Are Black Or White Motorcycle Helmets Hotter?

Riding a motorcycle is a great way to explore different places. But when it comes to summer trips, most riders feel uncomfortable because of excessive sweat on the head. This problem usually happens for wearing the wrong color helmet as not all color helmets are suitable for feeling good in summer.

The reason is that each color has separate light and heat absorption and reflection capabilities. For example, the reflection and absorption ability of black and white color is completely different. That’s why most riders have a common query: Are black or white motorcycle helmets hotter?

Well, black-colored helmets usually absorb more light and heat than white-colored ones. For that, wearing a white helmet on a hot sunny day will help to keep your head cool and avoid excessive sweat formation. Keep reading the entire context to get more in-depth details in this regard.


  • Not all colored motorcycle helmets are suitable for riding in summer due to the disparities in heat absorption and reflection.
  • As the black color absorbs a lot of sunlight, wearing a black helmet on a sunny day will warm your head inside it.
  • In contrast, white-colored helmets reflect light instead of absorption, which helps to keep your head cool inside the helmet even if you ride a motorcycle on hot sunny days.
  • Apart from the color, the coolness of the inside of helmets depends on its design, ventilation system, building materials, helmet style, and padding.
  • While-colored helmets reflect all wavelengths, making the helmet more visible on the road.
  • For excellent visibility, white-colored helmets can draw attention to other drivers easily, which will help reduce road crashes.
  • To ensure maximum comfort while riding a motorcycle in the summertime, wearing a white-colored helmet will be a wise choice.

Does Helmet Color Matter For Heat?

Helmets are usually worn for safety purposes. They protect the rider’s head from getting any injury during unexpected injuries. Apart from the protection, a helmet has to be comfortable to wear. It is essential to keep your head cool when you ride a motorcycle. This is because riding in a hot or sweaty head will be annoying and dangerous, especially in the summer.

Does Helmet Color Matter For Heat

A helmet is considered comfortable when it does not heat the inner folds. Typically, warmth and coolness usually depend on different aspects of the helmet, including color. As each color has a different absorption capacity for light and heat, the coolness inside a helmet varies on the color. For example, darker colors absorb most of the light and heat, so they get warmer than any other color.

In contrast, lighter colors reflect much heat and light instead of absorption. So, it is crucial to wear a helmet that absorbs less heat during a ride on sunny days. Having a motorcycle helmet for summer will allow your head to get less heat, making you feel comfortable riding.

Are Black Or White Motorcycle Helmets Hotter?

No rider may want to wear an uncomfortable helmet. Riding a motorcycle wearing an uncomfortable helmet is not only irritating but also takes a serious collision. In contrast, a comfortable helmet will allow you to ride for longer periods of time without feeling uneasy.

Are Black Or White Motorcycle Helmets Hotter

Although several factors are responsible for the comfort of a helmet, color is a prime one. For that, most riders are confused about choosing the right color helmet. Besides, a question always perplexes riders’ minds: Are black or white motorcycle helmets hotter? Typically, black color objects absorb all wavelengths of light and reflect none.

The absorbed light then transforms into heat, making the object get warm. As a result, when you go outside wearing a black color helmet, the heat generated from absorbed light will make you feel the warmth inside the helmet. On the other hand, white-colored helmets reflect all wavelengths of light and absorb the least heat.

As the light is not transformed into heat, the helmet’s temperature does not increase noticeably. For that, you will feel less warm inside when you wear a white-colored helmet on sunny days.

What Factors Affect How Hot is a Helmet Inside?

Several factors impact the temperature inside a helmet that makes you feel uncomfortable to wear. Some common factors that affect helmet temperature have been outlined below.

What Factors Affect How Hot is a Helmet Inside


Motorcycle helmets are insulated inside at least two-inch foam. It helps absorb excess heat generated by the outside surface of a helmet. This foam usually prevents the helmet from getting too hot inside. So, when you wear a helmet not equipped with the proper foam, the temperature inside the helmet gets hot quickly.


A proper ventilation system is very important in balancing the hotness inside a helmet. If you wear a tight helmet that doesn’t have enough ventilation system, your head will get hot easily. This will make you uncomfortable riding a motorcycle, especially during the summer. In that case, wearing a helmet designed with proper ventilation will help keep your head cool for a longer time inside the helmet.

Build Quality

Sometimes it doesn’t matter what color the helmet is. If the construction material of your helmet is poor quality, it will absorb more heat. Helmets with a low-quality build typically get hotter than helmets with a high-quality build. For example, helmets made of polycarbonate plastic are well heat resistant. In contrast, carbon fiber-made helmets offer high durability but less heat resistance.

Helmet Style

You will find three common types of motorcycle helmets on the market. These are full-face, half-face, and open-face helmets. Full-face helmets cover the entire rider’s head, ensuring maximum protection. Due to their safety coverage, the helmet will have less airflow. In contrast, half and open-face helmets leave the rider’s face exposed, which helps get enough air circulation through your head, making your head less warm inside the helmet.

What Color Motorcycle Helmet Is Most Visible?

Each color has a separate visibility level that makes them different from another. Among the different colors, white color has the maximum visibility as it reflects all wavelengths of light. For that, white-colored motorcycle helmets are considered the most visible and safest helmets available on the market.

What Color Motorcycle Helmet Is Most Visible

When you ride a motorcycle wearing a white-colored helmet, it will be highly visible to other drivers on the road. In low-light conditions, it also reflects light efficiently, making it easier for other drivers to notice you. For that, there is less chance of any collision on the road. Check out the chart below to know the risk reduction percentage of different colors.

Color Absorb Colors Risk Reduction Percentage
Black All 1%
Blue Green, Yellow, and Red 4%
Yellow Red and Green 21%
Red Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet 20%
White None 24%

What Color Motorcycle Helmet Should I Get?

If your prime reason for wearing a helmet is safety and comfort, you should go for a white-colored helmet. White-colored helmets are well-light reflectors that make enough visibility for your riding road. This will make it easy for other drivers to see you, which helps to reduce the chance of getting into any accidents.

What Color Motorcycle Helmet Should I Get

Additionally, white helmets are considered the coolest because the temperature stays inside the helmet, making you more comfortable while riding a motorcycle. When you go for a long ride, this helmet will keep you cool even if it is sunny outside. However, make sure your helmet is designed with a good ventilation system along with white color.

Proper air circulation inside the helmet will help keep your head cool, especially on a long-distance ride or summer tour. So, you should wear a white-colored helmet to enjoy the full riding experience even in the summer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Riders have several questions about wearing helmets in the summer. That’s why here we have answered some common questions in this regard. Check out the questions below, you may find your answer here.

Are Black Helmets Easier To Clean Than White Helmets?

Compared to black-colored helmets, white-colored helmets are quite easy to clean. This is because black helmets hold and hide the most oil and dirt stains. Cleaning such dirt with a scrubber risks damaging the helmet. In contrast, all dirt and dust particles are clearly visible in the white helmets that are easy to clean through a soft towel or sponge.

Does Black Helmet Attract Heat?

Yes, black helmets attract heat, anything black will do it. Black-colored helmets usually attract all wavelengths instead of reflecting. For that, this helmet traps the heat from the outside sunlight, making you feel much hotter inside the helmet.

Which Color Of Helmet Is The Safest?

If you consider safety, white-colored helmets will be a great choice. As this color offers maximum visibility, it will be easy for other drivers to see you on the road. This will reduce the chance of getting into any kind of collusion. Besides, white helmets reflect maximum light instead of absorption, which will make you feel comfortable while riding a motorcycle for a longer time.

Which Color Of Helmet Is The Most Visible?

White-colored helmets have the most visible capability as this color contains all the wavelengths of the visible spectrum. So, white color reflects means all wavelengths are being reflected which makes it easier for the human to see.


After reading the entire context, you might have figured out: Are black or white motorcycle helmets hotter? Typically, white helmets are quite comfortable to wear for their reflection capability. Even if you are on a long-distance ride or in the summertime, wearing a white-colored helmet will keep your head cool.

This way, you can ensure head comfort while riding a motorcycle, along with maximum protection. In contrast, black helmets absorb light and heat instead of reflection, increasing the temperature inside the helmet. As a result, you will feel discomfort during a ride in the summer.

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