washing your glasses will leave a translucent film. The translucent film is a protective one that always helps to shield the glasses lens from the fog. The foaming agent is an anti-fogging solution used in a wide range of everyday situations, including scuba masks and ski goggles.

2. Buy an Anti-Fogging Spray

Fogs cover up the glasses more during the winter season. That’s the perfect time to purchase some anti-fog glasses spray that will ensure to wipe out all fog on your glasses and keep it pure. It is a silicone-free anti-fog formulation that goes on clear and does not leave behind any haze on any lens, even ones with anti-reflective or superhydrophobic coatings. Moreover, the anti-fogging spray does not contain any form of harmful chemical or ingredients. It is natural water formula that is mild to your glasses surface and your skin and eyes.

Anti-Fogging Spray

The process to make use of this is simple, spray some anti-fogging spray on the lenses. An anti-fog spray solution provides fog-free performance for long periods. In addition, it contains anti-steam formulas that will prevent them from steaming up while engaging in outdoor activities like motorcycling.  

3. Make Use of Shaving Cream

If you don’t have bar soap close to your reach, you can try to polish your lens by dabbing a tiny piece of shaving cream on it. Shaving cream is an exceptional repellent for moisture. All that is required of you is to apply a bit of it with a dry cloth and leave it to dry before you clean it off. Note: Do not use any form of paper towel or toilet paper, so it does not scratch the lenses.

Surfactants found in shaving foam create an invisible but protective film on the lenses, preventing the lenses from fogging when encountering moistures. This process creates a protective barrier on your glasses lens, which will prevent it from fogging up. It works on anything from windshields to any glasses. The use of shaving cream has been reported by its users to be more effective and easier to prevent excessive fogging and lasts longer than any other anti-fogging spray.

4. Opt-in For a Contact Lens

In the winter, you don’t have to worry about fogging if you have a contact lens. Contact lenses are very useful because they prevent any form of fogging. There are many advantages to wearing contact lenses, including that your view is unobstructed since they move with your eye, and you won’t see the frames in your peripheral vision. As opposed to glasses, contact lenses would never fog up. Also, they won’t get water on them in the rain and won’t restrict your motorcycling movements. However, there are some factors to consider before you switch to contact lenses from glasses. You should also consult an eye care professional to determine the type of contact lens you should wear to fit your motorcycling needs. Also, just in case you suffer from dry eye syndrome, ensure that you carry eye drops with you wherever you go.

5. Consider an Anti-fog Coated Glasses

Fogged glasses when motorcycling or playing your favorite winter sport can be very annoying. But with effective anti-fog motorcycle glasses, you can prevent your motorcycle glasses from fogging up. The anti-fog glasses coatings applied on their lenses are highly hydrophilic, attracting water but preventing molecules from combining and sticking together.

Anti-fog Coated Glasses

Contrary to what one may expect, their function, essentially, is to act as water magnets. They draw water particles across their surface to create an exceptionally thin barrier. It means that when water drops on your lens, it spreads and becomes invisible to your eyes. In addition, its solution is more durable than shaving cream and soap, as we earlier talked about. So if you are going for any outdoor activity with your motorcycle helmet on, make sure to purchase anti-fog glasses.

6. Choose a Glasses that Positions Far From Your Face

During intense hot and cold climates, glasses fog up because there is an insufficient circulation of ventilation. So as an alternative and to increase circulation around your face, you might want to consider getting a pair of prescribed glasses that sit far away from your face. An eyeglass like this allows for more ventilation and will enable water to dry up as soon as possible. It allows for easy breathing as well because it prevents your breath from being captured beneath the glass. Although, this approach will reduce the amount of dust and debris protection that your glasses will provide.


If your question has always been how do you keep glasses from fogging under a helmet, we hope to have answered it above. It is possible to have fogged motorcycle glasses. Apart from the inconvenience it creates, it could also be harmful or even fatal at worst. Although you may not have experienced any of these scenarios, now is the time to take precautions.

You should also avoid the use of products that are not recommended for your glasses. Products like vinegar, toothpaste will damage your lenses. So follow up on our effective tips to help your glasses work more effectively in rain, cold, and snow! If you wear glasses to help you see more clearly, you should always be prepared.

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